Best Water Filter / Dispenser of 2018 ZeroWater Review (Fills 23+ CUPS!)

– If you’ve been buying Brita
filters your whole life, I have the ultimate water
filtration deal that goes beyond this and one huge price
drop I have coming your way. (bell ringing) (light music) Hi, I’m the deal guy Matt Granite, I hunt down the biggest
deals on the planet and yeah I love tech,
I love lifestyle items but I also love cutting
your cost on those items that we all pay through
the teeth for every day. I will tell you right now,
two easy costs to eliminate if you’re not making your coffee at home or if you’re still buying best water dispenser
bottles of water like this, It’s not only dollars per
day but it takes an impact on your wallet and the environment and more importantly
as a new dad right now, purified water’s actually a thing. As much as I love my tap water and it tastes wonderful coming
out of the taps in Toronto, when I’m in the States, same thing, most states that I’m
in, I love my tap water. But for purified distilled
water that I need to mix in with some baby food and
with bottle sterilizations and mixing formula, there is
a need for purified water. And for some of you watching right now, purified water in your
community especially with those hurricanes that
we just had pass through so many of your neighborhoods
you need to buy this. And before you buy this I have a solution that has a certification few
other competing products have, that link located right
under the video screen, let me show you the product right now. You are looking at the Zero Water 23 cup water dispenser and filtration system. This is for your fridge, I
have this in my fridge now. It is a space saving design
and the only pitcher certified by the NSF, that’s the
National Sanitation Foundation for lead and chlorine reduction. The six cup reservoir with this
really nice digital display, so you know when to change your filter has 184 fluid ounce
capacity and will remove 99% of lead, 99% of chlorine,
and 99% of bacteria. Many other filters on the market
do not remove all of these contaminants, with these
three boxes checked. If you are still buying
Brita filters which I’ve done for a good chunk of my life,
this will actually go beyond that with fewer filer changes
and a really good design, and a five stage patented
filtration system. The end result, mmmm! Like, it just tastes like
water actually but it’s good. And I think that’s the point. I feel good about what I’m
drinking and more importantly when this is being mixed
into things for my newborn baby daughter I feel a lot better. My wife works in an
emergency room and of course she’s seen people come
in with actual reactions to what was found in their
water, it’s a horrifying thing. You think your water’s
safe and then obviously, even in the area where I
live, we had this thing decades ago called the Walkerton Inquiry, and that was when very
harmful contaminants were not removed from the
water by the government, despite all of these promises which led to all sorts of issues. You can look that up,
Walkerton Inquiry, it’s awful. So you don’t think it can
happen near you, you trust your tap water and for me now
I’m a little bit paranoid. Happened in my home province,
could happen in your state, and more importantly you
just want to take back control and really have some good water that you know is filtered on your terms. This is a great thing, where
your teeth and your smile will also thank you, more
importantly your wallet. Every environment, win win situation, if you want to grab this link. It’s located in the video
description box right under me. Click it, save some money and
cheers, cheers to savings, did I spill that on my lap
top yes I did, I’m so clumsy. That’s fine I had a keyboard cover, those are also on sale
this week, check Best Buy. (claps hands) Anyhow, happy savings, wishing you all the best, better water, more deals coming your way. If you’re not yet
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100 thoughts on “Best Water Filter / Dispenser of 2018 ZeroWater Review (Fills 23+ CUPS!)”

  1. Matt, this looks like a great product. Thank you for letting us know. Are the filters replaceable or do you need to buy a new unit?

  2. OK, sorry for the double posting. I checked on the Zerowater website and saw their replacement filter. It's a buy!!!

  3. You have to keep your refrigerator open the whole time your filling your 1 gallon jug on the go. Then your refrigerator uses more electricity.

  4. The cost of filters are too high for me..not maintenance free…I buy gallon size water and recycle the plastic jugs

  5. Isn't drinking such purified water not good for you? Like distilled water, if it's 0ppm then it's basically the same

  6. The Zero Water filters are great but a fair warning to everyone thinking about getting one. Depending on how bad the water is in your area you could have to change the filter fairly often. The water in my area is nasty (over 200 PPM disovled solids) and I end up having to replace the filter about every 2 weeks because we drink a lot of water in my house. The booklet that comes with the filter warns about this but I honestly didn't think I would burn through filters as quickly as I have.

  7. Looks like more research needs to be done for this pitcher Thanks for all the comments they help answer some questions I have…

  8. This is definitely not a good deal as a person who has one I have found that it is more expensive than just buying a regular bottle of water. In my state of California I can buy 1 gallon of Crystal geyser water which has the same 000 output on the reader that zero water does. Purchasing the water filterAt $37 gets you only the water container and the filter which will give you 6 gallons of purified water. With that same amount of money I could buy 37 gallons of water for the same price. Not to mention the 20s Sometimes dollars That it cost for a refill on the filter I couldโ€™ve been still buy another 20 gallons of water but the filter will only purify 6 gallons of water. Felt this is most definitely not a good deal I understand we need to protect the environment but I am more for protecting my wallet.

  9. I use this and love you! After drinking zero water for a period of time you will notice the taste of other water.

  10. I tried this thing and it sucks. The filter only lasts 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, it releases some kind of bitter chemical into the water and it tastes horrible. That's how they try to get you to buy new filters.

  11. That's not really a good deal on that pitcher. Pretty much their standard price all over the internet. I know because I was thinking about buying one a couple months ago decided against it because of the price of the filter replacements and how quickly they are designed to go bad on you resulting in bad tasting water. Plus it won't fit into anything short of a new mega fridge.

  12. Thanks for the info on the filter price. That price is a major drawback that's why I stopped using my Brita. I use bottled water now and stock up on it when the price drops.

  13. This is very timely, I live in Orange Park, and have noticed now and then black dots in my tap water, and they cling to the inside of containers. Having water tested as well, but may get this filtration to give me peace of mind til results come back.

  14. I notice that one of the items in the video is the container with a spigot that is designed to sit in the fridge. Has anyone had issues with this spigot leaking over time?

  15. I recently bought the clearly filtered water filter because it filters out fluoride. I have researched fluoride extensively and suggest that everyone do the same. It is a poison and has zero benefit on tooth decay reduction. None whatsoever. Many valid studies prove this. My family has been using fluoride free toothpaste for over 5 years and no cavities, and whiter teeth. That being said, aluminum is equally of huge concern. It is a neuro toxin proven to be heavily linked to Alzheimerโ€™s disease as well as dementia and cognitive impairment (fluoride also lowers IQ). Many water filter pitchers actually dramatically increase the aluminum content in the water. Brita being one of them that INCREASES the aluminum content in your water by 33.9%. This is criminal. It also does not filter out fluoride which should never be ingested. So yes, zero water removes 99% of aluminum and fluoride. It is an excellent choice. Please research your current water filter to make sure these 2 highly toxic chemicals are not in your water. You will be shocked to discover what I have. Most bottled water contains explosive amounts of aluminum and fluoride as well. Side note, many coffee mugs and colored, glazed, painted drinking ware contain huge amounts of lead and cadmium. Starbucks mugs are loaded with both. I know use glass mugs, and drinking ware.

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