Big Questions Ep. 30: Cornell

(upbeat funky music) I’m Sam Clark with Crimson Education and a lot of you loyal subscribers have asked us quite a few
times to go to Cornell. Well, we did it. We’re at Cornell. We’re super excited because
it’s a beautiful day, which maybe it not usually is. (laughs) We’re at Cornell University
to ask some big questions. Check it out, Crimson Education. (upbeat funky music) (jazz music) – First question, what is
the best thing about Cornell? – The best thing about
Cornell, I’d say the people. I love all of the people I’ve met here. I’m just a freshman, but so far so good. – Heart thy heart. – We’re best friends. We met over FaceTime and since day one, we’ve gotten along very well. So I’d say that it’s a very
friendly welcoming environment. – Um … What is the best thing about Cornell? – I think the people. Cornell is huge, so there’s lots of different personalities here. Like there’s so many people, you’re gonna find your place here, you’re gonna find a community. It’s very easy to find
your place here because there’s so many people. So I guess, yeah, the people. – I would say probably just chilling on the arts quad like after class when it’s really nice weather
out, it’s really beautiful. – Hanging out with friends, like Lily. – Friendship! – Great resources here, too. – Yeah, amazing. – I would say, besides the people, my favorite part about Cornell is the beautiful nature and the landscape. There’s so many waterfalls,
different hikes to do on campus, we even have a lake on campus. And really, I would say
that the topography here is unmatched to any other
campus that I’ve seen. – Great use of topography, yeah. In contrast, what’s the
worst thing about Cornell? – Hm … Well, I don’t … – Probably the winter. It’s true, it’s quite cold. – This is not typical, this. – Not at all, that’s
why everyone’s outside. ‘Cause usually, I don’t
know where everyone goes when it’s cold out, but they’re not here. – Right, if this is how the weather was, I would never leave. But instead, I am going home this summer. – Fair enough, fair enough. – Okay here’s something
I hate about Cornell. I don’t like how everything
is moving to technology, and the campus is literally
turning into a corporation. – Of course the workload. And I guess it varies
from person to person, but I think, yeah the workload, and maybe the lack of
resources for students in terms of mental health. You know, ’cause it does get serious. And there are not adequate ways students can express themselves and express the troubles they’re having. – What would you say is
the biggest misconception about Cornell that you have found is not true when you get here? – That there are smart people here. – Fair enough, fair enough. – I would say that people
think that it’s just like kind of miserable up here
because it can get very cold. But I’d say, I’ve had the
best of year of my life, which is very cliche, you
come back from college and people are just like,
oh, it’s the best thing ever. But just like balance with the social life and the people I’ve met here and just taking advantage
of learning to live alone and starting to adult or
whatever they call it. It’s been pretty amazing. – Before coming here, I thought
it would be very isolated, just the way people talk
about Ithaca and Cornell. Like, oh you’re in the middle of nowhere. And obviously, it is kind of a bubble, but it’s not a bad thing. I actually really like how it’s a very closed and close campus. – It definitely feels
like a tiny community. You don’t feel like you’re
in the middle of nowhere. There’s so many things to do here that you never would’ve expected. – I had the idea that
people would be just kind of (bleep) holes and pretty pretentious and that it would be like
a workaholic culture, which in many ways that exists. But I don’t know, I live
in a co-op of people who are pretty amazing and challenge that. There are definitely people,
and there is a culture of working really, really hard. But I’ve been able to use that
to just study what I want. And so I’m happy to be doing it. And then you know, you take
a break and you come outside. – What do you typically
do on weekends here? – I go to a lot of shows,
like student group shows. Like Lily, she’s in acapella, so go to acapella student groups, dance shows, also just movies. – Yeah, like Cornell Cinema
has some great movies. Some kind of indie movies
that you usually don’t see at regular cinemas. – Sure, yeah. – It’s really cool to see. – Set up my hammock, fell
asleep in the graveyard, just a little bit earlier
today in a hammock. The gorges here are beautiful. I’m part of some outdoor
clubs, so we go on hikes and typically the co-op
has something going on. We have some beer ball, water ball. – Water, but nah it can be beer ball. – We’re in a sorority so
we always usually have sorority events whether
it’s like a charity event or a mixer with other Greek organizations. – Go to Wegmans and get some bananas. – Get some bananas. What did you write your
application essays about for Cornell? – Okay, so I wrote about Nancy Drew. She was my favorite mystery character. And I talked about how she
was like this really brave heroine who I looked up to. So she helped me, like be a role model, and overcome some fears
I had when I was dancing. – Being super like psyched
out about all the professors. And thinking about all the
different opportunities. That’s what my essay revolved around. That’s what I remember, but
there probably was more, but just really excited about
the government department. – Okay, I’m pretty sure mine for Cornell was specifically about their computer and information
science program here. ‘Cause I knew that was
what I wanted to do, and they have a really
good program for that. – To be honest, this was the only, I applied to like 13 schools, and this was the only school, I wasn’t gonna apply to it. And then I had a party to go to, and I called my brother who
really wanted me to go here. And I told him how I just wasn’t into it. It’s too big of a school,
I wasn’t interested. And he was just like, do it. And so I had 45 minute
and I wrote two essays. And I genuinely don’t
know what they’re about. – Fair enough. – So I wrote about my
typical day in high school and what it looks like, what
kind of classes I would take, what kind of organizations
I was a part of, and just kind of like the busy life, and how I was hoping to translate that kind of lifestyle to life at Cornell. – Thank you guys so much. Anything to add? – I love it here, come. – Do it! – All right, thank you guys so much. Have a good one. (jazz music) Major swamp. Is really (bleep)ing hot. Apparently that’s not
what it’s like normally, but I don’t care ’cause
I’m sweating buckets. – I’m wearing shorts. (jazz music)

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  1. I appreciate the honesty here. I'm glad that one girl touched on the mental health as I've heard it's been a concern among the students recently. I'm going in the fall and I hope Cornell's administration takes steps towards improving it moving forward.

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