Best Xbox One Racing Games 2019 EDITION

This list based on 3 factors: Critic reviews,user
ratings and my personal assessment.Have a good time. The fifth game on our list is Project Cars
2. As far as realistic racing games go you will
find it difficult to find a more realistic game than Project Cars 2. Everything about this game is finely tuned,
and in my opinion it’s better than the first Project Cars. The cars in the game feel realistic in terms
of everything, and I was especially impressed with the handling of the cars. There is a decent selection of cars in the
game and none of the cars feel like an afterthought because each car has had a lot of effort put
into them. The amount of customisation you can do is
simply stunning. You can literally change everything and tailor
it to how you want it to feel when racing, which is awesome. The game has a decent amount of content for
you to sink your teeth into, and I especially enjoyed the career mode. Thats why project cars 2 is one of the best
xbox one racing games. Number 4 spot goes to the F1 2019. This racing games presentation is amazing
to say the least, and the in game menus are clean and easy to navigate. There’s a dedicated area for F1 e sports,
and the show room provides a reminding of the classic F1 cars of the past. I immediately notice this game is visually
massively improved over its previous years entries from the overall graphical detail
to the lighting. The presentation of race weekends are done
to utter perfection just like you’re on TV, with Davidson and Croft’s analysis readying
you for the intense experience felt while driving on the track. F1 2019 is a great racing game for xbox one,
i’d highly suggest you to play it. And the third game on our list is forza motorsport
6. Forza 6 is one of the best xbox one games. The moment the rain drops hit my wind shield,
and some debris stuck to my wind shield I was hooked. Shortly after I went into a turn and the ass
end of my car, Camaro swung out like a boat turning on the water as the wheels began to
screech, before sling shotting forward. This xbox one car racing game has the best
handling and attention to detail that I’ve ever witnessed. There is always room for improvement and if
you are looking for the latest and greatest graphics and multiplayer then you might choose
7. However, if you want the best single player
racing experience this is it. The backgrounds are not the best and the crowds
are cheap, but the cars and the handling are perfect. The second game on our list is dirt rally. If you are on the fence about getting this
game, you should get it. I don’t believe there is a better rally game
available. This is a great car racing game for x box
one owners. Even if you have not played a rally game before
and like realistic racing simulators, you will like this one. Some of the really good points for this game
are the graphics, realism and car setup. Unlike a lot of racing games in the past this
one really makes a difference when you tweak the setup. For me dirt rally is one of the best xbox
one racing games, and also one of the best xbox one games ever. And the number 1 spot goes to the Forza Horizon
3. As far as I’m concerned, this is one of the
greatest arcade racing games I’ve ever played, without a doubt! Putting it briefly, the music selection is
excellent, and better with the ability to incorporate Groove playlists for your own
music. Career races can be played as they are, or
customised to your preference, and the amount of cars is astounding for an open world racer. Not to mention, the open world of Australia
is very beautiful and varied, and the game is an absolute joy to look at. Conclusion, buy it, whenever you can! It’s a steal, the wealth of content that’s
in it. Without a doubt, forza horizon 3 is one of
the best xbox one games ever, and the best xbox one racing game out there.

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