Bloom's Taxonomy: Cognitive, Affective & Psychomotor Domains of Learning for CTET, UP-TET, TETs-2019

yes we are live now hello friends this is a man Chi and welcome to let's learn discuss carrying a Bloom's taxonomy Benjamin bloom karate yoga uncover ghee Quran in goes some chenge or it may be important choosing who's acting at you know he aspect he theme parks key bath key here bloom or MK Associates name just my bath via sangat Medusa help kebab earth muck bugs or things I have got the approximate cognitive domain affective domain and psychomotor area co native domain twenty know got some ginger which doting char questions could discuss carrying it taka ko– better understanding up key bun by questions give us a buck a hockey practice car theta in gay so I got a Pedic channels in he Julian here to subscribe Kirk a bell I couldn't pass curse at Kentucky appoggio Nellie videos can notification Shailaja or like shares a rookery turkey or could slow the better to exempt a hots okay to start caring in Bloom's taxonomy hekia or is someone that did maybe questions hey sub his subjects from pooches out there teaching case of the exams me doing sub eco-home so much crying it is sake we do ke dwara Crispo video Riga I cut to the point boo cool or concave I think are in gay or it's called cheer so much linking up examine questions to stop exciting list not retain its really applicable de monte-carlo proper Shantae to boost ideas and solve who's Angley humble cool good evening much Karim or nine Kannan incorrectly questions could I quickly PPT banality till you start cutting good things take time start curtain Escobar be accession watch drew a couch TV ah blocks up discuss cornea or up Lukic preparation against Cheerios for baath karenge it Bloom's taxonomy tax mommy keahi basically were geek around just concatenate classification case Athena meth lab ik hierarchical a quirky Ghana Mauna Kea classification classifier Kisco learning domains Co mclubbe Jo adhigam have echidna puckish may ho sakta hey it's May 1956 May I think initially schrott my first kudos Eric macaca revised koke back up Lupo hotbar sunchoke a younger would say teeth week battery up its me and own away some chenge or a Cartier opera Unicaja team aspect me learning who gear T no he important just appellate a cockney descanse a jnanatma captain cognitive up John Takeda Marx is among the top cave drains is amended I keep thinking up key reasoning up key problem solving sorry season cognitive mafia or ischemia neroon on a che all parts co-working riskier which could be something affair at the affective domain just go home now so Dorothea McMurray emotions cetera were hey Yuki learning safe remarried the mark synonym re Bob non Sibi emotions kebab bruh from hospitai learning Perham emotions Valley Chapter means so much you can take to affective domain will come carita fur has sensory domain yeah just go home Co native domain Malekith hit Frisco revised ka2 psychomotor domain Konami yoga mat lab gut the Atma just may up his physical activities other thing here to learning clear keynote is a important we academic aapke saamne up k motions or up key physical activities yet CryEngine conquering gay teen puckish my learning movie or Tinoco Menaka kick better learning gonna man home curseth in pink are giving it first algorithm some chain to Bloom's taxonomy keahak set of three hierarchical domains T no he hierarchy Mahan I got a cognitive key box are a tubby aha purse a hierarchy Quixote herbs on the hierarchy chaoticness managua lower class middle class upper class yes up gamma the nature so forgiving of a birthday which are just needs wala theory MS Lukey dope lower level say a purgative Java hella do level have a cognitive here this may lower level knowledge social worker K up evaluation young creating the Castillo government latest buckaroo is there a safe in our yoga affective domain just make which patch subdomains here Jogi hierarchy macam occurring a hickey sir Escobar embark caring a psychomotor domain ki-yay hopper yay Hooper silly girl can each other but abisco built upon an azalea halong key hierarchy may k to basics reflects movements and was upset niche a lower-level / or Bucky Aggie complex who they shall enjoy tell who they tell is language to yet basic introduction raha of a Quaker Contino domain Co something else which questions cuz I'm doing it to buuck bath we start current Panasonic bucks for some Ginga subsea the question you he say 'hi Kobe example teach Inka cave EST plus bu petite kahi be Jo Harper be a question month ahead to cognitive MATLAB a called cheese a yacht with an American hero image man Darla mundo la Apuzzo Kiki just make out that yeah jakotsu Naga Montana Gazzaniga gift follow car take Anita actress a cheese drawer sucked m3x a three-edged car concept happiness managua hand head or heart but luck this demand sub it comes out man willing it to better learning hoagie Montez dynamic ahoy Gandhi ji ki basic education maybethe we here take it to wake bath we a cognitive album song Yankee box sharing how did the monkeys economy processes routine you have a dick 10 on each a levers the Escalade Kirk a hella basic Jahanara level have woken knowledge star gun just gonna care that their knowledge Cal Evan here just got latest noms O'Hare remembering her panic of 1956 may I – non key form degree or battle those are eight main noun form schoolwork McCrea key for me but a yoga to you ik bath we subsidize a knowledge MATLAB Jana gotta have food OCR just combed remembering getting up is give up knowledge make up normal receive curly after care said when the koi which is October tie game analytic will be worried about a yoga a bhikkhu ik knowledge they dig ECB cheese cabaret may seem simple cat the air pennant ticket apni manly I octopus informationally kobe were dos attack will be a bitch pin my poem Bogota out curtain give me cheesy routines essay a poem on more governmental table some yard curtain who's making us knowledge mil Gaya poor to 1 gr 2 to 2 jar for some much questioning I'll take it to see that rote learning to promote Curt a basic level knowledge opening the sieve curly agraja uncut layer notification arts blue cooling opera button in cash were comprehension comprehension meta Bob up so much they understand got thank you see Chico comprehension Macau gap some Jing about Cuba that I gotcha – into – poker k4 after take him as a be a ferry guys captain some job up so much Nick about Jessica you are up definition say Fiat Carly would knowledge Miyagi licking Jabba's custom job – mo comprehension Iago spiriva harsha bhogle immersed into just a manager cobra a blue moon a bath he happening taxonomy methine a spectacle cognitive affective odd Tirico native to Aapke Hain knowledge maricopa thou shalt gaiety in cheese in here licking job after school so much Ryan had to go comprehension here so obviously applied for tempeh per mega occur kiss the questions love out there through application from gamma Club just say up manager apne addition/subtraction see how our up question solve curtain to acne apply compute Kearney maybe up apply Cortana handsome a question I have multiple times t Jamaat Nehru jaan liya was to some charts reply yeah third level okay increasing complexity here in Co lower level K Tosca hagatha forget you know higher level know about the analysis meth lab which layer on just come get their analysis keahi job optimal Gurkha dignity Junko Colgate rasa parts medic take a cheese crop so much rain points me to crow me okay yeah just up manager exam if you lose out there suited me AK will be Soraka to appear to Apple situation to analyze curtain shabu coin say points they Joe Hartmann Eagleton ki kya it puri situation team squad break architect getcha eighties minute – tell us about vodka diamond passage many other time raga tia is my preparation Mary comes ot the moons of G so Courtney analyze here is bar apply better preparation key Takia better car buying it – Pelle apply analysis Kia bitch relation khatola to adapt break carpenter who easy on me okay fil synthesis out there synthesis may up integrate curtain MATLAB Jordan and this is mother Tornai synthesis month up George a up situation core coach now but not there he threw squad up evaluate Kartini pure on Ibaka key evaluation is cavada I got McLaughlin getting a judge going take it judging aspect akka evaluation method avianna baked cheese Denmark Nadia kids of synthesis hair school night action ah means of revision wise core vice Kyoya to Baraka the agama club creation sub say highest hair he to create karna sub C but mo Chucky Joe Papps a butch judge case are you teasing Kirk APNIC ocean air benaiah to go highest evaluative signature alga to say I could t be a young gay arrow buuck reasoning a Goethe heap oblique we shouid rock pushed in and sat may cognitive domain kis kisko involve Katamari mental skills Casey I'm a choir got a knowledge course re choosing Buckley's min Volvo could six level stay I hope about confusion Hiroyuki it but first as much lay then it's my couch words Houghton join me so much via nature Eun Jo has a question guy Barban got Bob area Neelam first to do a cheese have first level can knowledge MATLAB DOMA repeal 11th and knowledge car is my defin definition has a predefined karna identify car not describe corner recognize gonna pass on necessities go youth nice I avoid him memorize karna yes meows out there he's my knowledge good omen May wild openings Rockne I did not know basic Samba Eusebio get up paper me Jordan get to up concert Nichols I think you're understanding me Optimus are using up summarize cut banks we choose to interpret carbine or your haptic I choose an ICP common milling me up who you hum email dang it boosted agape amazingly those Kabbalah attention Eleni paper me justice up saputra had just word woman addressed directly bukkake or answer nickel niobium recalling is a blossoming questions could ask us carrying a ticker algebra got a up there's a cuccinelli cognitive book synthesis here create Miata he can wake but we argument an effective domain effective MATLAB octave Hobart muck box de Vaca emotions tutorial learning so our emotion says Orton to better seek path the positive cheese was capelet Evo emotion squab adept case a car team would depend Carioca kept learning s occurring effectively a puckish maquillaje memory emotion somatic feeling summary values motivations or attitude surge or awkward he is the Parcheesi him they're salesmen six subdomains day six just subdomains the cognitive gets obscured a question wings yeah said to really he Kimiko a question technical milk receiving Pella ziege opt receive gotten information go responder tumski basis pay for value they think you see particular cheese co-organized carrying a sorry information go I love a lock plates may accept an offer up internalizing well music characterizing home Kathy K apnea she's going to analyze curly open-ended because I might carry a busca basis Vegeta answer key to your key motions to Telugu and punch punch what was that I'm buttoning him but it now suppose knock off yoga aggravating a psychomotor domain titre domain here aqua de marisco Graham psychomotor domain get to sharpen with Eva have impunity of man right through school taquitos caboose random go native be here it's maybe six domains him pahala had reflects movements just a bit chopper out up series aren't a cheese Piaget may become nearly some tahe get a flex action so things case sensorimotor stage me MATLAB reflex actions can say okay delicate eric nam kappa topic not spy akka controlling utah much fun me about sorry oath and grasping routing year sorry to say but she would ask another victim s acre per grasp karnataka CBTs co2 here as a hot side reflects movements subsequently first give our basic movements woken us Roberto popcorn Asuka Riga you know for perceptual abilities our team would kakastico perceive garita but karna shoe gotta for physical abilities door now we're a better who's out there for skilled movement just a man laura COC could not put a specific the next level tees he camp skilled to come at la VA k push better Kaka hey it could coordination but now we are it's failed movement good now sir her non-discursive communication via Harini okay boo puri body kissed we move Craig I apply bath kahega gestures get through what anybody can take baths we do doing aspect a mile up Karnazes a month maybe she's in here move physical aspect give of psychomotor may Metallica demography motor skills don't know involve him he could with teen aspect every reason girl a tank but kylo late today only hmm if I upload it name I got which doubt he'll approaching Ferrari but Hingham look I'll do mortification ninja bad kiddo no videos co-co-co a bit out of the valley Putin film it's corabeth's car key question skater upward hanging a bill called bill called Manisha bajas Berea car's fuel or Simpson will cool Tilo face meant when Kay Kay Balkans Kobe associates but Nami I'll rock Nicosia Bishop Tonia sit at window B g1 many good sugar take it okay but then take the I'm revising Carla the teen domain kamna bath he takin teen domain key Batiatus and yeah optimist cognitive just make up six subdomains they know knowledge stuff your understanding Khabarovsk about applications offer analysis synthesis author evaluation scope alert subtank creating chaos and thesis co-parenting a creating kahi loser am synthesis I belong Sonya Akbar Shah aapki the Marxist amended clear after effective Mitaka emotions to some wounded heart civility lubis KO mook de Academy last time picture Luther Fiske about psychomotor yoko native domain drop key activities to someone with he in submit keep Nina is may put six sub domain him it's my coach five him or in her psychomotor my six – you bath we are give or ten first question at a highest domain approach IBM nickel person discussed bkr yet the OpCo hopper creating your synthesis nahi but the purana from maracuja op evaluation licking it like in agar aapko work from the union creating remembering is thorough said to syrup creating hilo language take a highest weight bath we are giving a question number one which of the following is a domain of learning namely Keith miss Arkansas seek nikasha through her experience effective is spiritually a professional answer Quran phenomena barangay bog body additionally look how years to invert wanted a broad way up with the Stars since Amana we are cool excellent don't bother about their people ha those are like me remembering a option not of experiential gala toga yeah he got by the way a bit nizam Dominic we the cut women love history scuffle father Neuberger a massive a king a domain Sistine had ten bucks an acre fective do rap cocoon a tibia of psychomotor or Tisa have cocoons are effective co native or cognitive to your harvested from a effective the crab have nap Marat McVicker not spiritual key at Mikiko about nearly professional ki baat nahi experiential and Parvati Burton a new year psychomotor Yakko native doom Dunamis echo echo that among the taught mock Monty to surface if effective hey a perdu turning kapok sheer domain Miata to be optional sky dancer hua a bird's anger a gay next header doing aspect of behavior falls in though but luckily Kapalua karma carpaccio kaha oughtta the cognitive domain of learning me effective Mako native mayor psychological – psychological Donna Cooper happenings her up the Kibaki katene misurkin Sehun Asahi be option mclubbe effective domain of learning bilkul effective domain of learning no gobble could be take a bath we co native Booga ass go home Callie with a hyper psychomotor lick death a joke Tiffany activities Carnegie but I give up Co native Niagara clear about to e d c option is karai dancer who are getting a next her i student is aggressive in his behavior towards his peer group and does not conform to the norms of the school this student needs help in bought matlab kick-butt cha hey equation I have a cake but chocobo aggressive an obscure heart I hate them Akram ik hey up in a peer group colleague or kale or norms nahi Mantha is cool he man that no coho Montana in a nightclub aggressive which I would problem cleared Corrado it's just that he may shake his domain may help Quezada to be cognitive domain may psychomotor effective via higher-order thinking skills but thank but firaga Bering Sea bill quilt he care you know enemies I answer care effective domain take effective domain MATLAB RK emotions circulated yet Eve Aki emotions dignity they are emotionally Connect Nagar para he emotionally straightening field curve are emotionally sounding field curb our emotions in a drop area learning to learning nepali sucks a body back to third emotions homework learning course all british idea cartina effect curtain to his new affective domain for Tom Carnegie hotel schema have no such unicorn exhort imagining he's over there take a quick bath we up Jessica look mother up suborning sick has at a algorithm dome in my problem here to our Pia make it not be better some Muslim discuss Carlin boss if negative decay guy Abu connect nigger piles to say – hey hey affective domain and rubriz Volk like Auriga up Casey Kahneman are giving a questionable for per which of the following cognitive verbs are used to analyze information given meth lab in Mesa con see Joey singing at McCrea hey do wish lasagna analyst sister to do information key analysis mclubbe this relation with leftover kaduk knob a kick tradition teaches go minutely diagnose amana okay Karen gone now differentiate classifying describe iya identifier answer current foggy boring milk will train garage douche know some enemy help Kariba effective domain for our chancellor garage kitty a last option will be matlab classifier naheem differentiate I was cancer not differentiate Shabaab we've hey the carbon here so he could coach Bob form Hindu it gets a Judy we enjoin communist writing my discuss key Arthur here to you but we like share subscribe the Rookery or our Jennifer Cal carton didn't make discussion dr. Casey cheese but call mother Big Cedar Cove aren't will be back on within sathi the image in those bottom discussion looking egg mmm hot body I hope up we session person that I was session person I ought to like share subscribe the Rookery couch quality conquer them but turning 10 lubbers Chile Bob area Science Guy video is such a big boy that are possible in Missouri in agronomy pedagogically questions discuss cognitive acid of science particularly tone eternity they can get on notification email agua beau a poly problem solvers I get for up on notifications email like I do me I'll be up time say cautious current K join her prime you know Cohiba new boo Giada you do para got doing video back to back as I don't notification name's Arthur Kentucky buttoning it mmm-hmm sorry Bob Berea top-down or bottom-up cull discuss Kia here hi example vodka meter puja of loco si be cool a proper discussion area or teachers vapor couch or a special up local plan over to big thing the whole body approach hung curd Chile Kobe which I wrote the comment section is do rule Bertha yoga hahaha bhajan II opium bill cool bill cool there was in my car gonna come to Ooty ethnic equality with you know how hájek is a retina you with uni but her feelings are with me even account earnings or a toothy was surely said bye-bye take care the visa no buckle it to most important topics Co discuss carrying your purse on says saw question teen than Goering is also question or who's my app is sorry CDP a question will almost macabre kurgan legit maybe important to do tacos up there to Baja seek understanding burning the app tinea question with the Hager tops kirpan figure microteachings bar equity when I awake but up search key jou top o'clock tiles to search key say okay who's topic on omelette K by him and Shia let's learn to up with other topics from any angle we have single coisa Mycenaean pathani emplome who dismiss a Hadouken a cop nakum's have come down man bye bye take care

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  2. Good session Himanshi. Now each n every point of Bloom's taxonomy was cleared. Thankyu so much dear…👍

  3. The "doing" aspect of behaviour fall in the….
    1. Cognitive domain of learning
    2. Affective domain of learning
    3. Conative domain of learning
    4. Psychological domain of learning

    Which is the correct answer mam.. 1 or 3
    In a book I have found that option 3 is the right answer..
    Please clear the confusion..

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  5. Hello himanshi,
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