Blippi Explores a Snow Groomer | Educational Videos for Toddlers about Seasons

did you see that yeah it's a remote-control groomer toy oh I just wish this groomer toy was real oh look at what it is it's a real groomer today you and I are gonna learn about rumors now let's learn the exterior parts of the groomer come on look at this this right here is the blade kind of like a bulldozer it pushes anything and everything the snow out of its wedding watch it work oh that was awesome how the blade gets its power are the hydraulics check it out whoa these are the hydraulics there's hydraulic line the hydraulic cylinders Wow so powerful and how you operate the hydraulics it's from the cab oh it looks so cozy in there mm but first thing when you're outside in the snow it's sowing it can't save in order to see you need windshield wipers see this this is a massive windshield wiper whoa just like in a car watch him go okay now you can see while operating ooh and up there those are the lights those also help you clean they go flash on whoa they're so bright whoa look at this down here these these are the track please go inside the snow and the ice and go so then you don't slip and slide whoo and right here this is the engine of the greater it produces so much power and right here this is where it gets its cool diesel not gas ooh look at that this is the tiller back here you see that that's the barrel and it has a lot of teeth on it it crushes and rips up the ice in the snow so then from there the flaps see these these are the flaps these little ripples they create what's called corduroy gloat it smooths out the snow okay so now we're gonna back it up look at how smooth the snow is whoa this is corduroy you see these lines it makes me wanna lay on it oh look at where we are we're inside the groomer oh let me shut the door all right first things first safety first yep just like in any vehicle there's a seatbelt you gotta buckle up all right now that I'm all strapped in let me show you some of the parts look at this you see these two knobs yeah these are the track sticks they make you go forward backward and then you can turn left and right what is this this is a joist thing this is what you use to control the blade and the tiller in the back Wow so many cool functions whoo yes look the key the key is a very important part once we have this we can put it in and turn it on ready oh do you hear that yeah the engine is purring hey just like a kitty cat proper okay all right are you ready here we go [Applause] [Applause] fun to drive alright now I'll go backward get ready or a really cool ooh now we're driving the groomer or operating the groomer snow operating whoa it's so much fun operating [Applause] boom they hear the beat beat beat that means we're backing up need to make sure you look back when you're backing up a vehicle whoa okay far work we go whoa you see these this is how I'm driving operating the groomer these operate the tracks then you can go left and right whoa so cool oh now we're inside the mechanic shop of the groomer this is where you fix the groomer ass whoa do you see the cab yeah it's leaning forward so then you can access the motor I'll show you that later but first I wanna show you everything that's in here whoa you can fix all the machines in here like this whoa a really cool off-road machine check it out whoa that was amazing whoa all right what else do they have here look at me yeah this right here read me me this is a snowblower whoo see these teeth it turns in a circle and then that forces the snow up here there goes all right whoa all right what else do they fix here let's see oh cool a three wheeler oh look at this it has three wheels one on the front one on the back another one on the back yeah one two three wheels [Applause] now it's so much fun Oh another machine this machine is called a snowmobile and guess the color Oh huh it looks like it's broken see the engine is all torn apart to see that room back there that's where they fix the snowmobile Zach come on oh look at this room oh there's a chainsaw right here even a leaf blower hey like they said this is where they fix the snowmobiles this one's really old and it's probably broken but hey we'll get to it later let's go over here Oh another snowmobile rule this one's the color orange whoa the color red whoa crazy bright red color with yellow wait a second flammable keep fire away let's get out of here oh good thing we got out of there oh another machine whoa this yeah this is a forklift it uses the forks on the front right there to lift up giant pallets of stuff whoa what a cool machine all right okay now let's show you the groomer in the engine of the groomer yeah where it gets all of its power from remember me talking about the tracks yeah they're really slippery so what I'm gonna do is put some plywood on there so you and I can stand on it safely all right three pieces of plywood now you and I can stand on the tracks all right we made it whoa you see this this is the engine of the groomer whoa this is where all of its power gets produced from pull and see this this is the fuel tank this is where all the diesel goes to fuel the engine and let me show you the back oh you see in the back this is the hydraulic tanks this is the hydraulic pumps and all of these tubes are hydraulic – Wow we have some batteries some oil filters the old filters and you can't forget about exhaust oh that was so much fun learning about rumors with you well this is the end of this video but if you want to watch more of my videos all you have to do is search for my name will you spell my name with me ready BL i PB i flippy good job alright you special thanks to Mountain Creek Resort Burton Snowboards and snow operating for making this video possible keep on shredding kids

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