Beware of Dragons

Beware of Dragons In human realms, in cities cold,
unwooded lands with dirtied streams, they say we are from stories old,
they say we’re naught but foolish dreams. But folk who find our secret book
may guess the truth and learn to fear, may guess that if they’ve heart to look
they’ll find us now, this very year— beyond their schools, beyond their yards,
beyond the sameness of their days, beyond the tomes, the songs of bards
that still recall the dragons’ ways. In far-off mountains, hid by mist,
in caverns clenched tight as a fist, in islands that their maps have missed,
we dragons breathe. We still exist. We wait for them to wander here
and see their nightmares coming true. We wait the sword, the pointless spear,
and heroes who will die anew. O dragons, hiss in hearty mirth
and smack your tails most merrily; they know not where upon this Earth
to find where we the dragons be.

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