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300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute there are endless channels for everything from cute dog and cat videos to educational channels and of course channels that can teach you German obviously I'm not the only one making videos out there to help you learn German in fact I'm personally subscribed to around 70 channels that I use in my German classes every year some of these focus on culture some of them on language and some of them on both today I want to show you 12 of my favorite youtubers that can help you learn about the German language people and culture let me preface this video by saying this is not a top 12 or a countdown video I put these channels in an order that allows me to make good transitions from one channel to the next I'm not telling you to subscribe to one of these channels I'm telling you to subscribe to all of these channels follow them on their socials support them on patreon buy their ebooks and their merchandise download their apps if you are serious about learning about the German language and culture all of these channels are for you links to all of these channels plus their social networks and their websites are listed in the description below so without further ado let's get started hey everyone it's Jenny I teach you a lot of useful phrases that you'll need to know in order to survive in a german-speaking country we'll got bak did you know look it let's start things off with one of the fastest-rising German teachers on YouTube and for good reason Jeremy with Jenny is currently sitting at around 135 thousand subscribers and is rising every day she does listening comprehension videos grammar lessons and lessons that focus on usage of a single phrase or verb in specific situations the last category I mentioned is my personal favorite she takes a simple phrase like I used to and she builds an entire lesson around that one phrase it's an amazing way to make lessons more easily digestible and allows you to target language goals with pinpoint accuracy if you're looking for a great example of what to expect from German with Jenny check out her video about the phrase I got used to it which of course is linked in the description a channel that makes videos that are very similar to the style of German with Jenny and are also at about the same level of popularity are those from the channel learn German with onion I mean is a very high-energy and entertaining German teacher who uploads a variety of videos she does vlogs about where she is traveling actually it's currently on vacation she gives tips on the common mistakes the German learners make pronunciation help and short topical vocabulary lessons I personally love her video about ten German animal names you must know links to this and more in the description hello hello I'm Michael I'm Margaret and this shocky we are from smarter German we are professional German trainers and we share our insights and experiences with you on our channel you will see many videos explaining to your grammar in a way that you haven't seen before very efficient and we have wonderful songs method Margaret that will help you to deal with the nasty German Center structure hope to see you soon there yes disappointment I'm Dutch cheese egg milk and cheese so if you're looking for German grammar lessons to teach you in a way that no one else can and you want to learn German faster more efficiently and effectively you need to subscribe to smarter German hIgG lessons on German grammar are fantastic he is a method of helping you remember which gender German nouns take and I haven't seen this on any other channel on YouTube and he has an after that now he also hasn't asked for the method of learning irregular verbs in Catana tome and perfect tenses in German his tips however are just a sampler of things that Michael can teach you about the German language he has a full course available on his website smarter German comm that can take you from a1 to d1 in just three months his partner-in-crime Marga's 8 composes music especially for German learners to help them with one of the most difficult German tasks the German sentence structure smarter German should definitely be on your subscription list if it isn't already hello Lyta I'm catch our host and creator of Drudge try to German for you where I say I do a little bit of everything but my main focus was definitely grammar and the reason I made it was that I wanted to provide a resource for analytical learners like me who feel like good explanations with an entertaining twist don't get enough love you can't have a list of German language YouTube channels without talking about dodge joys Tasha may not have a lot of time to make videos nowadays but her channel has plenty to keep you busy for a long time she has one of the most complete and detailed German grammar video courses and it is completely free start with the very first episode about pronunciation from 2013 and watch every video from beginning to end every episode of Dodge Joy's is packed full of amazing information and is definitely worth watching even though she doesn't regularly upload videos anymore you should still subscribe to her channel so that when she gets back to making videos you won't miss out on what she has planned next if you want to make sure that you don't miss anything you should hit that Bell notification button so you can get a notification when she upload something new hi my name is Peter from language check out my channel let me know what kind of videos you'd like send an email to Zak Altoid at and I'll make a custom video just created so see on my channel choose one of my favorite videos of Deutsch realized is her very first episode about pronunciation in German but if you're looking for more help with your pronunciation you should check out the next channel on my list language sheep what a video about pronunciation of the CH sounds in German this channel has 5 do you have problems with the German are there are three videos for that how about ohm loud yep they've got that covered while I personally love their videos about pronunciation there are also a variety of videos that can help you prepare for the German proficiency exam that you have coming up from a1 to be one they have you covered for German exam preparation videos this channel doesn't upload on a regular schedule even so make sure to click that Bell notification button for this one too easy German teachers a German language as authentic as it is by talking to people industries and subtitling those conversations in German in English let me show you how that works Oh insured Egon can be much fun yes everything we don't annasmith better harder vicious sanction that's option one of the channels that I've been following for a very very long time is easy languages they've been on YouTube since 2006 I've been following their channel for so long that I remember when their channel was called mag alpha dime and they were uploading videos under the names solar net way back in 2008 they uploaded the video in which Kari creepily stands in front of the local grocery store and asked people what they bought in German it included German and English subtitles on top of each other and this was my introduction to their channel since then they have opened up several other channels and the one that I would suggest you follow in support of course is easy German they started out just going out into the streets of Germany and asking simple questions to native German speakers this is a fantastic way for learning conversational German increasing your listening comprehension and expanding your vocabulary it's also great for picking up on those little things the German native speakers seem to randomly throw into sentences like dal gam or yeah I'll give you a hint these things aren't random now easy German uploads three kinds of videos Wednesday is labeled super easy German because these videos are for beginners some days you'll still get the street interviews that they're known for occasionally they also upload a video in which Kari answers questions from the viewers long story short if you want a video about a particular topic in which almost nothing is scripted and you can just hear native speakers talk about that topic search for it on TV Germans Channel and you will most likely find it hey I'm Marco with authentic German learning you learn German like a baby does I'll inspire you by talking about personal development time management and of course also the German language and culture sometimes the videos on easy German can be a bit too fast pace for some learners as the native speakers are talking at their normal rate of speech this can be incredibly frustrating so if you're looking for someone to slow things down for you you need to subscribe to authentic German learning with Marco his videos are always in German and most of the time they include subtitles one of the cool things about Marco's channel is that he uploads a lot of videos about motivation and keeping a clear mind while learning German he talks about the struggles of learning German and how you can overcome the hurdles you may face he also does occasional travel videos and vlogs which are entertaining and at a rate of speech that beginners can comprehend high lonesome I'm vlog base I'm making several different videos about the German language and culture on YouTube pretty much about life and living in Germany and how all that works I guess another German guy who talks slowly enough for German learners to understand is bog Dave he does videos about grammar topics and common mistakes the German learners make but his logs are where Dave really sets himself apart from the crowd his vlogs are well planned out carefully curated beautiful works of art they include German and English subtitles together just like on easy German his video about exploring Cologne a few weeks ago was awesome at just under 8,000 subscribers at the time that I wrote this video script blog Dave is definitely one of the most underrated and underappreciated YouTube channels on this list go show Dave some love by subscribing to his channel go watch a ton of his videos and tell him in the comments that I sent you my name is Dominic and I am one of YouTube's teaching oh geez you could say I've been around since 2006 I've lived abroad so comparing cultures is just super interesting to me on my youtube channel get germanized and obviously teaching you guys and people from all around the world about the german language while one days isn't very well known on youtube yet his friend dominic over it get germanized is the biggest name on this list in 2013 I made a video about where you can learn German on YouTube in which I listed a ton of channels that were doing great things at that time back then get germanized had five thousand five hundred and sixteen subscribers fast forward to now and he has over two hundred and thirty thousand subscribers his most recent videos are focused on German culture specifically when it's compared to other countries and he's done a series of reaction videos in which he shares his thoughts as a German about videos to try to break down the German culture into a short clip while these videos are entertaining and definitely can teach you a bit about the German culture and help you get past the nasty German stereotypes his older videos are my personal favorites in April he uploaded a long cut of his older videos about German grammar and vocabulary this video includes quite a few other videos that I've used in my German classes to teach specific topics the course you can find the link to that in the description below hey there is Trixie from don't trust the rabbit my channel deals with German and the German culture spice up with do lots of quirky jokes and funny acting performances all under the premise learning by laughing curious then check out don't trust the rabbit on YouTube see you there fine speaking of videos about the German culture you can't forget don't trust the rabbit Trixie can teach you anything from the struggles of finding a new apartment in Germany to how to flirt like a German which by the way includes Dominic from Viet germanized and Dave from globe Dave personally I enjoy her videos about false friends in German and things that even German native speakers screw up both of which are linked below but her cultural videos can be very insightful things like how the Germans feel about learning about their own history or the nuances of the Berliner dialect she is full of entertaining anecdotes insightful commentary and well-thought-out mini lessons about the German language so far all of the channels on this list have been run by German native speakers while that is fantastic for language learning purposes sometimes Germans have trouble seeing what it is that makes their culture different from other cultures for this purpose I have included the next two channels on this list first step of course is rewboss I use at least two videos made by robots in my German classes every chapter this means that my German one students will have seen at least 20 of his videos before moving on to German to where they will see more I even make them watch his one hour long video about Berlin on one of the rare days I'm out of the school for being sick he's a British man has been living in Germany for the past two decades his videos about the quirks of the German culture are hysterical my personal favorite is the one about the German transportation system which is to look at it more closely can be confusing and even contradictory this is a part of a very entertaining series that he called surviving Germany which shows you some of the stranger things the Germans do from an outsider's point of view the most insightful of his videos in my opinion are the destination videos it goes to German city and tells you about the history of the city and shows you some of the sights as I mentioned before I show is one hour long video about Berlin in class every year he recently did videos about Erfurt on Eisenach both of which I visited while I was in high school as a student on my first German trip while it isn't a German native speakers his insights into the German language and culture are definitely worth clicking on that subscribe button hey I'm jeanna Germans celebrate birthdays how things you shouldn't do here and things you most definitely should do while in Germany and lots of German things but I'm still kind of awkward at all that and more about my life in Germany on my youtube channel wanted adventure the other non native German speaker on my list can also show you some entertaining quirks about the German culture dennah from the channel wanted adventure is an American woman who moved to Prague and while living there met a nice German man and fell in love she has since been living in Germany and making videos about her experiences in Germany as compared to her life in the United States her video show you a perspective on the German culture that no other channel on YouTube can her video about asparagus is one of my personal favorites because I had no idea that asparagus was such a serious topic my students enjoy it because they think everything in the video is an inappropriate joke while I'm not sure if she did that on purpose or not it definitely makes for an entertaining video while phallic jokes may be entertaining it's done his personality that makes her videos come to life she brings you insight into the German culture with such joy and energy that you can't help but watch your videos with a smile on your face if you don't already have a smile on your face go subscribe to her channel and get one so that's my list I know there are other youtubers out there who can teach you about the German language and culture this is not an exhaustive list these are just my favorites let me know in the comments below who your favorite German youtubers are are you already a fan of someone on this list or do they leave someone off in an egregious oversight let me know your thoughts in the comments below thank you for choosing to learn German with me if you're looking to take your German learning to the next level subscribe to this channel and get two videos each week for me if you support this channel on patreon you can also get a copy of the script for every video I upload along with a worksheet and an answer key if you're just starting to learn German check out my German for beginners playlist here on the left if you've been learning German for a while but you're still looking to learn more check out my intermediate playlist on the right danke see soo shall insists the next mod G

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  1. Well done. Picked up a couple I was unaware of and already subscribe to most of them. But do not sell yourself short; your videos are excellent. I often begin with you and then refer to your site when looking for clarification and understanding. Vielen Dank for all you do on behalf of us learning German.

  2. Also one YouTube channel learn German for beginners is also a very good channel I am following it and believe me from Anita,Jenny,learn German with beginners and Mishel Thomas i have at least got an understanding of this wonderful language

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  10. Thank you for posting such a great list. I don't know if I will have time to watch them all but in addition to your channel (German with Herr Antrim) I also subscribe to German with Jenny, Deutsch Für Euch and one missing from your list; GermanPod101 on YouTube that includes a website (, a Podcast and a Twitter feed @germanpod101. I think this one is great.

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  12. Damir Franc is a German YouTuber that does reviews of technical products, including Android phone, Windows laptops, Audio equipment, and other types of peripherals. He provides two videos for each review, one in English and one in German, using an identical script. His reviews are excellent, as is his command of the English and German languages.

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  14. Somewhere on there is a fantastic vocabulary or a link to it. I once saw a French-language Wortschatz, giving about 2000 French words, with English translatiobns and model sentences. A German on-line equivalen t would be a great help to beginners.

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