Big Questions Ep. 15: Boston College

(melodic upbeat music) – Alright, so what is
the best thing about BC? – Um, the best thing about
BC is the people here. – The people I’ve met. I’ve made some great friends that I think I’ll have after college, so they’ve definitely made
my experience a lot better. – Yeah, I’d say the
people are really warm, and the teachers care. – The professors, and how they are really involved in their students lives, and really make an effort. – I’m a big hockey girl, and it’s a really pretty campus. – Like the ground.
– Right. – They have really pretty architecture. – Um, my dance team Sexual Chocolate. (bell rings) I’d like to give a big round of applause to my band Sexual Chocolate (clapping). (buzz) (dance music) (bell rings) – Sexual Chocolate, good name.
– Yeah, yeah. – Do you have any moves? – Ah, yeah, but I have to have the team to do ’em for you. – Fair enough.
– Yeah, yeah. (upbeat melodic music) – What’s the worse thing at BC? – The walk from upper
campus to lower campus. – Ah, probably when the
buses don’t run all stops until five o’clock.
– Exactly. – I mean this weather’s all amazing. The weather so far. – Um, I guess it can feel isolating, because BC’s majority is wealthy, and when you’re not in, when you don’t have a lot of money, it can kind of feel hard to fit in. – Probably a little bit of the privileged, the privileged aspect,
ah, demographically. – How expensive the food is, it’s so expensive I have to go, like seven dollars for a cereal, that’s way to much, like you can buy many
boxes with seven dollars. (upbeat melodic music) – What’s a weekend’s
night typically like here? (melodic music) – Um, hang out with friends. – Go to, we went to
Boston a couple weeks ago, and bought some dinner in the north end, so that was good. – Study, actually, yes. I know that’s something normal I’d say. – Ah, typically I go into Boston with my friends for one night, and I’ll go to the football game. – Wow, weekends so far
have been a great time. They consist of, we’ve had
two football weekends so far. So that starts at roughly 10 a.m., um, the football games at one, and then after that you
go back to your room, and get ready and usually
go out into Downtown Boston to the other schools
which is a lot of fun, because we don’t have Greek life here, but you’ve got to stop
into the other schools. – Totally, what happens
between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.? – Nothing good. – (laughs) Okay, perfect. – Now, if you guys remember, what did you write your college
application essay’s about? – Well, I talked about a failure. I wrote a song in high school, like everyone heard it, everyone made fun of it, it was, it was really embarrassing. – I wrote about being a middle child. – I wrote it about being a
little sister of a valedictorian. – Alright. – Yeah. – Forged my own path that way. – Ah, okay, I wrote about seeing, I was zip lining, and I saw like a monkey, and I wrote about seeing
the monkeys’ face, yeah. – I wrote my college
application essays about my identity as a black person, and how that effected my overall life. – Um, I talked about my confirmation, and how, even though I
was recognized as an adult in the Catholic Church, it came through like volunteering. – Let’s see, does BC have like a cheer, or something at games? – I don’t know (laughs). – Eagles on three.
One, two, three, – Eagles. – I don’t know, it’s… – I like the one where you go like that. – Oh, that one’s cool. – I don’t know.
– Do it. – Like (click), and then you go like that. – The band plays a song, and like. – (laughing). – Then you go like that.
– Okay, I see. – I was picturing just
standing, and just… – No, no, no, like cheers, then on the beat, go like that. – Okay.
– Yeah. – Do you know the fight song?
– Yeah. – Do you want to do it? – Alright, ready. – ♪ For Boston for Boston,
we sing our proud refrain ♪ ♪ For Boston for Boston
’tis wisdom’s earthly fame ♪ ♪ For here are all one
and our hearts are true ♪ ♪ And the towers on the heights
reach the heavens own blue ♪ ♪ For Boston for Boston
’til the echoes ring again ♪ (student giggle) – Yeah, that was great, that was awesome. You guys actually knew the whole thing. Well done, well done. (melodic upbeat music) (beep beep) If you liked this video, and want to learn more
about top colleges… (tape rewinding) If you liked this video, and want to learn more about top colleges, don’t forget to subscribe. Sweet. Always.

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  2. Can you guys do Boston University and other universities in Boston? You guys did great videos on Havard and Tufts and BC! 🙂

  3. im a BC student and literally know half these people and its so fake lmaooo everyone is very cold here and competitive and stuck up!

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