26 thoughts on “Blended learning & flipped classroom”

  1. Module 13 – AEP 800: I chose this video because I think that videos like this are really easy to follow along with. It does a great job comparing and contrasting the traditional learning with blended learning. I am doing some of this currently. Almost everything I do in my classroom, I put on Google Classroom. Students are able to work at their own pace. I do notice that some students get through the tasks really quickly, and I have to try and provide those students with more challenging tasks. I appreciate that this video addressed the challenges of blended learning and a flipped classroom. This video basically explained how a lot of my classes in college operated. Standards: (ITSE.T.2a,2017) (TPK, 1)

  2. description of video shows that it is licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0.
    However, in license type it is Standard Youtube License.

    My question is I may use/embed this youtube video link in my moodle course ?

  3. Nice video which explains how technology with proper pedagogy and content can be used for effective education

  4. Your voice is good and makes teaching interesting .. I'm watching your video since last 6 month and it's very helpful in my study and knowledge expansion… Thank you for digital and free learning platform

  5. ya, university lectures are a fuckin' joke compared to the FREE educational videos on youtube. the whole shitty system needs to be replaced and supplanted by youtube.

    but the system is strong and feeds itself. . .but i think in the next few generations we shall see its downfall.

  6. please make some videos on haematology …. hemolytic anaemia & other anaemia… lymphoma … leukemia…

  7. had a teacher try this out in a high school physics class. Worked well for everyone. STEM learning can be improved.

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