Bill Gates speaks on what India does right

We’ve been doing a lot we’ve had a lot of
interactions with dignitaries from India, we just had the Dalai Lama here a couple of
weeks ago. And we’re going to have Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who is a very prominent guru
who has many many millions of followers here. And we’re talking about Indian issues, in
particular of late. Sanadand Dhume is our resident scholar in Indian studies and he
has a question about that country. Thank you very much. I have a broad question about India.
When you look at your engagement with the country, what do you think it’s done well,
and where do you think it needs to do the most work? Well India has a lot of very socialistic
policies, having to do with labor, and land. The fact that it has not risen as a manufacturing
power is an indictment of its government policies. That is as China’s incomes went up, the place
that the world should have moved to next as the manufacturing hub of the world absolutely
should be India. And that’s only happening to a very very tiny extent. And it has to
do with regulatory complexities, infrastructure quality. Now, I’m optimistic about India.
We put more into India than any country in the world. India benefits from a funny form
of competition, which is competition between the states. And so when one state really gets
its act together, the other states tend to feel jealous. And they you know are kind of
looking at what policies led to that. The states in the north that were particularly
focused lagged in every human development numbers, as well as income. But the improvements,
and we have a big partnership with Ni’Dish Khamar’s Chief minister in Behar. The new
chief minister in Bhutar Kadesh, decided that these health things that we care about he’d
get very involved with. And so we’re seeing a very fast rate of improvement there. Vaccination
coverage, and we’ve got polio, the last polio case there was three years ago. Which is an
amazing triumph. We’ve taken the polio quality audit group, and we’ve turned it into a primary
health care audit group that’s looking at where do workers not show up. Where does supply
chain not work, why don’t people go, uh. India’s health is very complicated because they have
a lot of these, a private sector that’s very low quality. And the government hasn’t figured
out how to get the private sector to be high quality. And yet they haven’t built the capacity
in the public sector. But, things, time is, um, on our side in India. It’s just frustrating,
you know they haven’t adopted a few new vaccines. That between, there’s two new vaccines that
will save over four hundred thousand lives per year in just India alone. And they’re
being quite slow on that, that issue. India’s great. And in fifteen years, we’ll probably
be out of India because its budget will get bigger, and they’ll allocate more of it to
health. What were the delays in permitting, and what owes to that? I suppose the viruses
didn’t unionize there. The suspicion of…the bureaucrats really like the status quo. The
way the (unclear) system works, you’re much better off not to change things. So getting somebody
to say yes, we’d like to spend more money on a new vaccine, knowing that there’s a crowd
that going to come in and attack that. There’s a little bit of conservatism. And there’s
an election coming up, hopefully …as you get close to an election, you get particular
paralysis in a bureaucracy. Post the election, there’s a lot of optimism that things will,
both in terms of deregulation and taking on new health initiatives that things will be
even more aggressive.

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  1. Woawzy he knows even the state's cm
    And people here dont even know who's our president๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Those two vaccines must be studied for long term effects and should be validated first. Kids are not guinea pigs.

  3. he says its hard to make india a manufacture hub due to their polices. again our government. and then unemployment.

  4. I think black n Indians community shud we always together no matter wat other think.. if Indians feel uncomfortable, black shud come n support n vice versa.. bt i dnt knw why i am soo much comfortable when i talk to black people who are between 60-70. These age group people specially in black they talk so soft n explain all the things so politely. Their eyes tells the struggle they have been through. N when i remember that old lady smiled when i asked her how r u bdw i dont know u- she replied i am super fine.. and then we talk for 1 hour.. i ws like her grandson.. n the way we were talking never felt that we were unknown. She told me to work b study hard, never be racist, we have suffered bt i never want any one shud suffer this.. i can see the pain when she was explaining. . she was stil so calm n relaxed looks like she has sucked all the pains n emerged as a successful person. She was emitting so much of positive energy. We both were unknown to each other bt stil i was so cmfrtable with her. She was like my grand mother. She said Always be strong never cry n be emotional.. bt also never be selfish
    . Help people. Omgod she was so unique ..She was black old lady.. ya this is the way i shud write.. bt i wish i can write she was an old lady.. who touched my heart..i dnt like using this work black n brown.. bt its ok if people understand better .. Anywaysโ€‹ black people are so cool n helpful they are jst portrayed that al the crimes are done by them thats not true..Old age black peole are sooooo amazing.. i wish i cn talk to unknown old people each weekend.. that woman gave all answers smiling like she already knew wat my next question is.. i hate racist i hate those. Bt Indians asians black have to suffer the most.. wat sort of develop country is if racism still exists in Top countries. Lets be together as Humans not on the basis of color, caste , religion, country. Plz. Humans unite not Divide.

  5. Indians everywhere
    Proof: watch any type of video in YouTube and go-to comment section

    I'm an Indian ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. Plz dont make our Fake Gurus like Sri Sri Ravi Shanker our National representatives.
    These Gurus are Politicians …
    They spread hate .
    There are many important persons from India. Use them .

  7. To paraphrase what he said," European and American companies should be moving to India to take advantage of the cheap labour to produce cheap consumer goods for Europeans and Americans and big profits for multi national companies. They haven't done so becuase India is not quite civilised enough yet." Now most people won't realise thats what he said because he uses clever words to make you think he is being positive and that he wants to help India when he just wants lots of cheap labour.

  8. Every CM of india should watch this.Best lines said by sir "The states in india r jealous among themselves, " which means they don't work for country,they work for themselves.

  9. Congratulations Indians a person like Bill Gates knows name of cheif ministers of states I don't even remember, doing well.I believe Bihar and Utter Pradesh will soon come out of their internal issues.

  10. well he doesn't know, mob lynching, rapes, communal violence, injustice to minorities and corruption. India is surely leading the world in these things.

  11. I feel sorry for him Bill Gates is now branded as Bhakth Gates along with many other by liberals as he praised Auyshman bharath ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

  12. Whatsoever even we make tons of money in any part of the world still day by day our losing moral values and traditions

  13. In my opinion India is a merciless country, who is doing injustice in Kashmir on kashmiris for over five decades…

  14. I would request foreigners to please not invest or give any money to India till we meet proper world standards in terms of cleanliness, governance and administration/law and order. That way you wouldn't be wasting your money and hopefully we would have some incentive to change ourselves. PS Charity donations and military investments are an exception to the request.

  15. Bangalore will be the next capital of india.

    I am not north indian or south indian.

    I am east indian. I love south indian people. Education, policy,work culture, south india is impressive.

    West india like Gujarat and bombay nagpur belt, and north india gurgaonand noida belt. Is awesome.

    I love you all. I love all indians. We are beothers. Hope and success to all my indian brothers. UNITED WE STAND..DIVIDED WE FALL

  16. Make this guy rich so man can de-populate your country 4u. With your money, Gmo food ,air (haarp)floods, he says make vaccine save 400,000 lives hahahaha. Dumb Indians

  17. I think this video is worst in bill Gates life .Every situation can't be handled because of complicit. Specially in bihar politics.Nitish is best solution for this.Hey the American not at all, if you believe in black v white ,I think you will worst person at planet. Indians are most powerful thinker in the world.Only native language ,english can't be judges to everyone.In india there are so many language ,if you are able to read ,write and speak then I will understand you are perfect and great. Nahi hoga tumse (this will sure u can't be). bullshit and arrogency man. keep your knowledge your self .Jai hind ,anyone have gutts then reply.I am available here to answer your question.

  18. Three CMs were put in jail, whole state of Indian occupied Kashmir was put under military control to pass this law to revoke 370, true face of Indian democracy is exposed completely ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. You are right you predicted you will be out of India in a couple of years. Bill you are amazing. You predicted your own expulsion from India.

  20. I.m an Indian American,I do watch such Shows.I'm very proud of my upbringing and education and the Cultural values that were imbibed in at a very young age.I could very comfortably work,mingle and prosper in US without loosing my Indian Values or Hindu Culture. I'm very proud of my Indian CULTURE and CIVILIZATION. Thanks to the Great and welcoming Attitude of American Culture,You can remain who you are without losing your own Identity. I always say I have Two Loving Mothers,Mother INDIA And Mother America.

  21. Thank you so much Bill. You're simply amazing. Im grateful that you show gratitude towards Indians who have jointly made Microsoft rich and successful.

  22. Thank you Bill Gates for polio free india. We indians will never forget ur contribution in making India polio free

  23. I know some South Indians who do not know that there are states called Uttar Pradesh and Bihar yet Bill Gates does.

  24. this is the same race that migrated to America in 1907 and the American government post them back claiming they are too cupid to live in America

  25. Please don't trust Bill gates and all of them!.. They just exploit!.. And they never stop and they are racist bitches!…

  26. Everyone says about india well-done at end of work :))
    BUT The thing has to change is the CASTISM and opportunities must provide to all indian to explore them ,
    % won't decide anyone's future , Thinking differently does .:))))

  27. And now we are the fastest growing economy in the world.It's just a start…love and respect from India sir ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ™

  28. China and Bangladesh did labour and land reform in 1980s…
    India need a labour and land reform so that all industries from China shift to India…. Indian politics… Should need to reform fast

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