Billy Bush on Finding a Silver Lining Amid Trump Controversy

Hello, Billy. How are you? I’m well. Good. How are you? I’m really good. I want to say
something off the bat. Thank you so much you’re the
most supportive and nicest person in this town. It was Tom Hanks,
it’s really Ellen. [CHEERING] Thank you. And Tom’s pretty good. Well, I saw you shortly after
that tape came out, and– Which tape? Some tape of you singing
or something like that. And I just– I thought one guy
goes on to become president, and the other guy is the
one that gets punished. And I think that you’ve
apologized many, many times. But if you want to
say anything now– and I told you when I saw you
if you want a platform to come out and talk,
because I thought you should have had a chance
to talk about this. Yeah. I would have liked to explain. The time and the– but look, at this point for
me it’s about going forward. And I’ve learned a lot. It was longer than I thought. It happened three years ago,
but you learn from these. It would be a real shame to
just check back into the game and having not done anything
I had the chance to– What did you learn? I learned a lot of things. I learned– look, I’ve
got three daughters. They’re with me backstage
in the green room. They won’t come to my show,
but they will come to yours. [LAUGHTER] And look, I said with
my middle daughter, “You know, they’re all going
to be getting out there in the workplace and working. And if they ever– when they walk into a room and
they walk out of that room– if people are smack
talking when they leave that’s an unfortunate thing, and
I don’t want that to happen.” So you learn that. And Ellen, everybody
goes through something. Yup. Everybody. And I think going through
something like that– I watched your interview with
Gayle King, which I thought was really, really good. And also I saw you
say that you now don’t go take the highs too
high or the lows too low. You stay mid-ground,
which I think is really smart, because
this business can hurt you. And because I’ve gone
through something, it taught me compassion. And I think that’s
what it teaches someone when you go through
what you’ve gone through. Yeah. Gayle and I had this
conversation standing in front of a banner that’s
six stories high of me and the new show. And I’m looking at it as
she says, “Boy, that’s got to feel really great. You’re six story
big banner there.” And I said, “Yeah. I mean if someone
drives by and that means they tune in that
night, that’s great.” But when you’ve been down,
the highs and the lows, it’s best to just–
you’re right– find the middle. And I will say as
an interviewer, as a person that’s
delivering news that people consume about
other people most oftenly, it’s good to know what
it feels like to be down. And I had never
really in my life felt what it’s like to be down. And when you know that,
you approach people a lot differently. Yep. I agree. I agree. [APPLAUSE] That’s nice. I think it’s important as
an interviewer, as a person. And, of course, your uncle
is George H.W. Bush– was– and I loved him. I got a chance to meet him
and spend time with him. And he was an
amazing man and you– [APPLAUSE] He sure was. He was. He was– Oh, he spoke at my graduation. He was the most loving– wrote a note to each one of my
children when they were born, gave it to us, and it just
said, “Welcome to the world. Let me tell you about this. Love your parents,” all
these little things, “Love, an old uncle.” And he was terrific. Yeah he was a kind– Thoughtful. –really great guy. But you saw Trump
went to that funeral. So you got a chance to see him. That was the first time,
I assume, that you saw him since that tape broke. Yeah. A lot of people thought like,
was there any interaction? Did you run into him? And I didn’t. I was sitting in the
middle of the church. And, of course,
he’s the last one to enter for security
reasons, but I saw him. I thought it was a good
thing, a beautiful thing that the former president
stipulated before he died he went out of his way to
say, “Do you want him to come or not?” And he said, “You know what? I don’t want the headline
to be I blackballed him.” And then that’s all people talk
about instead of the things that happened under his watch. And so he specifically
said, “Yes, just include.” But it’s normal protocol
that the sitting president does the eulogy. He had a lucky circumstance
there because 43 was his son, so he did the eulogy. And that was so
worked out perfectly. Right. Well, that’s fantastic that
he was forgiving like that. That’s a lesson,
again, that he taught. You’re now working on
Extra as also you’re an executive producer, right? Managing editor. Managing editor. So what does that
mean, and how early do you have to be in to do that? I get in at 6:45 is
the first meeting. That’s off camera. And I took on that role
instead of just put on the nice clothes and the
makeup and read the lines, because you’re dealing
with people’s lives. And I’m really sensitive, now,
to what we say about people. And I don’t want to participate
in pile on culture, which is if someone’s down I don’t
want to– there’s usually two sides to stories,
or just don’t want to participate in that. So I’m just go through every
little thing in the script and make sure we’re
doing the right thing. Good. Good. I think that’s the
way we all should go with all these programs. And you’re single now, right? Yeah. Is that a good thing? Are you on a dating
app or anything? [LAUGHTER] Am I– no. I have my daughters
in the back and they– so anyone that I do date–
which I haven’t yet– will have to pass that test. So I think probably a
four-legged friend would be the first thing to move in. And we’ll start there,
and that’s safe. All right. Well, if you want to rescue
a four-legged friend, I have a place for you if
you want to start with that. We– let’s– All right. Let’s discuss. All right, we will. All right, you can catch
Billy weekdays on Extra. Check your local listings,
and we’ll be right back.

96 thoughts on “Billy Bush on Finding a Silver Lining Amid Trump Controversy”

  1. The problem with Billy Bush in that video is that he stood there after hearing what trump had said about that woman and instigated her to give him a hug. He's not that innocent here at all. He knew what he was doing and got punished for that.

  2. Ellen you are the best on YouTube. we love you alot ellen. YOU are in my heart Ellen💖😘📺👍 Ellen I want to meet you.

  3. If anyone thinks ellen has never had locker room talk about women they're nuts. Let's just hope it wasn't caught on a device of some kind.

  4. George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr. are both war criminals. They also broke hundreds of American laws, but yeah, I'm sure that they're great guys.

  5. On the tape, really all Billy is guilty of is not calling out Trump for what he said. Billy didn't actually say anything offensive or even agree with what Trump was saying. Nervous laughed, and that's it. I never felt he should have gotten fired for it. When you interview someone, you let them talk and try to stay neutral, and that's what he did even when they thought the mic was off. Yet he gets fired and Trumps gets to destroy America. I support Billy in this.

  6. Good job on this show Billy Bush. Yes you're prob desperate for a valid job after the Orange Baboon experience, but you have away to go still. But as a raging Democrat, I'll follow you closely in the future because I believe you're working hard to do the right thing. Keep it up! The benefits will present themselves.

  7. Ellen, I write to you and your crew because you make amazing things happen. My wife's birthday is this weekend and I have been trying for a month to get Kristen Bell's attention to see if it was possible I could get a very short video of her saying happy birthday to her. it would be huge for her. My wife gives so much and receives so little and I just want to do something to make her smile. Could you please help?

  8. Hello ellen, i love seeing your show👍i am so happy and i love it, my biggest dream is to be part of your show..😊😊😊 small youtuber here in philippines❤

  9. It is a shame that men still act like jackasses with each other about women. I do think he has paid for it. I hope he has learned what it means to be a grown man vs a boy.

  10. I really like you as your a person.
    I also like your show very much Ns also your way of comedy.
    I hope you will speak about The issue of kashmir where 8 million people are jailed in their houses by putting them in a curfew for 56 days. Because every human has duty to speak for the others human rights.

  11. Allen i watch your show from somalia on your youtube and i love the way you suprise people and make them really happy.
    I love your programs

  12. Now he wants to return back into the public so he's using Ellen's show to do it. If it wasn't for his famous family, he would not have gotten that Access Hollywood gig in the first place. When he was a radio jock in the EAST, he always had sexist jokes on air. I knew one day it will come back to haunt him.

  13. Surprised Ellen was praising Billy's Uncle George Bush. He did quite a bit to hinder the LGBTQ community during his presidency.

  14. I sure hope that Billy Bush knows how much he was missed.

    Billy did NOT do anything wrong.

    He was in a guys' private conversation.

    Gals have private conversations too and might make sensitive comments or statements that are not intended for public consumption….. exactly like the conversation between Billy and Donald.

    Billy was loved before the conversation and he's loved now.

    Welcome back, Billy!

    Glad to see you again!

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