Big Questions Ep. 21: Dartmouth College

(Upbeat music) – [Sam] I’m Sam Clark
with Crimson Education and we’re here at Dartmouth
to ask some big questions. Check that out! (Upbeat music) What’s the best thing about Dartmouth? – [Female] I think the
best thing about Dartmouth is just like the sense of community here, everyone, like works together,
like you’re not where you’re constantly competing
against your peers. – [Female] So I think compared
to like schools in like the city and urban areas,
like, the students are like, we live, we literally live together. And that creates a community feel. – [Female] You say “Hi!”, to literally everyone when you’re walking by. It’s a big sense of community,
which is really nice. – [Male] I like the environment of it, it’s very connected and
it’s a small campus, which makes it easy to make friends and make good connections here. – [Male] The people here are amazing and it’s a beautiful location. – [Male] I really like the deep plan. I think that even though it’s only ten weeks, each term, it’s not very stressful, the students have told me. – [Sam] What is that? – [Male] What? Oh the deep plan? The fact that we’re on a quarter system not a semester system. – [Sam] Got it. – [Male] Outdoors. You can go out, you can go mountain biking,
go skiing, it’s great. – [Sam] What’s the worst
thing about Dartmouth? – [Male] I don’t think
there is a worst thing. – [Sam] No worst thing? – [Male] Cold, cold. I’m from California so I have
to say the weather, yeah. – [Female] Honestly the weather. Like it is so cold here, it’s ridiculous. – [Male] The incredible amount of work. – [Male] Definitely the
skiing, you never get a break. It’s always one thing to the next, man. – [Male] I wouldn’t say
it’s the worst part of it, but it’s kinda isolated, which I guess you could see that as a pro and a con. – [Female] Being in a rural
area, so that you don’t have, like, the I guess, the
things that you can get from living in a city like, for example, concerts or I don’t
know. Other urban things. – [Sam] What do you typically
do on weekends here? – [Female] Homework. – [Male] Work, work, nonstop. – [Male] I’m part of a
fraternity here on campus, so you know, that’s always
a door that’s open to me. – [Male] Usually I, I
don’t really do too much, usually try to get some work done before I, like, go outside at least. – [Female] Parties. – [Male] On Saturday nights we either go to fraternities or study. Plus we’re on the rowing team so we can’t, like, go out every night, but
like, we would if we weren’t. – [Sam] If you weren’t rowing you’d be going out every night? Got it. – [Male] They have movie nights. They have events at Colus every weekend, so there are a lot of
options for students. – [Male] Just one thing
to add to that would be, I like to go to the gym burn
off some steam on those nights. – [Male] Yeah I like to
go out, go to the gym and workout, or I’ll go to an event. Events are open to, like, all
students so it’s really nice. – [Sam] And if you remember, what did you write your college essay about? – [Male] Uhhhh… (Silence) – [Female] I wrote it
about watching my grandma suffer through cancer, and how that, like, inspired me to get into like the biomedical engineering field. – [Male] I wrote mine about
rebuilding an old car. – [Female] I wrote about my names. – [Female] I think I wrote
about my cultural background. And why coming to Dartmouth would help me understand my cultural background more. – [Male] Like I had a passion for aviation, so I wrote it about that. – [Female] I wrote my
application essay about my experiences with anorexia, and also how it’s made me, like, a better person. – [Sam] Anything to add? – [Female] Not really, Dartmouth
is the best, obviously. – [Sam] Dartmouth is the best! Do you have a Dartmouth cheer? – [Female] Dartmouth cheer? No. – [Sam] What’s the
mascot? Is there a mascot? – [Female] Sort of. It’s a keg. – [Sam] A keg? – [Female] Yeah, Keggy the keg. – [Sam] Wait really? Just
like a, like a beer keg? – [Female] Yeah, you can google it, there’s lots of pictures. (Drumroll) (Crickets) – [Sam] Keggy the keg? Thanks
so much, have a good one. (Upbeat music) – If you like this video and want to learn more about top colleges,
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  2. Nice work! I would be great to have the students confirm what year they are just to gauge how first year versus Senior year students would answer the questions

  3. watched them all and seems like Dartmouth is the place students actually like the most. would be interesting to see Yale, Stanford, USC, UVA

  4. At one of the most elite universities in the world Me, worried about the the academic pressures: “how’s student life and spirit. Any events celebrating your mascot or anything?” Dartmouth: oh yeah like every other night if you want. It’s a keg yeah. Keggy the Keg. We actually have a costume for it to, yeah look it up. Me: 😦

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