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Blippi! ♪ [FUNNY SOUNDS] Wow, look at what it is. [DRUM LIKE SOUND] This is a tank. and I have an idea. Today let’s learn about buoyancy and density. Buoyancy and density. Ok, first what we are going to do is fill up this tank full fof water. And then once this tank
is full of water then you and I are going to go outside
and find some objects and we’re going to put it
in the water and play a game. And that game is going to be called,
Sink or float. So, we are going to guess
which items are going to either… sink or float. This is going to be so much fun! Ok. Just a little bit more water. Ok. That right there is
a perfect amount of water. Now, let’s go get some objects
so then we can guess if they either going to…
sink or float! Here we go. Ok, now that we are outside,
let’s go find some things to see if they either sink or float. Oh, look, this base going
so perfect so far. it’s a INAUDIBLE so you can put
stuff in it of course. Look, our first object. A flower. These are dandelions
and they are bright yellow. I used to collect dandelions
and give them to my mother and say, “Here you go mom. I love you.” Hey mom, I love you. Look down here. Some colorful balls. This one is the color red. This one is the color purple. This one is the color green. This one is the color yellow. This one is the color blue! And this one is the color orange! Ok, wow, look at all
the things in here. I wonder if they’ll sink or float. Uh, a balance beam. Wait a second! Are you seeing what I’m seeing?
Come here. Look. This is a CD, a compact disc. And it says Blippi on top. I wonder if it sinks or floats. Look, two pine cones. Pine cones come off of trees
and they land on the ground. But this time they were right here. Perfect for us to see
if they sink or float. Put them in the INAUDIBLE. I dropped a pine cone
and a dandelion. Come on. Wow, I’m so dizzy. Look. Wow. A paint brush.
Yeah, a paint brush. And some glue. I wonder if these sink or float. I guess we got to wait and see. Put them in there and here we go. Cool, monkey bars. I love monkey bars. Ok. Wait a second. Look. Some orange Blippi glasses. Hello.
Hello. Ok. Oh, and I bet you know
what these are. Yeah, these are rocks. Yeah, and I bet you can guess
pretty easy if they’re going to sink or float. But, let’s go see! [FUNNY SOUNDS] That was so much fun
gathering all these itmes with you. Ok. Now, we are going to put
the items inside the water and we are going to see
if they are going to sink or float. Ok, here we go.
Lets start off with an easy one. Look at this.
Do you see them? Yeah. These are rocks. They’re really heavy. So, if these rocks are heavier than
the water for the same amount of space, then they are going to sink. So, do you think they’ll either
sink or float? Yeah! Let’s put them in! And look, they sink! Good job! Ok. All those rocks went
all the way down to the bottom. Ok, let’s try a little bit harder one. Look, colorful balls. They don’t sound very heavy. And they’re really light, and they’re actually filled with air,
see? [FUNNY SOUNDS] Ok, let’s see here. Oh, let’s do the blue one. Ready? Do you think either sink or float? Ok, let’s see. Yeah, it floats. All these balls that are sealed
and filled with water float on top of the water. Ok, let’s try another thing. Oh, we forget of the red one. Yup, that one floats too. Ok, some glue. So slippery. Some glue. Ok. Do you think it will either
sink or float? It’s kind of heavy.
It’s plastic. Ok, I think I know. Do you think it will sink or float? Ok, here we go. It floated to top. That is so cool! Ok, here we go.
Oh, look! We have some dandelions. Look at them, they’re so pretty. And they smell so good. Ok. Do you think these will either
sink or float? I guess one way to find out
is to put them in the water. Ready? Three, two, one! It’s floating! Good job. Ok. Oh, look. We have a Blippi CD. Compact disc.
Ready? Do you think it will sink or float? Ok. It barely sinks to the bottom. Ok. I guess it sinks. And a couple of more things.
Pine cones. So prickly. [FUNNY SOUNDS] Ok, here we go. They float to the top! Ok. Uh, another pair
of Blippi glasses. Hello, hello. I can’t see. Oh, there I go. Ok, here we go. Ready? Wow! Those sink! They must be really dense! Ok. And last item. A paint brush. Ok. Do you think this paint brush
will sink or float? I’m so excited! Ok, ready? One, two, three! It floats! Wow! Oh, one last thing. [FUNNY SOUNDS] Yeah, look, it’s a dump truck. And it has something in the back. Wow, look at it. Let’s pour this in the back. [FUNNY SOUNDS] All of that just made
the water turn green. Kawabonga! It turned it into green ooz. This is going to be cool. Ok. Let’s let it sit here
for a little bit. It’s getting really slimy already. Well, that was so much fun
seeing these items either sink or float. Good job.
Maybe we should do this again. If you want to watch this video again
with the same items just search Blippi sink or float. Yeah, cause that’s just the
fun game we just played. Look at this in here. So cool! It’s turning into slime. ♪ Blippi ♪ ♪ Come on, everyone
let’s make learning fun ♪ ♪ Blippi, Blippi ♪ ♪ So much to learn about ♪ ♪ It will make you want to shout!
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