Biggest problem with learning off YouTube | + BIG ANNOUNCEMENT :)

hi I've got a big announcement to make at the end of this video but first chugging milk and one for you I see these questions popping up in the comment section and on my patreon page all the time what to learn next and what's your practice now I can play this and that at this level what should be my practice routine now how do I move on so let's try to solve some of these problems today once again as you may know I've been deprived guitar teacher for over ten years which I stopped doing February this year I'm quitting and in all these years I learned so much about teaching how people learn how they make the fastest progress how to get concepts across etc and putting that knowledge to practice here on YouTube really helped me structure these videos and lessons in such a manner that helped so many of you too but still there is a big problem when you start out as a beginner hopes are high because everything you need to know can be found on YouTube right but soon you'll learn that it isn't as easy as you might think finding the right lesson that fits your need presented at the right pace explained clearly and where do you go after the first basics finding the road leading to a way you picture yourself in a year or even five years that's really difficult so there are so so many videos out there on the internet but there's also a big lack of structure before you know it and I've been there you spend an entire day on something you'll never use again I once spent over ten hours of practicing some flamenco fingerstyle technique that I never ever used again after that but when I watched the video it looked pretty awesome but simply because I stopped using it I forgot it and all that practice was basically futile because no way I can do it again so how to tackle this problem a great way to overcome this is bring structure to the things you're practicing and not to be too distracted by all the inputs and impulses you're getting there are so many stuff you should know videos and it's very tempting to watch them all that is it really always necessary what do you want to learn don't bother learning sweeps where your goal is to be a great blues player [Applause] you could learn sweeps of course but chances are you'll never apply it in your own play in your own style this makes you forget about it because it's easy to forget stuff and the problem about forgetting something is that you never know what you've forgotten so if you're learning something of YouTube or somewhere else doesn't matter put it in your agenda your Google Keef or as a sticky note on your fridge and every time you pick up the guitar you play that exercise lick or scale again so that it sticks in a long-term memory because forgetting something you've learned is just a waste of precious time drifting in the void for it to it and then there's also the level you're at I've seen questions on the web like where to start finger picking and believe it or not and just like Plato me Immanuel or any McKee came in these are the guts of finger style not something and novice players should start with if you try to take on a lesson that goes way over your head there's two things that can happen one you get frustrated and you quickly lose the joy in playing guitar or two you finally get there but it took you way too much time and it's very well possible you still have gaps your knowledge your skills because you tried to make such a big leap in progress so for this goes that it's a bit a trial and error thing some videos you'll watch will be just above your grade and you should accept that it's not possible that every video will be suitable for you if you watch a video on how to improvise over giant steps but you're still getting the 12 bar blues down that's probably a few giant steps too many for you of course you can learn something from it but what I would do for example is check out how you can improvise over the 4 chord in the blues or how to play over the turnaround now that's a small step for you since you're already fiddling around with the 12 bar blues and like this you're way more likely to remember what you've learned and put it to practice into your own playing well here's another one know what you're learning ok say you see a video titled the Dorian mode the key to next level playing and you think hey I want to be in next level guitar player so you learn the Dorian mode and next day you're able to play it maybe even in two different positions on the neck ok cool but the next week's you simply never use the scale again and as we said earlier if you never use something you just forget it but why didn't you use it because you didn't know or learn how to implement it if you did not know on what courts to use the Dorian mode or when it's better to use the mixolydian or just maybe even pentatonix you pretty much haven't learned anything other than just a set of random notes ok you gain some technical skill but what's the value of technique without the notes when you learn something and you have the context it holds much more value if you learn a new word and you know the definition you can use it yourself in your own context whenever you want you can play something 10 times but if you don't know what it means or how to use it it's pretty inefficient so if you're fed to write knowledge at the right time that can save you a lot of time practicing stuff that's not suited for you at the time so if you still have problems and need a bigger more stable solution the following message might help you because I've recognized these problems over and over in the comment section of my videos I decided to do something about it I already came up with a plan quite some time ago start to make a guitar course I want to bring out a guitar course to our courses from beginner to advanced because while all of my videos here on YouTube are hopefully a great inspiration for many all across the globe they don't take you by the hand creating a linear learning experience because of this I've gotten loads of comments and requests of me making guitar chords so I decided to combine my decade-plus experience in teaching and my law for making videos and merge it into one so when I quit teaching one-on-one lessons I fully dove and YouTube for a while I learned a lot during this time I love editing videos subjects for videos just came to me automatically I was so inspired but what also came with the requests please make it our course what should I learn next ball where to go I'm a beginner what video of yours should I start with I started to see the problem on a bigger scale but at the same time the solution came to me make a guitar course this led me thinking about where to start what to put in it but to me it only made sense to start your first guitar course at the beginning right to set the baseline for whatever may come next to get all the fundamentals rights no gaps in your knowledge explaining everything from the ground up to right techniques the right habits so that's why I'm very proud to announce learn practice play my first ever guitar course designed to make the learning experience for beginners as hassle-free as possible it covers all the essentials to know and learn whenever you're getting into the guitar justnow or have some experience but don't really know where to go it was important for a design of the course that it had a clear start and finish well the star is pretty clear anyone can enroll even if you never touch the guitar before and at the end you've learned all the basics and fundamentals that a guitar player should know it has a very clear destination and it's not an endless book no it's seven modules which takes you through all the essentials in 14 weeks every two weeks and new module is unlocked which has up to seven video lessons in it with multiple exercises from scales to chords picking and strumming and from theory to practice there's backing tracks PDFs clear instructions and a realistic learning curve to stop you from feeling overwhelmed and puzzled and left without a clear roadmap the course has a suggested base which as I said is 14 weeks and I think almost everyone will be able to succeed within these 14 weeks but of course if you rather have your own base if you like to go slower the course is available for a lifetime on learning practice play calm once you decide to enroll sales for the course are open for five days only and will close a few months after this check the site for more information service I'm super pumped to release this and proud of the achievement already it feels so logical for me to take this step at this point in life it all just came together and I hope that it'll help a lot of aspiring guitar players make a leap forward and let's be a kickstart to their guitar careers anyways check it out at learn practice play calm and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it bye

45 thoughts on “Biggest problem with learning off YouTube | + BIG ANNOUNCEMENT :)”

  1. Wasted a lot of time with various teachers. This guy has a ten minute video about how to put it together. Makes the most sense out of all the noise out there.

  2. i like the fact that instead of flying around a million songs, ive finally set goals on only learning 1 or 2 songs. and if i want to take a break, i have the list of the next few songs i might wanna learn. as im going through those songs, im able to find out what techniques im missing and what i have to work on.

  3. Thanks for your tips about how to pick right video from youtube. As you said, everything you don't use will be forgot. The practice is important but I have to choose the suitable course video for me. I enter but it have finished. So I want to know when will it start again?

  4. Your a huge inspiration to me and I have learned so much from you already but I am like a lot of people, stuck at a certain level and not advancing anymore and of coarse I'm stuck right below where I want to be lol

  5. I think its also good to just watch and learn even in a passive way. Maybe is my mind but usually I understand things better after a while, maybe I practice it in a song and I know what I'm doing, even if is above my level. Sometimes you learn new ways to approach that knowledge or skill just by watching then playing and forgetting about it all, then find it in another song in the future.

  6. Every new player absolutely needs guidance, it isn't the access to information that is the problem, everything is right here, but knowing what order and what sequence to learn, plus clarification of critical points. I would say YouTube is superb as a learning platform, but a human 'mentor' is invaluable.

  7. Will there be an option for more experienced players to jump ahead instead of droning on material we hsve already mastered? For instance, I've been playing for 14 years myself, but the last few haven't had much time. Therefore there's a fair amount of rust to break off, but instead of jumping straight back into rock, I would like to learn the more subtle art of fingerpicking. Beyond that, I do want to know more of the context behind the different scales and modes. I skipped that bit of theory and dove right into learning riffs, chords, and general improvisation/noodling.

  8. Paul, ive been playing more than 40 years and have forgotten more than i remember as due to my lifestyle i often dont have the chance to play much for a year at a time or more[travel/surf]. You are such an excellent teacher its easy to check your excellent videos to refresh my memory AND learn things i NEVER knew:) Keep up the good work matey:) At 59 ime never getting much better than i am, and i will never be as good as you. Different priority"s and not as much natural talent,lol..Cheers from Oz:)

  9. For some people this is the only way to learn.
    I'm a father of four who has to pay for karate classes, coding classes amongst other things for 2 boys and twin girls. there's a lot of people like me that are VERY lucky when we get a "handout" from private teachers because the only other option is to use free online videos. WOW! WHAT I WOULD GIVE "if I had it" for private lessons.
    But,,Congratulations to all y'all that actually made good decisions in life! I'll keep bouncing from video to video knowing I'll never compare to all the private lesson players…

  10. You tube actually helped me hook my brain up to scales in a way i can now flow with ease. The trick is first person view, cause it's better to see something in the eyes of a teacher.

  11. I agree, YouTube is a horrible teacher. It can't tell you when you're straight up doing something wrong and you don't know it. However, most of this advice only benefits beginners. If you really want to be good at any instrument, you need a live teacher. Until you get to that point of understanding music and your instrument where you can tell the difference between something useful and something that's total BS, I would stay away from YouTube…or anything online for that matter.

  12. I don’t think $14 a week is a lot of money for this course. The amount of writing, planning, checking dialogue and filming is huge.
    The problem these days is that people are used to downloading everything for free. Most have never had to queue outside a record shop to buy an album or book, let alone travel to a guitar teacher to have lessons.
    You have to pay for quality 😎

  13. The thing about learning on you tube is if the teacher isnt competent enough to anticipate the problem spots in his curriculum , its incomplete , and the student has no recourse other than skype or comments

  14. I joined learnpracticeplay because the offer might be temporary. I'd prefer waiting til a knew guitar happens , i'm kind of thinking my guitar's kind of large. Seems the offer 's knew and might be pulled out of offers. So here's learning with big guitar. [seen children play with big guitars amazingly !like they were born with the knowledge .

  15. As a kid I was fast and tried to play "far beyound sun" frases every day. The problem is that I did not know what I was doing. Now I don´t have the speed anymore, and still don´t have any idea of the the notes.

    I think it´s time to start with 12 bar blues with 20 years of delay.

  16. Lack of essence and structure (or even the absence of them) – a big problem/issue with learning of … Anything. Plus, everyone has a different mind set, levels, ability, inclinations. I learn Jyotish, acupuncture and guitars..and i never was able to get anything in my head in classes. Acupuncture: i was just reading and sleeping during my schooling because the level of teaching is very low, the price is very high and i have "my own mind", i need a special approach. Only digging the books, getting ideas and glimpses from videos, analyzing, practicing (hitting my head against the wall of knowledge) works for me…i hope. With guitar learning: i have a bunch of videos from Joe Pass and Tommy Emmanuel. Tommy can help me with his explanations on "how to get there"; with Joe Pass i was lost and never been found after 15 minutes. Most youtube videos on guitar are completely useless to me or too complicated (all those jazz chords, progressions, theory…aaah). I like to dig everything out myself. After learning hard it stays better in the head. Even if i dont remember all those weird positions and sequences i have learnt just yesterday, still it makes me "closer" to guitar….meaning a better knowledge of the instrument, a better techniques, a deeper awareness of the notes and harmonies. In nutshell…No passion strong enough, no work hard enough – no results. Lessons or no lessons – without hard work (and other things) nothing can be accomplished.

  17. The most important thing is to pickup and PLAY the guitar E V E R Y D A Y – have it already to play, plugged in, on a stand near you, and play play play – you will learn faster if the tools are setup and ready – get backing tracks to play against / over – several even show you how to run scales and from there MELODIES within the scales!! MAKE IT A DAILY RITUAL!!

  18. A systematic course should yield better results for many. I do like the TrueFire site and lessons for a more systematic approach. I haven't seen anything to compare with them yet. Paul's videos are excellent but as he says they don't add up to a course.

  19. 2 months ago I signed up to this course. There is a lot there I already seem to know. But I have had SO MANY new ideas of playing and knowledge.. Just watching and listening and playing along has motivated me to play more. I am so pleased to say that my limited thumb and index finger picking has progressed to thumb and three fingers whilst changing chords. I already knew a few chord sequences which I strummed regular but sounds much nicer picking style. Of course I can always let rip some emotion by having a good loud strum of my favourite chords Thank You for everything Paul Davids. I still look at the You Tube stuff. I:E The Grace Note. Even though I have done the grace note…. I didn't realise I was doing it. Now I know and what it is called.

  20. I feel like it's probably a stupid question but why can't i enroll now ? I understand that the course has closed but why ? Can't it stay open forever since it's an online course that contains already prepared materials? I feel like I'm missing something, it would make more sense to me to just make the course available to anyone who is willing to pay for it regardless of when that would be. Either way love Your content. Greetings from Poland

  21. Myself I know I need structure,knowing the difference between learning something new,practice the stuff learnt and then honing the stuff down is important.

  22. Really appreciate this, I learned guitar on youtube but now and then I feel a lack of knowledge in the guitar world.

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