Betsy DeVos called out to her face for lying in AMAZING encounter

This was Democrat Josh Harder at a hearing
in the House Committee on Education and Labor, where he called out Betsy DeVos for her glaring
hypocrisy as Education Secretary. Because while DeVos claims that the literacy
of every American child is her goal, the proposed education budget for 2020 includes cuts of
$190 million from literacy instruction and $27 million from grants, the goal of which
are to improve literacy. Because nothing says improve literacy in America
like… defunding it. And we’ve seen this before from DeVos, who
claims to support something with vague platitudes in front of Congress, but eliminates funding
for it. Just days ago, while touting her undying appreciation
for the Special Olympics, the proposed budget had cut $7 billion from educational programs,
including all $18 million for the Special Olympics. After a massive public backlash, Trump told
reporters that he made the unilateral decision to reinstate the funding—
Trump: I heard about it this morning. I have overridden my people. We’re funding the Special Olympics. but not before DeVos was already on record
defending the cuts by claiming that private donors should pick up the slack where the
government could not— Pocan: It’s 272,000 kids that are affected—
DeVos: The Special Olympics are an awesome organization, one that is well-supported by
the philanthropic sector, as well. And it’s one thing to have a grossly incompetent
Education Department that’s unable to properly allocate our tax dollars to those who need
it most. And, I along with a lot of Americans, could
argue that the fraction of one percent that goes to funding the Special Olympics, is an
effective way to fund a popular program for those who need it most. But it’s ANOTHER thing to take money away
from the most vulnerable while offsetting those cuts with not only a 15.6 percent increase
in executive salaries but $60 million more in funding for charter schools. Charter schools, by the way, have a failure
rate of 25%. According to a report on charter schools by
the Network for Public educations, more than a thousand grants were issued to charter schools
that either never opened or quickly closed because of mismanagement, poor performance,
lack of enrollment or fraud. These schools have no educational oversight,
no accountability, and are rife with fraud. In other words, have at it. DeVos, like so many in this administration,
will say whatever’s necessary to put a glossy sheen on her otherwise demonstrably awful
policies. But while she might lie, the numbers don’t,
and luckily we have Democrats in Congress who are willing to actually call her out on

100 thoughts on “Betsy DeVos called out to her face for lying in AMAZING encounter”

  1. I hate this Government there always fuckin up the program . That actually help the situation in places that need it the most! It insane fire this bitch already lying How!

  2. Republicans do not want Americans to be educated. If they were, no one would vote for them. Keeping America stupid is the Republican dream.

  3. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in college, it was the wise words of the school’s founder; “he who turns his back on the school turns his back on the flag.” If you don’t support education you’re unamerican.

  4. Education and Health Care got to be #1 and #2… force and the rest of the outrageous military spend has to go to the bottom of the list….what good is a protected, defended super power if the citizens are cut off from higher learning and the ability to get economical medical attention when needed. Is it the intention of the power behind the power to have mindless unhealthy human robots to populate the country and simply exist to buy retail shit by the $$$billions so the taxes that can be harvested and the riches that are reaped by the wealthy. Rise and fall of the Democratic republic of America from mismanagement, corruption, lobbyists, and all the madness of the industrial/military complex…..

  5. What makes America great is our educational system we have. You go to a 3rd world country, you will not see the great system we have. It does have problems but nothing we cant fix and defunding it just brings us to 3rd world country statis. We will lose major world power without having the majority educated. Do we really want "make america weaker than we already are" ? Knowing is power.

  6. So what are you guys going to do about it because calling her out means nothing especially if what she wants go through.

  7. Betsy Devos uses the same lame ass excuse, "It's best that those fill in the blank should be handled at State and Local levels…..fucking piece of crap.

  8. The repubs had to cut the education budget to pay for that huge tax cut for repubs donors and the 1 percent. Shows their real priorities

  9. She's a retarded cunt. She does nothing good. However, or education system is far from perfect and definitely needs to change

  10. Certain Rich people do not care anything about the shrinking middle class. 1% now has 97% of all our wealth. 345 seats in Congress can not change due to Gerrymandering. If you think we are still in democracy you don’t understand what an Oligarchy is. We the people have lost our power. If we don’t get it back this think collapses and like usual we middle class pay for there greed again.

  11. Keep the people dumb & the children dumber, otherwise Betsy & don would never be elected or selected.. so f'd up is our education system; pathetic "leadership"

  12. Rich kids parents can get them all the help they need. But Trump's core supporters will still walk on broken glass to defend him and his lame brain administration. People who vote against their own best interest cause they think Mexicans are getting something for free.

  13. The uneducated voted for Trump, of course the Trump Administration wants to keep the public uneducated. DeVos is disgusting.

  14. in alllll the hearings i have watched – she always goes back to parents choice or state choice… why would we have department of education AND her position if states and parents could just handle these issues without federal help????!!!! where! is! your! accountability!!!!

  15. Wake up people … when you want to keep people down you keep them stupid, they did it to women, they did it to slaves, and politicians and people in power want to do it to keep their power. We have to stop acting like the right to own a gun is going to protect us from tyranny, owning a gun isn’t stopping them from doing anything keeping you stupid let’s them get away with everything.

  16. Although I think this clip very accurately relates the problem and proves where the problem comes from, I stopped watching before the end. The rage and sadness I felt was just too unhealthy of a mix for me to handle this early in the morning.

    Fuck Trump, go Bernie.

  17. Trump said , in so many words, that he was going to "dismantle the federal government". The Trump base is all for this. The 'I got mine the hell with you people love this action. Betsy is going to strip all federal funding for education, as she says the state and local governments can take responsibility for their own schools. In other words poorer communities will suffer. WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR SOMEONE ELSE'S KIDS will be the banner of the GOP.

  18. How do those programs work? How much do they cost? Who runs them? How do we measure their success? How have literacy metrics changed since their creation? None of those questions or even anything resembling those questions is addressed. This video is saying, "Hey she cut literacy programs. That's bad."

  19. This is grandstanding on your part sir . Never try to teach a pig to sing , you are wasting your time and annoying the pig .

  20. This is actually a genius move by Trump. The more uneducated kids are, the more likely they are to vote for shitbags like him.

  21. And and as Rich Americans and ambivalent Americans increase their wealth the whole world watches generation after generation of American students becoming adults and knowing nothing about the rest of the world least of all their own I just shake my head WTF is wrong is it legal to call someone a liar and Betsy DeVos what goes around comes around either in this life or the next surprise surprise

  22. Downloading to the States is a Conservative thing. It's how Washington cuts down on spending, forcing the States to either eliminate programs or raise State taxes to cover the cost of maintaining the them. It also provides help at the Federal level to cover the cost of the massive tax cuts to the 1% so they can buy more yachts.
    Why would anyone complain about that?

  23. If America again votes for Trump it will destroy America. Think of the damage he will cause as a lame duck President.

  24. She always has this look on her face like she has no idea why she's even being questioned in the first place.

  25. None of this is about improving public education, it's about two things; breaking up the teachers unions and re-establishing teaching Christianity in public schools using tax dollars to do it.

  26. Democracy only works if you have an educated population. We are seeing a long term systematic plan to eliminate a functioning democracy.

  27. I will be sarcastic here: who cares for as long as the money is pouring to the right people (read: rich) and it is much better for the future because it is so much easier to control uneducated masses…

  28. Betsy DeVos is not evil, just massively incompetent. That's why she doesn't pursue an educational policy that's consistent with her goals.

  29. Why would Betsey DeVos really want more literacy? – it's uneducated nitwits that vote people into office who would hire someone as moronic as she is. She probably wants people to get less and less informed.

  30. Anyone: DeVos is your hair blonde right now at this moment as we're sitting in this meeting today? Yes or No?

    DeVos: Well I have to look at some documents to get a clearer understanding of the question at hand.

  31. The gentleman said some excellent things but he did not give DeVos enough space in which she could have embarrassed herself further.

  32. Shes just as dumb as the mf that put her in that position 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  33. Two things:
    The goal of the present Dept of Ed is to eliminate public schools and transfer over to charter schools to make education a profit center like everything else in America.

    The defunding of the special olympics was actually ordered by the administration then implemented by the D of Ed. When it blew up Trump played the hero and refunded it. Throwing the Dept of Ed under the bus for doing what they were told to do.

  34. Throw more money at the problem! Ah, the time tested democrat solution to every problem. Let's all overlook the waste and corruption in the bureaucracy they want to throw the money at. She must be against LITERACY! <eyeroll>

  35. I hate generalizing, but nearly all the republican politicians seem to be on a corrupt agenda and will do / say anything to hold on to power.

  36. Ah, Cruella deVos, Trumps very own Disney villain! Gave herself a pay raise while slashing funds for public education and schools for disabled and special needs children! ……I mean, DAMN, that's cold! …..I've been told she's a hard-core christian….….Now personally i think religion is just made up bullshit which i don't know much about, but i'm pretty sure Jesus made kind of a big deal of HELPING THE POOR AND NEEDY instead of taking away what little they have while you're raking in the cash, you fucking monster!!! This type of vile hypocrisy can ONLY be found in the mind of a true believer! Jesus must be so proud….I don't know how you can look at yourself in the mirror…..Sickening!!

  37. Bitty has no idea what she is doing. She has zero idea about what she is doing or any educational policy’s intent. Too her it is cut literacy, cut meal plan supplements. It won’t save money. It simply makes people more reliable on subsidies until employers start paying more. Any further comments about her competency has been stated multiple times by multiple sources.

  38. One ward "CRIMINAL'S" They run this country and only when it effects you one way or another is when we open our mouth. VOTE use the power that most of us take for granted so we can stop this and more

  39. She is an elite, she has destroyed the school systems in michigan she got the job to do it on a national scale. Keep the poor dumb and the elite keep power

  40. This video may show DeVos shouldn’t be the education secretary but we know this shit already. Why does everyone consistently sit in this political bubble of shit? It seems like everyone just wants to hate. 100% disagree with the approach by a loud and extreme bunch of clowns on both left and right.

  41. The fcking smirk on her face is sickening. This bitch has got to be one of Trump's most fcking CLUELESS appointee. And we all know the ONE reason she got this appointment which is why she has absolutely no clue about the job and her policy idea's a truly horrific!!

  42. Children are our future.
    @ least she has her place @ the table set but hows her setting her conversation Boring lies again.

    Possibly all fresh air & no back bone in her position.
    Highlighting her false manner speech/2 faces . . .can only be good

    But she needs to be removed from her position as false speech doesnt match up with action to protect to see a better world blossom in our children of our planet . .
    . honesty my dear its childrens lives there future oh I said that
    But who hears who listens who acts on there word ?

    Action speaks louder than words
    Now u need action apon her promises but shes really an act.

    Who should u get to have it done is the President to remind her of how to be honest in Power of the people.
    OH honesty is what Parliamentarians should be not puppets or muppets
    & I love the Muppets lol True.

    Good luck on honesty & care
    To me that budget went elsewhere.

    Bec Ball NZ

  43. She is a pure piece of shit. Her favorite line is “that’s up to state and local level to decide” or “if it’s federally illegal, I will enforce the law”.

  44. Why are parents relying on the govt to teach their kids? Instead of having more kids than you can handle, just have one (or maybe two) and teach them how to read vs relying on a failing, corrupt US govt to do it.

  45. She’s evil, but she’s a part of the Trump circus. The cuts she made are going to negatively effect his base voters children, and yet they love him. We didn’t do enough to stop this crook from becoming President.

  46. They want future american voters to be illiterate so they can be manipulated by Trump like people to vote for them.

  47. As an English teacher this reeeeeally hits home and it is infuriating that she still holds this position. We are in an oligarchy.

  48. I have sat in an audience when this woman spoke! She actually smiled like that. She is not fit to hold office!

  49. If she thinks it should be done at the state level, why is she in the federal government, and not some state?

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