– the blood Tam project is not only about building a car to go 1,000 miles an hour but it's also a perfect vehicle for education of STEM subjects over the life of this project we've actually been able to inspire over two million young people with a blood town inspiration day you can actually bring a full scale model of this car to your school together we can explore the amazing Science and Technology through an interactive workshop and presentation we even actually get your young people to design build and race their very own rocket cars to be able to come and have a look at the model was amazing and really brought the whole project to life for the children as well as the children being involved the staff for being involved so many of them saying this is what the children should be doing not just sitting and us telling them what to do all the time through these workshop students not only get to understand more about the science and the mass and how we've used it in this car but also those other critical life skills the main thing that they benefited from I think is they've had to come up with their own ideas they started off asking us well what are we supposed to do what how are we going to do this eventually early been working together and coming up with their own solutions say it's a fantastic opportunity for the children to realize that they can use their own ideas their own opinions and develop ideas from other people even we don't negotiating with other groups the blood to hand education material is carefully structured to fit in with the school curriculum and can be easily extended and used as a starting point for more in-depth projects if you'd like us to bring the blood town engineering adventure to your school then why not get in touch

8 thoughts on “BLOODHOUND Education”

  1. Peter Gale Godalming

    It's a great inspiration!

    Check this out:


  2. I'm a great fan of world speed records, this is taking SO long I and the world has lost interest (if there was any to start with). When/ if it does reach 1000 mph. the world will say "so what". In another video it's described as a racing car? For it to be a racing car, it would have to race against another car, there is no other car of its type for it to race against. It would be good if there was, but there ain't. The irony is it may nor reach its 1000 mph, or crash.

  3. I think it's great what you are doing, but at the rate you are doing it, by the time you get this done the kid's will be old enough to drive it

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