Best Way to Start Learning Chinese – Beginner Chinese Lesson and Get Some Rree Resources

45 thoughts on “Best Way to Start Learning Chinese – Beginner Chinese Lesson and Get Some Rree Resources”

  1. Are you curious about learning Mandarin Chinese? It's not as scary as you may think! For everything you need to know, you can download our e-book "10 Things You Must Know Before Learning Mandarin Chinese" and start changing your life today:
    So, why do YOU want to learn Chinese? Share with us here in the comments!

  2. now i can speak a bit mandarin but its difficult for me to write and read .anyway i am not give up coz this is my favorite language

  3. If I was dedicated, how long would it take me to learn such a language? I never really took another language before, I learned a little German. I learned about 10 programming languages which is also different. I'm sick of talking to computers anymore.

  4. can you translate my fisrst and last name in chinese please?
    My name is
    Cherrel Hok-A-Hin

    Only the first or last name is also okay.
    Thanks in advance And thanks for lesson 1…

  5. I just watched a little, but am interested in learning the structure of the vocabulary the way I learned English in school growing up. Like the vowels, constants and structures of sentence, etc. I learned Italian and Spanish similarly. Any ideas or suggestions in that regard?

  6. That language isn’t simple for me, but the lesson really helpful, thank you!!!

  7. Is it mandarin? I mean we write 'what' as 'ma' in Chinese but here they are saying 'shenma' so what is the right one???? Pls tell I'm getting confused

  8. Please, I have a question: shoudn't "jiào shénme?" be "what is called?" (not correct) and "ta jiào shénme?" be "what is it called?"
    I checked baidu translate and it gave me that "jiào shénme?" is "what is called?" an then when i typed how "what is it?" is in Chinese, it gave "ta1 jiào shénme?"
    Please, help me…

  9. I didn't really need this but thank you 協助最重要任務就是我不會 I have no clue what I said can you translate that?

    Oh and I haven't watched the whole thing!

  10. I loved Tingjaing in Fuzhou , having this earlier would have been great, I vacationed in Chongqing, wohan too

  11. Hi actually I have a hoby of learning new language and Chinese is my favorite lang thanks u to learning Chinese lang easily at home itself thank you so much plz send more lessons also

  12. Thanks a lot! I’m fukinease and need to learn Chinese to learn a new language. Sorry for spelling my language wrong 😐😕

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