27 thoughts on “Blue zones — lessons from people who've lived the longest: Archelle Georgiou at TEDxUMKC”

  1. what you call healthcare is not what yr government is providing, yr government is supporting business that causes unhealt(tobacco, processed food , soda companies, junk food chains and supports media that is allowing these companies to promote these unhealthy products in newspapers, radio, billboards and TV. doctors and chirgeons and other staff and drug companies are only benificiaries of your unhealth that follows this lifestyle.

  2. Fine topic. "The time will come when meat will no longer be eaten. Medical science is only in its infancy, yet it has shown that our natural diet is that which grows out of the ground. The people will gradually develop up to the condition of this natural food." ~ 'Abdu'l-Bahá, Bahai Faith

  3. Start with these basics , avoid pollution , avoid fluoride , avoid stress , avoid conflict , avoid all processed foods. Avoid big congested cities. After that it's the Lords will what you get issued.

  4. To bad America has lost the art of respecting our elders. Wished we could go back to a simpler time when people respected one another and everyone took their time and enjoyed the simpler things in life. Our brains just can't keep up with a fast paced life style. Humans have polluted this planet so badly over the years. Not to many places left that actually have organic offerings. My hope is that one day humanity wakes up and changes course before it's to late. We need to put this planet first before profits, or we won't have a home that's able to sustain life because it's to toxic for life. Fact.

  5. "Health is a choice?!" Uh ok then how exactly did I choose to get Graves' Disease which has now led to Celiac Disease? I eat the Mediterranean way and I exercise everyday. I help others, etc….I deal with my medical problems, but I dare say illness can pick you no matter what you do. HEALTH STYLE is a CHOICE, because you can't choose your genetics.

  6. Cerebral spinal fluid coming from the ear does not indicate epidural bleed. It indicates a basal skull fracture. Epidural hematoma can kill in a few hours. Basal skull fracture, while serious, is not immediately life threatening. And what do you mean “thermal radioactive water”? They don’t have a nuclear power plant. What is radioactive there? Nothing I could find by google search. Also, why could the helicopter not safely fly at night? Helicopters fly at night all the time. It is unlike most ted talks to not fact check the speakers.

  7. what pisses me off is that you need a research to deliver evidence that basic life natural food, living in community and moderate exercising is good for people. We were deprived of all theses things b corporations and politicians because they do not go for the good of all but for their own goals being predominantly money. Now reinstating there blue cone like towns costs much more than it would have to protect these places from these corporations in the first place.

  8. I can understand why, living in egocentric, hedonic and competitive "…just one more to take because it's there," is oxy-toxic, and so, though a life-long anti-Communist because I lived under it in power, I do think that the notion that "possession in 99% of happiness"– the essence of anti-social environment– causes aging stress that shortens life. But how bad that "Amerika" is does not mean that the other "America" you advocates that much better. Our medical fields need answers so that physicians can stay employed by corporate cannibals that own healthcare. So, in fact, we are not sick and dying because we consume too much, but because we think we "know" that we must constantly acquire too much. By doing this we preclude any benefits from any of your Ikaria suggestions because, whatever benefits Ikaria may offer, by the time we get there we are irreversibly toxified by the American will to enrich and to up our brainstem dopamine. By 25 it's too late as American culture has irreversibly damaged you!

  9. Georgiou is (very) clever, but her manner of association is somehow very non-intuitive.
    I think, actually, the problem might have occurred in the editing of the lecture, as the least useful sentences all align with angle-changes to 'the camera.'
    As someone else said; good points but because of sound and delivery it is crass.

  10. This an associational study the weakest of science studies . Now if one could do a RCT study then may have some actionable data .

  11. Except Blue Zone team is not working with community but rather corporations and only community as afterthought. That model does not work to spread the program because the community has to start the process and then they can encourage corporate sponsorship afterward. You have to give community volunteers a chance to start the process. Instead you choose to somehow imagine CEOs to come banging on your door. That wont happen because the CEOs use major insurance companies for wellness programs already whether it actually helps or not those insurance companies convince them anyways. Give volunteers a chance and your company will get access but you have to give them a chance to start the process. Your corporate model wont work to start, give volunteer nonprofit group from community club a chance to facilitate!

  12. Excellent, I have heard of blue zone before but never new much about it. very interesting. and, yes I could hear all of it loud and clear. Seems my fridge is full of a lot of the wrong things. hum, must do something about that.

  13. You do realize Mediterranean Greek diet is heavy on fatty lamb? But it's not popular to mention for some reason.

  14. Everybody is invited to visit a seventh-day adventist church, and discover why they live longer! Thank you!

  15. Why are there no captions? I am deaf…I cannot watch youtube, or any other videos, without captions. Captioning is now mandated by the FCC…US Government. Why has TED not gone along with this mandate?

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