Blippi Learns at the Indoor Playground | Educational Videos for Toddlers

hey it's me blippi whoa in it's nighttime and we're in a parking lot there's so many stores Wow look at this store it's the kinder land indoor playground in Las Vegas Nevada come on this place is so colorful before we play we need to take off our shoes all right once you now we're ready to play whoa look at this hello wow I'm in a little house whoo it's a yellow ball watch this and a blue ball a green ball a red ball and in orange ball oh look over here yeah it's a bullet I'm gonna jump inside what is this it's a dinosaur and this is a pterodactyl listen I turned over so let's see what else we can find this is another dinosaur and this is a Tyrannosaurus Rex I like Tyrannosaurus rexes bye-bye this is a Stegosaurus let's act like a Stegosaurus together okay ready wow so many colorful Bulls let's keep playing whoa look this is a police car Vincent [Applause] it's a garbage truck I love garbage day and garbage trucks this is a giant cement mixer look you spin this right here whoa look a fire truck gotta put out the fire a dump truck yeah a vacuum all right nice and clean whoa look at this giant orange spiked ball whoo look at this it's a blue ball this is a small orange and blue spiked ball whoa whoa look a slide right here we go that slide was so much fun so colorful I'm gonna climb to the top yeah now it's time to get down at all are you hungry yeah I'm really hungry I went shopping earlier look at all of these fruits and vegetables YUM let's see what we're gonna cook together okay gotta put out the dishes first the plate and the pole whoo look at this I cooked you some spinning yum let's season it mm there you go oh you know what else I have do you like beeps um yeah okay look at this YUM that looks so tasty all right let's take the spatula cut the pizza out mm look at that piece of pizza for you all right perfect there you go boy so hot just came out of the oven ooh to make it even hotter we should put some hot sauce on it but before we put some hot sauce let's try it out [Applause] [Applause] this has wheels on the bottom I'm gonna let a roll awesome oh here's another one I wonder what would happen if I wrote it all right here we go oh here's another one all right here we go get ready yeah look at this structure come on whoa look at these steps they're so colorful this is the color black this is a new color whoa this is maroon this color is the color pink blue green purple red and gray look at this wow it's a slide okay here I go [Applause] [Applause] watch this throw really hard it bounced off the wall and hit me in the face hello whoa look at this yellow net whoa and look at what it is over here Wow it's a giant red slide whoa hey and look at what's in the way whoa that's a lot of big stuff blocks it's time to go but they're in the way hmm wait a second why don't I slide down and plow them over are you ready so much fun playing at Kendall an indoor playground in Las Vegas Nevada well this is the end of this video but if you want to watch more of my videos you know what to do yeah just search for my name let's spell blippi together ready BL I PPI blippi good job all right hey parents if your youngster loves my videos be sure to click that big red subscribe button so you can be notified when I have a brand new video all right buh-bye

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