1. You are goals!!!!!!! Watching this made me realize how dumb i am tbh & i mean that in a realistic way

  2. Lol you counted the squares wrong at 8.51 as your counting the smaller squares twice. Basically the other four are within the larger dark bordered square each bounded by a triangle, 2 rectangles and a square

  3. Hello! I have the bmat at the end of October as my ukcat is shocking 🙁 any tips to help me succeed? What should I be doing at this stage?

  4. Hey Bro! Good to see you again, back at it with the awesome content. I was actually wondering whether you will do BMAT tutorials. I'll be doing it at the end of October.
    Also I just wanted you to know, I done my UKCAT and got 710 average with Band 1 in SJT. Thank you so much for those UKCAT tutorials. I literally prayed for you so hard man you don't even know. Thank you Nasir!
    Your still being prayed for, not just because of the UKCAT haha. XD Keep up the Awesome content. #YouGotDis!

  5. Hi Nasir, basically I screwed up my predicted grades massively. I'm predicted ABC/ABB I think. What should I do? Will any universities consider me at all? I'm working my ass of now to make sure I get the As in the final exams. Any advice? Thanks

  6. Hey brother pls…help me
    I cannot find any guidance…
    I was born in uk and then studied in india due to some family issues..
    Now i am returning for 11 th grade
    Can you pls tell me the requirments for KCL or any other universities…
    Do i need to write IB …
    Ukcat,and A level grades,and gcse..
    Pls help meee.🙏🙏🙇

  7. Hi Nasir, thank you your valuable videos and advise. I have no quesion associated with BMAT, I would like to apply my worries about you look. In my opinion you are getting thinner from video to video. Do you work so much which makes you lose weight?

  8. Hey Nasir, I finally decided to apply to KCL instead of Newcastle! I love the uni and the city so I decided to take the risk and go for it 😅😂 I just have a question, was one or more of the stations at the interview asking about the NHS current issues or something related? Your video about your experience at KCL has been decisive in my decision 😁

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