Biz Kids camp: A business education for Rochester kids

IT’S SOMETHING KIDS USUALLY HAVE TO GET IN COLLEGE, BUT THE CITY OF ROCHESTER IS NOW GIVING YOUNG KIDS THE CHANCE TO GET A BUSINESS EDUCATION. IT’S CALLED BIZ- KIDS-CAMP. JOSH NAVARRO TELLS US MORE ABOUT IT. ((PKG)) ” THESE KIDS ARE LEARNING HOW TO CREATE AND RUN THEIR OWN BUSINESSES AND IT’S FREE — ORGANIZERS SAY IT GIVES KIDS INTERACTIVE, APPLIED ENTREPRENEURIAL CLASSES. THESE KIDS ARE RUNNING THEIR OWN LEMONADE STAND ((SOT)) “we came here today, to sell lemonade, and cookies and popcorn, becuase we want to see how it feels to have a business ” KIDS WORKED TOGEHTER TO BUILD A ADVERTISING, CREATE PRICES AND A MENU FOR THEIR BUSINESS ((SOT)) “its good for kids, especially the youth, to see how you can make your own money, to be an entrepreneur, theres many other ways to have a boss — you are actually the boss yourself. ” AMIRAH WANTS TO BE A LAWYER. AND SHE TOLD US THIS CAMP IS GETTING HER READY TO BE THE BOSS ((SOT)) “i actually wanted to own my own law firm, so being a lawyer is like one of the steps up to that ” AT THE END OF THE WEEK, KIDS PRESENT THEIR OWN BUSINESS IDEAS. ((SOT)) “some of the presentations they do at the end of the week for their own business ideas, you come away going ‘i hope they make that product’ or ‘i hope they do that business” THE WEEKLONG CAMP IS RUN FOUR TIMES A YEAR. JOSH NAVARRO, NEWS 8 ” ((ADAM/1-SH)) KIDS GOT FREE BOOK BAGS, CALCULATORS, PERSONAL BUSINESS CARDS — AND FREE MEALS. IT RUNS UNTI MROW. R MORE INFORMATION, VISIT CITY OF ROCHESTER DOT GOV SLASH BIZ KIDS

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