Bloodshot’s First Trailer Turns Vin Diesel Into a Superhero

sup guys hope you guys are having a pretty good Monday we got some good news we got a new trailer or ven Diesel’s superhero film bloodshot this came out earlier this morning like if you’re in the East Coast that came out like 6 a.m. while I was actually headed to work so I wasn’t able obviously I wasn’t able to do any videos till I came back but I’ve seen the trailer at least two or three times and I could say actually enjoyed it so back in 1992 and before so before we get into the article even mind that Vin Diesel has been another superhero films right he did roots he’s currently the voice actor of Groot in guardians of the galaxy in the am to you and he did pitch black which got I think he even got him a trilogy of that the series so this is not Vin Diesel’s first time with superheroes very familiar with this type of genre and you know I think this is a good shot a good second you know a good shot for him to get some more success cuz honestly I didn’t really care about him and his fast furious run I didn’t care about that series I know a lot of people like that franchise but to me fast furious after like well movie the first one is set go and I was kind of pretty much done with it but anyway back into the article still back in 99 1992 Bob Layton Kevin Van Hook and Don purlins bloodshot introduced deep to tiller superhero super soldier entity valiant universe next year Vin Diesel will headlined a bloodshot I have action film as Ray garrison dead marine who finds himself transformed into nanotechnology infused killer Sony has dropped the first trailer for bloodshot sir this is Sony which also appears to depict race death and resurrection ever raised memory loss means that he isn’t the man II in the trailer know getting kind of deactivated back back before I cover north every time he every law and Rica’s on up like a Logan type situation right hopefully better than offering origins which should be right so I’m thinking about the movie and I learn about his powers you know this is I love or to Joker um oh this is gonna be origin stories gonna show us how he got his powers how he’s gonna deal with it enemies I’m rad so I’m really I’m hope this is good it’s too early to get hype but I’m the trailer looks like something that’s gonna be quite entertaining to watch so ray also discovers that he’s not the only super soldier under the command of rising spirit technologies but Ray’s new friends and teammates could become his enemies as the truth about his rebirth I’m so light Oh probably he’s gonna be fighting a lot of his friends gonna be some mercenaries he’s gonna have to battle off there was a like there was a good fight where I have like long arm attachments on them that look kind of cool oh we’re gonna see him fight and like learn his powers at the same time so guy Pierce Coast arson was shot as doctor and Mele Harding with Sam who again as Harlen so long and let that’s probably the guy I’m talking about Toby kebbel as axe on our money or hair Morris as also stars as a little friend Wiggins along side table Reilly at Gina Arlo Alex Hernandez as tips and Johannes Hawk or ethnic eres Lisa Gonzalez role in the film has not been revealed yet and right now the movie release date is February 21st 2020 so it already got a spot for this movie here so I’m pretty like I said I’m pretty excited for this if we check out the trailer if you haven’t seen it and let’s be real a lot of us who’ve seen this trailer don’t know who bloodshot is um so that’s why up sometimes I think I look him up and I’ve actually heard about this movie earlier in the year I know Vin Diesel has been putting out social media about touching up this film but I know he’s probably excited I’m pretty excited for it as well but let’s look up someone who’s superpowers because a lot of people are gonna say that he’s like Wolverine and I think it might be right so superhuman strength okay that’s cool we got speed agility stamina reflexes endurance so right here you could just say this is like Captain America skill set right here and you got the healing factor though then we have this is Wolverine right here mixed with Captain America Master Hanahan I’m bettin okay that’s like a Captain America and but this is the cool one shape-shifting now we didn’t see this in the trailer this could be really cool I don’t know a lot about this character but that could be cool and cyber aneesa’s oh a mix of Wolverine out america expert shape-shifting that sounds sounds really cool to me and let’s not forget this is this is um this is Sony’s movie right yep upcoming American superhero film based on Valiant Comics and I’m not familiar with these comics but I’m sure there’s a lot of people that are so written by Jeff whether well while oh and Eric Iser at starring music by Steve a lot Sookie yep a Djinn Djinn of everywhere II 21st yep this is a Sony picture release so as I wonder what the budget is of this I’m very interested to see that but I guess we won’t find out till later but what are your thoughts guys on this of course like I said let’s not hype this up too much doesn’t worry is we’re gonna have a lot of bearish to speculation but I do want to see at least two more trailers before this comes out in February maybe some more info but like I said I think Vin Diesel is it means have a very successful career this could definitely help him help too so I’m kind of quite excited for this and also it’s kind of cool to see another comic book not just Oh Leon to use the 4dc kind of like you know the old watchman film I came out with it by Zack Snyder so I’m excited for this what are your thoughts guys if you have seen the trailer please make sure to check it out and anyway be sure to leave a comment only all or apply to all your comments as usual be sure to LIKE the video and subscribe for more well and I actually have another video right after this be sure to stay tuned for that hey guys peace out and have a good day

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