Bills would destroy Education Dept.

this week at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference education secretary Betsy DeVos opened her speech with a joke about how she was the first person to tell Bernie Sanders there’s no such thing as a free lunch good thing it’s the agriculture department that oversees the National School Lunch and school breakfast programs she then went on to criticize the Obama administration for the seven billion dollars they wasted in school improvement grants adding they tested their model and it failed miserably never once did she mentioned but the best of systems in the world are getting right but even a school choice is poised to go national a wave of new research has emerged suggesting that private school vouchers may harm students who receive them the results are startling the worst in history of the field researchers say one study conducted by the conservative-leaning fordham Institute concluded the students who use vouchers to attend public schools have fared worse academically compared to their closely match peers attending public schools nevertheless fast food and House Republicans are pushing forward with the plan to four states into adopting a voucher system or lose federal funding and its current form HR 610 would also quote repeal a certain rules relating to nutrition standards and schools because that’s what’s wrong with the education system today the 20 million poor children rely on school lunches for their one nutritious meal of the day are just eating too healthy but House Republicans aren’t finished yet HR 899 reads in its entirety quote the Department of Education shall terminate in December 31st 2018 spoiler alert the education department is unlikely to be eliminated particularly by a bill that declines to specify who or what will take over its sixty eight billion dollar annual budget and the functions of data collection oversight civil rights enforcement and student aid among others so there you have it a billionaire heiress whose family bought her a cabinet position mocking programs designed to help the poor and a wing that Congress hell-bent on destroying the one remaining institution that could possibly end generational poverty these are strange times were living in if you found the information in this video helpful go ahead and share with friend and don’t forget to click on the subscribe button so you can find us again next week

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  1. HR 610 has been shelved in committee. will continue to read that the bill's been referred to committee because, technically, the committee still has it, but according to employees at the House Committee on Education & the Workforce switchboard, the committee has decided not to move forward with this bill. It will remain in committee for the duration of the 115th Congress and they will not vote on it, meaning it can't proceed to a full House or Senate vote. For anything further to happen with this exact bill, it'll have to be reintroduced by a rep. sometime after the 2018 midterm elections.

  2. Tell the truth or stop talking. The nutrition rules are being used to junk food parents give their kids. We eat dar healthy in this house and under those nutrition rules they JUNK a treat in the kids lunch: and forbid doing a b-day like we did back in the day as kids for the class. HELL YES KILL IT and get the darn nany state out of the way of how we raise the kid

  3. "The ONE nutritional meal of the day"????

    Good Lord, what are you smoking???? Shool meals were DISGUSTING- both breakfast and lunch.

    If it wasn't junk food, it was fast food or corrugated cardboard ground up to look like food or something.

    I think it might've been leftover meals from the Department of Corrections.

    After Elementary School, I stopped eating the slop. It gave me stomach pains, gas, diarrhea, drowsiness.

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