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Sade Adu is a Nigerian-born British singer who is known for her mixture
of soul, funk, jazz, and Afro-Cuban rhythms. She is one of the few musicians of Nigerian
origin to win the Grammy Awards for her songs. Sade Adu enjoyed a lot
of popularity for her music in the 1980s and early 1990s. She’s is a great influence to other successful
artistes, and she has been praised as a musician with a beautiful individual
style. Helen Folasade Adu was born on the 16th of January, 1969 in the
ancient Ibadan town of Southwest Nigeria to a British mother and a
Yoruba father. Her father was a university lecturer of Economics,
while her mother was an English nurse. Sade’s parents met in London
while her father was studying at the London School of Economics,
then they moved to Nigeria shortly after they got married. After she was born, their neighbours and friends
wouldn’t call her by her English name; she was simply called ‘Sade’.
Ever since then, even her parents called her ‘Sade’ Her parents got separated when she was four
years old, and her mother took her and her elder brother back to England. Sade and her brother, Banji, lived close to
Colchester in their first few years in England with their grandparents. She attended St Martin’s School of Art in
London, where she studied fashion. Sade was not focused on music until
she had to sing after some school friends approached her to help them
out as a backup singer in their growing music group. She then went on to serve as a singer for
two musical bands, Arriva and Pride. Sade found out that she loved writing songs
a lot, but singing and performing these songs on stage made her nervous.
Later on, she overcame her fear of performing on stage,
and was regularly singing with the North London music band called Pride. She used her experience performing with this
band to improve her confidence. Sade worked with Pride for a long time and
developed most of her music skills while going to shows with the group.
For three years, from 1981, she and the other seven members of the band
traveled around the United Kingdom to perform and promote their
songs. During one of Pride’s earlier shows, Sade
Adu wrote and performed a song called Smooth Operator. Her performance
attracted the attention of record labels which had some interest in her. She later signed to work with Epic Records
with three of her former band mates who now work together in a new
music group named Sade. She released a song, Your Love Is King, in February, 1984. The
song became a popular music track which was among the top 10 songs
in the United Kingdom. The success of her first song made her and
her band famous sooner than expected.
Sade Adu has released six studio albums with her band. Her first
album, Diamond Life, released on the 16th of July, 1984 sold over a
million copies in the UK, and won the Brit Award for Best British Album
in 1985. Some of her best songs were released at this
time. Your Love Is King and Smooth Operator were both played
in countries around the world including the United States, Austria,
Switzerland, France, and Germany. In 1985 and 1988, Sade’s band released their
second and third albums, Promise and Stronger Than Pride.
They were also successful with, and they went on to produce three more
albums in 1992, 2000 and 2010. Sade Adu is praised as an exceptional artiste,
and her career has enjoyed increasing success over the years. Sade Adu has been nominated for quite a number
of awards throughout her music career. She has won four Grammy
Awards, one American Black Achievement Award, one American Music
Award, one BRIT Award, and two Porin Awards. In 2002, Sade Adu was appointed Officer of
the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for her services to music. After getting the national award, she said
that her award was a great gesture to her and all black women living
in England. She was promoted to Commander of the Order of the British Empire
(CBE) in the 2017 Birthday Honours of Queen Elizabeth II. Sade once lived in Wood Green, North London,
with her partner, Robert Elms in the 1980s. In 1989, she married the
Italian film director, Carlos Pliego, and their marriage ended in 1995. Sade moved briefly to the Caribbean to live
with the Jamaican music producer, Bob Morgan in the late 1990s.
During her relationship with Bob Morgan, Sade gave birth to their
daughter named Mickailia “Ila” Adu on the 21st of July, 1996. Bob and Sade separated after their daughter
was born. Sade has been engaged to a former Royal Marine soldier since
2007. Her net worth is estimated to be about 75 million dollars. Did you Know?  Sade Adu is the only musician of Nigerian
origin who has won more than once at the Grammy Awards.  Sade Adu has been a big model and designer
for male fashion even before she began music.
 In 1986, Sade made her first appearance as an actress in
the movie, Absolute Beginners. What have we missed out about Sade Adu? Kindly
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