Biography: Thomas Jefferson for Kids (Cartoons) Declaration of Independence (Educational Network)

I can remember as a kid feeling super lucky
when I came across a $2 bill. That’s right having money was always cool to go to the
store and spend, but there was nothing like finding a unique $2 bill. But little did I
know that not only was the $2 bill what some considered a good luck charm, but it also
had the face of one of our founding fathers, and former President of the United States
on it, Thomas Jefferson. Right now I want to take you on a little fun with learning
as we talk about one of our founding fathers in the United States of America, Thomas Jefferson.
Starting things off , Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 in Albemarle County,
Virginia to his parents Peter and Jane. Growing up many considered Thomas to be very lucky,
because his parents were wealthy land owners. As a kid history says that Thomas was your
normal little boy. He enjoyed reading and also played the violin. But when he was a
child he had something bad happen in his family. His father died. When his father died he was
only nine years old. In his will Thomas’s father left him all of his estate and at the
age of 21, Thomas took over the land and began to manage it. Now after that he did end up
going to college and getting some education. That’s where he studied law. This was because
he wanted to become a lawyer and after staying in school Thomas did finally finish school,
and became a lawyer. Another job that Thomas Jefferson had was being a politician. Back
in his day, he work in the Virginia legislature. This was important in history, because during
that time the American colonies were getting fed up with how they were being treated by
the British. Working with other colonies Thomas knew what he had to do to help break free
from British rule. He had to work together with other American Colonies to gain independence.
That is where he was the main writer for the Declaration of Independence. When it came
to how government was back during Thomas’s day, there was not a huge government in Washington
DC like it is today. Making decisions was done back then by the Continental Congress.
This is where Thomas Jefferson worked with John Adams and Benjamin Franklin to draft
the Declaration of Independence. When they were done with the first draft they brought
it to the Continental Congress who made a few changes and then greatest break up letters
in history was sent to the British letting them know the American colonies didn’t want
to be with them anymore. This began the Revolutionary War, and the American colonies eventually
breaking free from British rule. Now like I told you before Thomas Jefferson was the
President of the United States. Actually he was the third President of the United States
and became President on March 4, 1801. Thomas Jefferson served as President from 1801 to
1809. Another amazing fact about Thomas Jefferson is later in life he became sick. He ended
up dying on the same day as John Adams on July 4th. If that isn’t crazy not only did
he die on July 4th but he also died on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence
July 4, 1826. Now looking back at the life and times of Thomas Jefferson he lived a very
cool life helping America break free and become independent, so I hope you enjoyed learning
right here on Welcome to FresBerg.

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