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here please subscribe and turn on the notification so you don’t miss our next video. Biography of Victoire Umuhoza Victoire Umuhoza is a famous Rwandan activist
and politician. She was a
candidate for Rwanda’s presidential elections in 2010, as well as the chairperson of the
Unified Democratic Forces (UDF). She has been working against a totalitarian
government in her country for about 20 years. Victoire Inagbire Umuhoza was born on the
3rd of October, 1968 to Rwandan parents, Odetta Dusabe and Pascal Gakumba. She studied Accounting and Commercial Law. She later graduated from another
institution with a degree in Business Economics and Corporate Management in
the Netherlands. Umuhoza worked as an official of an international
accounting company in the Netherlands. She was in charge of the accounting departments
of the company in about 25 branches in Europe, Asia, and Africa. In April 2009, Victoire Umuhoza resigned her
job so that she could dedicate herself to a political career. She then prepared for her return to Rwanda
to contribute to nation-building. In 1997, Umuhoza joined the Republican Rally
for Democracy in Rwanda (RDR). She became the president of the Netherlands
branch, and in the year 2000, she was nominated president of the RDR at the
international level. Since then, Umuhoza has been involved in the
struggle against the oppressive Rwandan government from outside the country. In November 2004, Victoire Umuhoza organised
a conference in the Netherlands known as the Forum on Peace, Security, Democracy and Development
in the Great Lakes Region. This conference led to working towards creating
a new platform for political cooperation in Rwanda. Victoire got in touch with other organisations
and organised another meeting for all Rwandan civil society associations and political parties. It was at this meeting that it was decided
to put an end to president Paul Kagame’s oppressive regime. She has since then, supported the goal to
install the rule of law, democracy, and good governance in Rwanda. Victoire Umuhoza finally relocated to Rwanda
in 2010 in order to support the rule of law and a better government. She soon formed a group called the Permanent
Consultative Council of Opposition Parties. This group included many parties which had
a common goal of strengthening the democratic process in Rwanda. After returning to Rwanda, Victoire Umuhoza
visited a memorial centre to honour the victims of the Rwanda Genocides. During her visit, she asked why the victims
of the Hutu tribe had not been given any attention and why their killers were not dragged to
court yet. Umuhoza was placed under house arrest in April
2010 and was later arrested on October 14th,2010. She appeared in court and was accused alongside
four persons of forming an armed group with the
aim of disturbing the peace of the country and starting a war against the government. She was also accused of creating division
among Rwandans and encouraging terrorism in the country. On the 27th of March 2012, Umuhoza presented
a legal challenge in the RwandanHigh Court to counter the use of the constitution to
prosecute her for genocide and crimes of division. She also insisted that the constitution guaranteed
her freedom of expression and freedom of thought. On the 11th of April 2012, a witness for the
defence, former colonel Michel Habimana testified that the state intelligence
services had made up the story of a witness. He also testified that the state prosecution’s
lead witness was lying about his own contact with Victoire Umuhoza and his own rank within
the rebel army. Already serving a sentence of life in prison,
Michel Habimana was searched and had important documents relating to the case
seized from him. The defence
claimed intimidation of a key witness by the state. After this, Victoire Umuhoza refused to return
to the Rwandan courtroom and asked her lawyers not to return either. Her defence lawyer said they refused to go
back to the courtroom after the former rebel colonel was interrupted while
accusing the Rwandan intelligence services of offering money to rebels to make
false claims against her. The state prosecutor asked the panel of judges
to give Victoire Umuhoza the maximum life sentence. The verdict which was expected to be announced
on the 29th of June was postponed four times until 31st October 2012. On 30th October 2012, Victoire Umuhoza was
sentenced to eight years imprisonment by the High Court of Kigali for
“conspiracy against the country through terrorism and war” and “genocide
denial”. The court ruled that she was guilty of the
accusations levelled against her and the Rwandan Supreme Court has supported the sentencing
of Umuhoza and increased her jail term from eight to fifteen
years in December, 2013. According to a Rwandans newspaper, President
Paul Kagame granted early release to Victoire Umuhoza and 2000 other
convicted persons as an act of mercy. This has been said to be false as many Rwandans
have claimed that the president keeps Victoire Umuhoza under surveillance
every day. She is not allowed to travel out of the country
except notifying the government. She’s also mandated to see the prosecutor
which the government has appointed every month. Victoria Inagbire Umuhoza is married to Lin
Muyizere, and she has three children from her marriage. She’s famous for being a courageous and inspiring
leader who continuously supports a peaceful and democratic conflict
resolution struggle in Rwanda and Africa as a whole. Did you Know? § On the 13th of September 2012, Victoire
Ingabire Umuhoza was nominated for the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought
of the European Parliament. § Victoire Umuhoza is also known as the “female
Mandela” for her continuous fight against political oppression in Rwanda. § There is an award named The Victoire Ingabire
Umuhoza Democracy and Peace Prize in honour of Madame Victoire Ingabire
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