Black Man Completely Shatters Chinese and Japanese Girls’ World With Knowledge! ((LEVEL UP))

((GREEK)) Good morning, good evening ((GREEK)) How are you? ((GREEK)) Good ((GREEK)) How are you? ((GREEK)) Very good. Thanks! ((GREEK)) No ((GREEK)) A little bit ((GREEK)) No, but I’m learning Greek now ((GREEK)) You are learning Greek now? ((GREEK)) Yes ((GREEK)) I like to learn other languages….because.. ((GREEK)) Thank you ((FARSI)) Greetings ((FARSI)) How are you? ((FARSI)) Good ((FARSI)) You are very good? ((FARSI)) I’m good ((GREEK)) Do you speak any other languages? ((GREEK)) You speak Greek, English.. ((GREEK)) I learn by myself ((GREEK)) Yourself? ((GREEK)) OK ((GREEK)) I want to go to Greece, but **START THIS LAWNMOWER UP REAL QUICK** ((BULGARIAN/MACEDONIAN)) Cheers to a good life ((BULGARIAN)) But ((MACEDONIAN)) I can speak Macedonian..I’m learning ((BULGARIAN)) Macedonian? ((BULGARIAN)) Now…yes ((BULGARIAN)) Because I like learning other languages ((BULGARIAN)) Yes, yes ((BULGARIAN)) What’s your name? ((BULGARIAN)) What’s your name? ((BULGARIAN)) My name is Moses ((BULGARIAN)) Yes rolmfaolololol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((BULGARIAN)) Nice to meet you ((BULGARIAN)) Do you speak any other languages? ((BULGARIAN)) Thank you ((BULGARIAN)) Nice to meet you *** IS THIS A TREASURE BOX DESU KA??!*** ((JAPANESE)) How are you? ((JAPANESE)) I’m surprised! ((JAPANESE)) How are you? ((JAPANESE)) Yes, I’m good ((JAPANESE)) Why? ((JAPANESE)) Why? ((JAPANESE)) Japanese is interesting so I decided to learn it a long time ago ((JAPANESE)) Did you go to Japan? ((JAPANESE)) Two times ((JAPANESE)) Two times? ((JAPANESE)) You went to Japan to learn Japanese or did you learn it here? ((JAPANESE)) Well…I learned Japanese here in America, but ((JAPANESE)) Awesome. You’re good ((JAPANESE)) You are being too nice ((JAPANESE)) This is my brother here ((JAPANESE)) Oh, really? ((JAPANESE)) I’m older. He’s younger ((JAPANESE)) Your younger brother? hahahahaha ((JAPANESE)) I’m happy ((JAPANESE)) I like studying other languages so..I always begin learning new languages ((JAPANESE)) How did you learn? ((JAPANESE)) When I started learning Japanese, my method was using textbooks and practicing with Japanese people ((JAPANESE)) With Japanese? ((JAPANESE)) Yes ((JAPANESE)) Online ((JAPANESE)) Really? ((JAPANESE)) You practice conversation online? ((JAPANESE)) There’s a lot of Japanese people in chatrooms ((JAPANESE)) Really? ((JAPANESE)) Awesome ((JAPANESE But….I can speak a lot of Japanese, but…I don’t really use it everyday so sometimes I forget some words ((JAPANESE)) It’s OK ((JAPANESE)) Excellent ((JAPANESE)) Excellent? ((JAPANESE)) Which part of Japan are you from? ((JAPANESE)) Well, I’m not Japanese ((JAPANESE)) You’re not Japanese? ((JAPANESE)) I’m Chinese ((JAPANESE)) Really? ((JAPANESE)) So….you can speak Chinese, right? ((JAPANESE)) Yes ((JAPANESE)) I can as well ((MANDARIN)) I can also speak Chinese ((MANDARIN)) You can speak Chinese too? ((MANDARIN)) I can speak Chinese and.. How…why?! hahahahahhaha ((MANDARIN)) I told you ((MANDARIN)) I really like learning other languages ((JAPANESE))This is my secret ((MANDARIN)) This is my secret ((MANDARIN)) I can speak……..but I think my best language is Mandarin because I learned for more than 10 years ((MANDARIN)) But Chinese is very very difficult ((MANDARIN)) It’s very difficult, but ((MANDARIN)) It’s more difficult than Japanese ((MANDARIN)) Not the grammar though ((MANDARIN)) Japanese grammar is more difficult ((MANDARIN))You don’t think so? ((MANDARIN)) No, I don’t think so ((MANDARIN)) Japanese is very easy, but Chinese is very very difficult ((MANDARIN)) But, Chinese’ pronunciation.. ((MANDARIN)) Pronunciation and tones ((MANDARIN))But how did you get so good at it? ((MANDARIN)) Really? ((MANDARIN)) What about Japanese? ((MANDARIN))/JAPANESE)) Japanese is also perfect ((JAPANESE)) It’s not perfect ((JAPANESE)) I have to practice more ((JAPANESE)) You… ((JAPANESE)) I didn’t realize that you were Chinese so I was a bit surprised ((JAPANESE)) But I went to Japan and lived for like 10 years ((MANDARIN)) I lived in Japan for 10 years ((MANDARIN)) You…. ((JAPANESE)) When you went to Japan, what did you do? ((MANDARIN)) I was in college ((JAPANESE)) Oh, you went to school? ((JAPANESE))Yes ((JAPANESE)) Is it strange? ((JAPANESE)) Yes, it’s strange ((JAPANESE)) It’s not strange ((JAPANESE)) Is this your first time meeting a foreigner that can speak both Chinese and Japanese? ((JAPANESE)) Well, it’s my first time meeting someone that good ((JAPANESE)) Being able to speak both that good.. ((MANDARIN)) This is the first time for me seeing someone who is able to speak both well ((MANDARIN)) You are a genius ((MANDARIN)) You are a genius ((MANDARIN)) I agree ((MANDARIN)) I also feel the same way ((JAPANESE)) Yes, that’s right ((JAPANESE)) Besides Japanese, Chinese and English, do you speak any other languages? ((JAPANESE)) No, I can’t ((JAPANESE)) I can’t be compared to you ((JAPANESE)) Where were you born? ((JAPANESE)) I was born in Beijing ((MANDARIN)) I want to go to Beijing ((MANDARIN)) You want to go to Beijing? ((MANDARIN)) You both are very awesome ((MANDARIN)) What’s your job? ((MANDARIN)) What’s your job? ((MANDARIN)) I’m a student ((MANDARIN)) You are a student? ((MANDARIN)) He’s a lawyer ((JAPANESE)) Lawyer ((MANDARIN)) Then you can go to China. There are many opportunities there to work ((MANDARIN)) Unique ((MANDARIN)) So, what is your job? ((MANDARIN)) I’m a teacher ((MANDARIN)) You’re a teacher ((MANDARIN)) Private teacher ((MANDARIN)) Private teacher…what do you teach? ((MANDARIN))Take a guess ((MANDARIN)) Teach what? ((MANDARIN)) You can use Chinese to explain it to me ((MANDARIN)) I think you are a teacher of history ((MANDARIN)) No, no ((MANDARIN)) Language ((MANDARIN)) You’re a language teacher? ((MANDARIN)) Really? ((MANDARIN)) Teaching what? ((MANDARIN)) I also know Spanish, Italian ((MANDARIN)) French ((MANDARIN)) But I teach Chinese and Japanese ((MANDARIN)) You teach Chinese and Japanese? ((MANDARIN)) That’s a good job ((JAPANESE)) How long have you been in America for? ((JAPANESE)) Two years ((JAPANESE)) Just two years? ((JAPANESE)) What’s your reason for coming to America? ((JAPANESE))The reason, eh ((JAPANESE)) Kids ((JAPANESE)) They go to college here so…I came here with them ((MANDARIN)) We came together ((MANDARIN)) This is very normal. I think Asians stick together with their family. This is something important culturally ((MANDARIN))Yes, like to be together with family ((JAPANESE))Nice to meet you ((MANDARIN))I have a website, but as for the business card…. ((MANDARIN)) Where do you teach? Do you teach in a university? ((MANDARIN)) ((MANDARIN)) Awesome ((MANDARIN))Yes ((MANDARIN)) I’ll write it down for you ((MANDARIN)) OK ((MANDARIN)) There are some foreigners ((MANDARIN)) How to make a boyfriend…how to make a girlfriend ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN))How can you… ((MANDARIN)) How did you start learning so many languages. How old were you when you started…..How old are you? ((MANDARIN)) Take a guess ((MANDARIN)) My birthday is next week ((JAPANESE)) Next week is……my birthday ((MANDARIN)) Did you start learning from a young age? ((MANDARIN)) 18 ((MANDARIN)) I started learning when I was 18 ((MANDARIN)) You didn’t start learning until you were 18? ((MANDARIN)) Now, are you in your twenties? ((MANDARIN)) 25? ((MANDARIN)) No? ((MANDARIN)) Keep going.. ((MANDARIN)) Keep going? ((JAPANESE)) Please keep going ((MANDARIN)) 28…Now I’m… I’m sorry.. ((MANDARIN)) 37, but next week I will be 38 ((MANDARIN)) 38???!! ((JAPANESE)) 38 ((MANDARIN)) I was thinking you are 28 years old ((MANDARIN)) 38 years old ((MANDARIN)) I wouldn’t lie to you ((MANDARIN)) Where did you buy this at? ((MANDARIN)) This is….we have a friend that gave it to us as a gift ((MANDARIN)) Actually, that friend is Japanese ((MANDARIN)) She made it herself ((MANDARIN))That’s very pretty ((MANDARIN)) That character is very beautiful ((MANDARIN)) No, we live in Arizona, but we are originally from Ohio ((MANDARIN)) Ohio, but we’ve already lived here in Arizona for 5 months ((MANDARIN)) So then, you guys came here for traveling? ((MANDARIN)) Traveling, right ((MANDARIN)) and practicing other languages with people ((MANDARIN)) Our reason for coming here is to practice Japanese because I thought you were Japanese ((MANDARIN)) There are many Japanese people living here ((MANDARIN)) Especially, Asians…many in California ((MANDARIN))There’s a lot of Japanese places ((MANDARIN)) Where? ((MANDARIN)) Near here ((MANDARIN)) There’s a small Japanese place. Check it out ((MANDARIN)) I’ll check it out ((MANDARIN))This place here. There’s a lot of Japanese shops ((MANDARIN)) There’s a lot of Japanese shops ((MANDARIN)) It’s nearby? ((MANDARIN)) It’s like 15 minutes away ((MANDARIN)) 15 minutes? ***IT’S TIME TO LEVEL YUP*** ((MANDARIN)) They just want to practice Chinese ((MANDARIN)) He’s from Taiwan? ((TAIWANESE)) Have you eaten yet? ((TAIWANESE)) How are you? ((TAIWANESE)) I don’t understand ((TAIWANESE)) I don’t understand ((TAIWANESE)) I can speak Taiwanese ((JAPANESE)) Are you Japanese? ((JAPANESE)) She… ((JAPANESE)) She’s from China ((JAPANESE)) She’s a Japanese speaking Chinese ((JAPANESE)) Surprised ((JAPANESE)) I’m surprised ((JAPANESE)) Which part of Japan do you come from? ((JAPANESE)) I’ve been to Tokyo two times ((JAPANESE)) Yes…but I learned Japanese in America ((JAPANESE)) That’s awesome! ((JAPANESE)) No ((JAPANESE))It’s not late. He can study study the language ((JAPANESE))Yes, especially the grammar is difficult ((JAPANESE)) In the sentence the verb is at the end ((JAPANESE)) Yes, it’s different ((JAPANESE))It’s difficult ((JAPANESE)) So…to me..the English is difficult ((JAPANESE)) But your English is great. It’s fluent ((JAPANESE)) Really? That’s awesome ((JAPANESE)) He teaches both Chinese and Japanese online ((JAPANESE)) Chinese…you know Japanese people can read Chinese a bit, the characters, ((JAPANESE))Yes ((JAPANESE)) Because they are similar, but….can’t speak it ((JAPANESE))The pronunciation is difficult ((JAPANESE)) But..the more you practice the more you become accustomed to it ((JAPANESE)) Is Chinese grammar similar to Chinese? ((JAPANESE)) No, it isn’t ((JAPANESE))It’s totally different ((JAPANESE)) I’m interested in Japanese, but.. ((JAPANESE))Just awesome.. ((JAPANESE))You can do it ((JAPANESE)) Was surprised ((JAPANESE)) It was fun **LOOK AT THAT, BABY** ((JAPANESE)) Yes, I can read, write ((JAPANESE))Mouse ((JAPANESE)) Nickname ((MANDARIN)) Nickname ((MANDARIN)) You will find it ahahahahhahahhahahahha!! ((MANDARIN)) Nice to meet you ((MANDARIN)) I prefer my own business ((MANDARIN)) Right ((MANDARIN)) You have more freedom ((MANDARIN)) That’s right. Moreover…after you…you will have many opportunities to do a lot. I think you are really great. ((MANDARIN)) Thank you ((MANDARIN)) Passion ((MANDARIN)) Nice to meet you ((MANDARIN)) Nice to meet you. I welcome you guys to come back ((MANDARIN)) Hope to meet you again ((MANDARIN)) Likewise ((MANDARIN)) My name is Mark ((MANDARIN)) I welcome you to Beijing to meet you ***To be continued***

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  1. I'm studying Japanese and Indonesian right now, I didn't start till I was like 17. Boku wa sukoshi nihongo o hanashimasu. Saya bisa berbicara sedikit bahasa Indonesia. Saya harus belajar bahasa Japan dan bahasa Indonesia lebih sering.

  2. I really enjoyed your videos with subtitles because i could understand your conversations.. If i cant understand what someone is saying in the videos i have zero interest in watching the videos

  3. She wasn't lyin man. You are a freakin genius. Learning languages as quickly and as fluently as you do. It's pretty incredible. I really hope to learn another language.

  4. Bro I just discovered your videos and let me say I have been inspired to amp up my linguistics studies. Yo puedo hablar Español! 我也会说中文。

  5. I swear this guy… by the end of his life he'll have achieved god level in his language skills. Here i'm glad with Dutch, English, German and a tiny bit French as well as my lower Saxon dialect. lol

  6. Watching people face light up when you break into their language never gets old. Thanks for being one of the positives of YouTube

  7. I speak Japanese and I started learning Chinese because of you Mouse your awesome 👏 I really like your channel so inspiring and helps me with listening practice in Japanese and now Chinese too.❤️

  8. Mad respect brother 🍾 Buy i’m curious as to why you refer to them as Chinese & Japanese BUT you call yourself by a color code “Black” man? …

  9. @34:12 when he asked him if he was looking for something in particular or just cruisin' … seems like the white guy was getting freaked out by Moses, standing there. 😂

  10. Sooo, the Japanese customer's husband totally acted on stereotypes based on your appearance. And I LOOOOOVE how you shut that shit down by being yourself & speaking Japanese. Seriously, though–that guy was totally a judgmental bully & prolly would have called the cops… Until your skills as a cunning linguist put him in his place!

  11. Alan messed up the vibe! I do not care if people think he is a fruity Taiwanese boy he was just all wrong and rued, being gay has nothing with his F'ed-up vibe.

  12. That old white dude was pissed off like, great now i gotta learn some fukn Japanese bc some random black guy speaks it and got my wife all wet…😂😂😂

  13. I missed your sub titles. But I’m sure it’s a pain and time consuming. But I really appreciate it when you do it. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

  14. This shit is awesome you are single handedly changing foreigners perceptions of black Americans. I love when the ask you why you learn and to see there reactions when you tell them you are self taught

  15. Oh finally, I got to hear you speak (Modern)Greek. No, I'm definitely not Greek. It's just that this famous language I didn't hear yu speak yet.

  16. Moses I enjoy hearing you speak Chinese, switch to, Cantonese, and Japanese, and other languages. But the thing I like most is the effect leveling up has of breaking down cultural barriers. That is the thing I hope people watching your videos appreciate most. Your friendly nature, when you explain the reason why you want to learn their language, to simply talk to people because you think their language is beautiful. Their friendly reaction, and wanting to be friends with you is nothing short of amazing. Languages can divide people, but you leap over the divide and make friends. Its almost spiritual!

  17. that time when you see the hours spent watching anime were totally worth it when you actually understand some of the japanese talk in the video

  18. Yall boys some versace freaks lol! They do have good fragrances. Try that blue de chanel or allure homme sport/ extreme. Yall will like those

  19. Its amazing how you remember all the different languages. People seem go think that blacks are ignorant until they meet people like you.

  20. Every time you talk to someone in their native language, or address them how they would be addressed back home, you give them a new memory that they will hold on to. Foreigner or not, language is a gift and words are our most inexhaustible source of magic in a dreary world.

  21. Question: When you tell people you can also speak Chinese, why do you use the word "jiang" and not "shuo"? I'm learning Chinese now and both words seem to mean the same thing. Are they interchangeable?

  22. Level up on your cologne game. Trust niche houses are dope. Go to Bloomingdales and Nordstrom and just smell away. Fyi Sephora has some niche and they will give you free samples, just ask them.

  23. why people always think you have to be in their country to learn their language,they dont know what is internet.

  24. Hey bro…There is not exit Macedonian language!!The accient Macedonians spoke the Greek language…This language that they call it now Macedonian it's Bulgarian…Just saying!Nice videos bro..Greetings from Bulgaria!

  25. 39:50 wow what a racist ass comment… “there’s hope for me if HE can do it”.

    Shit pisses me off. I’d be furious if I was black and I’m just automatically assumed to have a below have IQ.

  26. I speak three languages myself, and I can recognize 15 languages when I hear them spoken.
    Moses is not fluent in any of the languages he speaks on his videos. He has some knowledge
    of the languages, and he has memorized certain expressions. He repeats the same sentences
    in each language.

  27. @ Laoshu the black man : more I see your vid and all the effort you did learning basics from others languages make me think 100% your purpose is to take revenge of the general idea the whole world thinks : black people don't own any country plus they disturb the progress of the cultures they are living in plus they are living with a strong inferior complex being judged as less smart or businessly active than people who migrated in the US recently like the Chineses. So what do you think?

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