Black Desert Mobile Giant Class Overview and Guide

The big The bad The ugly. If you are
looking for a class that dish out huge numbers while tanking damage at the same time, then look no further, the giant is the answer. They weild human-sized
monstrous axe. Overwhelming enemies wither sheer strength and
straightforward brutal attacks. They may be slow and lack finesse, but once a
giant catch you, it’s game over. As no other class can trade blow-for-blow these
ferocious behemoth. In PvE the giant is one of the OG classes. Huge
AoE, high damage, and great passive defense. They can clear group of mobs a
lot faster than any other mellee classes and it’s high defense makes it able to
AFK a lot longer while consuming lesser potions.
Small scale PvP is where a giant does not excel much especially in 1vs1.
It is good and beating up noobs and if you out gear your enemies. But in a fight
with a moderately good player the giant lacks any maneuver to avoid the cc’s of a
ranger or to pass through the shields of warrior and Valkyrie. Giant is not a bad
class here, it’s just other classes have a better kit to keep a giant at bay.
This will change once awakening comes out but that’s a story for another time.
On large-scale PvP however then giant is definitely one of the top classes, again
thanks to its huge AoE, high damage, and high passive defense.
Unlike Valkyrie and warrior that needs to stop and block to protect themselves
from frontal attacks, Giants just go in in the thick of the battlefield and
spread chaos. Welcoming all attacks in any direction! Their weakness in
mobility can easily be patched up with the other members of the party, while
it’s not so hard to find a group of enemies to unleash all those massive AOE.
The first thing we need to talk about and probably the most important for a
giant is the skills. Unlike other classes where you fill all your skill slots, a
giant only needed three or four in PvE with raging thunder as main source of
DPS, which by the way has amazing cool down of 0.1 seconds, basically no
cooldown at all The other skillset should be filled
with skills that will recover your MP This includes headbutt, Frenzied
destroyer, and giant’s roar. For PvP it will depends on your playstyle but it’s
pretty not friendly skills are very straightforward with a lot of super
armors meaning you can use your skills most of the time without the need to
worry being cc’d while on animation some recommended skills include Slav
oppressor or predatory hunt ask up closer or initiator fearsome tyrant for
damage grab for a grab and again raging thunder for spin doing experiment on the
other skill slots to suit your name either you need more super armor skills
or just need small ways to CC is up team now let’s talk about the equipment’s as
usual we will discuss the yellow gears which would be the good starting base
while waiting to get orange or red gears for rappin again aside from Liberto full
initials great alternative for sub weapon hashes or ilish are great
all-around well you can also go with a list if you have difficulty catching
your enemies in PvP for armors good anneal is basically the best yellow
equipment but again the most expensive so for helmet you can go with loot
palace instead for armor yokubou is the best choice of the arugula Neela well
for gloves and shoes then go with Dallas for giant prioritize to max out attack
speed first then Christians then movement speed and lastly for skill
branch effect you can go with turret for better PvE result or LaBrie panel for
better PvP so that’s it for now guys will you be playing as a giant and black
desert or will you be playing other classes then stay tuned in the next
video as we discuss the other classes in BDM see you guys peace

12 thoughts on “Black Desert Mobile Giant Class Overview and Guide”

  1. Since you focus on Raging Thunder which uses alot of MP would you recommend the yellow accessories that give MP regen for more spinning or just go for Crit?

  2. Hi can u help me ? How can I play with friends and how we can do party and do missions together ?! And what is the blood kin ?

  3. where did you get the outfit shown in the very start of video ?? is it comes with a secific face selection on the character build??? and if it is , what face have this outfit ???

  4. Bakit walang healing skills at nawala ang heal per hit ng Raging Thunder sa Global version? Matagal rin ako naglaro sa Korean version, animal tong PA, greedy masyado, matagal pa awakening…

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