Bizarre Pirate Traditions You Didn’t Know About

let’s verse presents bizarre pirate traditions most people don’t know about number one the Jolly Roger flag the best-known pirate flag is the Jolly Roger the skull and crossbones but you might not know is that there are many versions of this flag the first time that it was ever mentioned was from a book that was written by Charles Johnson in 1724 called a general history of the Pirates Blackbeard’s flag was a bit different than the original this flag had a skeleton toasting the devil while it was spearing a bleeding heart other flags featured men standing on skulls hourglasses beside the skulls and even red skeletons number two all pirates weren’t men he didn’t have to be a man to be a pirate there were a few women who took to the sea to become rich two of the most famous female pirates were Mary Reed and Anne Bonny in 1720 the two women sailed on the pirate ship revenge Mary dressed like a man to hide her identity and Anne was the first mate when their ship was captured the two women went to jail when they were arrested they blamed the ship’s captain Calico Jack the women were angry at calico Jack and when they were in jail and said sorry to see you there but if you fought like a man you would not have been hanged like a dog number 3 Blackbeard had a secret to maintain his facial hair Blackbeard is famous for being one of the most terrifying pirates in the world part of the reason he was feared so much was the appearance of his beard he captained the Queen Anne’s Revenge before he captured that ship and any other ones he found a way to make himself feared by all he would weave hemp into his long dark beard and in a hair under his captain’s hat when he would go light the hemp on fire it would cause smoke to come out from his face making people fear for their lives he also wore a crimson coat and he carried two swords two knives and two guns at all times he looked evil and rude to everyone he met number four pirates were the first mixologists grog was invented in the sixteen hundreds by the sailors in the British Navy they wanted to keep their water from getting slimy and contaminated with microbes and algae so they would mix rum with the water by 1731 the idea had caught on and each sailor was given half a pint of ROM each day which was the equivalent of about five shots the Pirates borrowed the recipe for grog however they made a few changes they added lemon juice to prevent scurvy and they added sugar to make it taste better this quickly became the go-to drink for pirates number five pirates didn’t wear eye patches because they were missing an eye thanks to sword battles there were some pirates with missing eyes however many pirates wore eye patches for another reason pirates spent a great deal of their time on the bright deck and then would go into a dark cabin below and this happened very often when they were raiding ships or protecting their own by keeping one eye covered it was always adjusted to the dark when they had to rush into a dark cabin they would simply remove the patch from the covered eye and they would instantly be able to see number six pirates wore earrings to finance their burials this is one of the most bizarre pirate traditions that most people don’t know about it’s because you would not expect a pirate to care where they were buried when they died but they did pirates knew that they could die at sea however they didn’t want to be buried at the bottom of the ocean to ensure that they would have a proper burial they would wear expensive earrings when a pirate would dye their earrings would be melted down and sold to pay for their casket and other burial costs even if a pirate was found washed up on the sea other pirates made sure that they got a proper burial there were some pirates who wanted to be buried at their own port so they had to have the name of the port engraved on the inside of their earrings so that their bodies could be sent home after they died number 7 the blood-red pirate flag was the most feared when people on ships saw the Jolly Roger flag it created a sense of dread when they saw the red flag however it was even more terrifying if a ship flew a flag that was read it warned everyone on the ship that they were going to be shown no mercy and killed immediately this flag was called bloody red when pirates on a ship saw this flag they would often jump ship to save themselves even if it meant drowning in the ocean number eight most pirates didn’t bury treasure most people believed that pirates would bury their treasures on a tropical island to keep it safe the only pirate who did this was William KITT he buried his treasure off the coast of Long Island however his plan backfired when one of his allies dug up the treasure and used it to convict Kidd a piracy most pirates did not bury their treasure because it usually wasn’t treasure by which typically stole weapons food alcohol lumber and animal hides since these goods were worthless in the ground the Pirates often use them or sold them number nine Pirates practiced gay marriage gay marriage goes back as far as 1600 on pirate ships because pirates spent so much time on ships together they often became intimate when same-sex relationships were formalized the pirates called it mate lithic when two pirates entered into mate lytic they would share all of their Goods and treasure if one pirate died the other pirate would receive death benefits the two would live together exchange gold rings and share the occasional female prostitute number 10 julius caesar was captured by pirates pirates are known for taking hostages when they take over a vessel one group of pirates managed to capture Julius Caesar back in 75 BCE they plan to ask for a ransom of twenty talents and julius caesar said that he was worth at least fifty while he was their hostage caesar would recite poetry to the pirates after his ransom was paid he had the Pirates crucified as their punishment number eleven the pirate’s earrings protected their hearing those pirate ships had numerous cannons on board in fact Blackbeard’s ship Queen Anne’s Revenge had 40 cannons the cannons were very important during combat if they needed to sink a ship to avoid capture when the play routes would shoot their cannons there was a loud blast that could cause deafness to keep that from happening pirates would often hang wax from their earrings before the cannon was fired they would take the wax from the earrings and put it in their ears to muffle the sound number 12 they were superstitious surrounding a pirate’s earrings while the earrings that pirates war were practical there were also several superstitions surrounding the earrings many pirates believed that the earrings could prevent seasickness others believed that they could cure poor eyesight many pirates wore gold hoops because these earrings were said to prevent drowning however this theory was debunked over and over again subscribe for more you

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  1. Yarr ya scurvy bastards! Brace the main sail swab the poop Depp, sorry deck captain Jack's had his balls cropped apparently there in a jar of dirt on admiral Disney's mantle

  2. Very bad you used pictures of men when talking about things not related to the picture. They is slander.

  3. I'm here again wtf the eye patch thing is the other way around. A candle lit cabin out into a dark deck at night.

  4. I prefer to call a female pirate a “piratress” and I clicked on and liked this vid solely for the top illustration of Ann Bonny exposing her fine bosom😍

  5. The skull and crossbones flag, was the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR BATTLE FLAG, ( it’s an ancient Hebrew tradition to place the skull and two crossed leg bones in a ark, they must have seen this during their stay in JERUSALEM during the crusades, not pirate original….also, the spot on your ears were they are pierced, is a pressure point that improves eyesight, a quality needed to see far off ships

  6. I must admit that the trivia on the eyepatches being used as a way to adapt to darl places quickly and the Earrings being used to both pay for burials and protect them from deafness is really bloody clever, interesting and cool

  7. black beard is my favorite pirate of all i would be the next black beard so fuck u all and one thang I like about pirates is they all knew 2 thangs travel the 7 seas and get rich or die trying and for me lucky me I had family members who was in war I can't wait to see if they would pass em down to me in their will I know what I would do keep em sell em get more amma guns rocket launchers and a awsome looking boat take on the 7 seas and get rich or die trying like all the great pirates past our time's they are ledgend to me they are my idols ur idol might be John Ceana or even Robin Williams not me mine are the toughest of all with 2 sword's and 2 gun's up not giving a fuck but get rich or die trying sorry jack sparrow ur guns ur swords won't be sharp enough to take mine on cause cardboard can be easily cut through

  8. 2:31 — this information is wrong —
    1730 , Blackbeard , Lafitte , Bonney , Hornigold and Morgan were all long dead ..
    Yet many books and historians noted them as drinking plenty of rum ..
    So how could they drink it if it wasn’t invented until after their death ??

  9. yeah this is all shit most people know if they bothered to do about 5 minutes or research ..
    also .. love how you say "Whamyn" and not women …

  10. Incorrect information dude. Rum was not invented by the British navy, was already being done in the carribean 😏

    Get your facts right dude

  11. Hello there. Getting a location from the Sun using the sextant was the reason some pirate navigators had an eye patch. The Sun blinded them in 1eye.

  12. How is it that pirates capturing Julias Ceaser a "Bizarre Pirate Tradition That You Didn't Know About"? I guess when Julias Ceaser got captured he was playing his role in a tradition the whole time and he had no idea. Perhaps the title of the video should be changed. :/

  13. I enjoyed this video. However, the “blood red” flag referenced here was actually the precursor to the skull and bones “Jolly Roger” flag whose name was corrupted from the French “Joli et rouge,” which meant “pretty and red.” In other words, Joli et rouge became Jolly Roger. Who thought it was “pretty”? The
    pirates of course.

  14. I have a skull and cross flag but instead of cross bones there were swords, with a bloody knife in it's mouth, with a generic pirate hat with a bandanna.

  15. Should've mentioned that Pirates also wore extravagant bright colors as a way of rebelling against the rich – apparently wearing colors such as red and purple etc, were not allowed. The rich were though and it was somewhat only "worthy" for them to wear. I read that it was against the law for the poor, criminals and pirates to wear to wear such extravagant colors. (PS – plz don't attck if i'm wrong, cause i read a whole lot of comments and people have been hating and attacking each other LIKE CRAZY – CHILL) PSS Correct me if i'm wrong.

  16. July 10, 2019- (Edward Teach, Edward Thatch) Blackbeard was my favorite pirate all time.. Captain Morgan was my favorite funny pirate.. And infamous maybe famous since the year of 2003.. Captain Jack Sparrow my third favorite pirate…

  17. I installed a playground in a small town in Nevada, a few years ago, with a man claiming to be one of the infamous Teaches' descendents. I had no reason to doubt a man's word, as he was no less an imposing figure as the afore mentioned. Aye, I felt honoured to be in company, nonetheless. Spirit retained.

  18. So if Blackbeard had hemp in his hair smoldering was he stoned while fighting? If he was no wonder his body swam around his ship three times after being beheaded! Ed's not here man.

  19. 1.most pirates were not European
    2.there were so few female pirates there was basically none at all
    3. Most of these were facts not tradition
    4. Most Pirates really werent gay mainly because pirates rapped wemon

  20. “And share the occasional female prostitute.” Lol my bf would kill me if I suggested sharing a prostitute

  21. Black beard drinked beer with gun powder and sometimes killed one off his crew mates to show them who was boss

  22. fuck… no matter how long you're at sea, you would never fuck another man unless you're gay…. surely big tough pirates had pride ?

  23. There once was a man named Gold Roger, who was King of the Pirates

    He had fame, power, and wealth beyond your wildest dreams

    Before they hung him from the gallows, these were the final words he said:

    "My fortune is yours for the taking, but you'll have to find it first
    I left everything I own in One Piece…"

    Ever since, pirates from all over the world set sail for the Grand Line, searching for One Piece;

    The treasure that would make their dreams come true!

  24. An old saying for obstinate children was "take the wax out of your ears". This makes sense when compared to how pirates used to hang wax from their earrings to use as plugs to prevent deafness from loud explosions.

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