Binghamton University Campus Tour

This is a place where bright minds meet. A world-class institution with renowned faculty, endless opportunity outside the classroom and a tight-knit community. This is Binghamton University. The premier public university. Binghamton is located on a stunning 930-acre campus, nestled in the wooded hillsides of upstate New York. People at Binghamton affectionately refer to the campus as “The Brain,” a reference to the University’s unique layout. But it’s not just a neat nickname; it’s a constant reminder of our pursuit of knowledge and understanding. And at our seven different colleges, that pursuit of knowledge is tailored to each student’s personal passions. Follow the green paw prints and you’ll end up at the state-of-the-art Admissions Center, a “one-stop shop” for students. More than 30,000 applications make their way through the center’s doors. Put simply: an acceptance letter from Binghamton is something to be immensely proud of! Binghamton University is a home for living and learning. More than 7,600 students reside in the six residential communities that outline campus. Ask any student, which residential community they live in and they’ll likely well up with pride. Community is key at Binghamton University and each residential community offers a unique and enriching living experience. One that enhances the academic experience and reinforces an atmosphere of camaraderie. Career development, mouth-watering food, bowling, billiards and more. The University Union has it all. The Union is a center of information and entertainment for Binghamton’s student body. Binghamton University offers an incredibly diverse range of classes — From film series . . . to tree climbing . . . . . . to the physics of materials . . . and everything in between. You’ll find these classes spread out over campus, with traditional classrooms, ultramodern laboratories and even classes in the great outdoors! Research is big at Binghamton . . . . . . and the Innovative Technologies Complex is the University’s research hub. Here, leading scholars work together with student researchers to push technology to astonishing new levels. From stunning visual arts to stirring theatrical performances, our school supports a strong community of artists, working in a variety of media . . . . . . fostering artistic growth and offering year-round enrichment and entertainment. You’ll see plenty of Pantone 342, the University’s official color, when you come to campus. We have a proud tradition of supporting athletics at Binghamton. And with 21 Division 1 sports teams and a devoted student fan club, there are opportunities for athletes and spectators alike. Do Kung Fu, badminton or Ultimate Frisbie sound like fun? These are just a few of the 40 or so club sports that Binghamton students get to choose from. Students also have access to FitSpace, a 10,000-square-foot fitness center, where swimming, fitness classes and new equipment make staying in shape – no problem! Within our campus, lies a 190-acre nature preserve, featuring a six-acre pond and trails for biking, running and hiking. A hotbed of biodiversity, this space also offers real world research opportunities. The University Downtown Center, located in the heart of downtown Binghamton . . . . . . is home to the College of Community and Public Affairs. Through professional research, civic engagement and public service, students here find a practical way to change the world. With a beautiful and bustling campus, incredible research opportunities, a spirited and diverse community and a continual commitment to excellence, Binghamton University is truly, the premier public university!

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  3. I have witnessed the evolution of this university through the years and it has truly bloomed into a first rate school. Whenever I visit, I always think to myself, "I hope the people attending here realize and appreciate just how lucky they are to be here". The money New York state has invested into Binghamton University is absolutely staggering. Everything is state of the art and almost everything a student would need is located right on campus. Binghamton University is a first rate school!

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