Best Toys for Kids with autism Beaker Creatures Science Surprise Toys

Argh! Whoa! This is amazing! Is this science or magic? Surprise and Play! Hi everyone, I’m Chocolate Chip. But not just any Chocolate Chip, I’m scientists Chocolate Chip Today we have Beaker Creatures! So this is series one and this is series two I can’t wait to find all the creatures So many reactor pods!!! We’re gonna use this Wave Reactor It’s a Whirling Wave Reactor It’s a Whirling Wave Reactor He he he That looks like so much fun Yay!!! Woo hoo! Unboxing all the creatures! Look at all the colors! That’s cool OK, let’s open them up! Here’s the reactor Here’s the first reactor pod I’ll show you how to do it So first you have to put it in here and then wait … I forgot, you put it in here That there now you have to close it up like this Let’s put it inside Whoa! Let’s spin it Whoa! It’s so cool! I think that’s enough Let’s take it off and see what’s inside Whoa! Ok let’s put it down Whoa! This is amazing! I see something Whoa I broke it Oh my goodness let’s see what we got What is it? ooo, it’s like a slimy creature Gurlgle? What? That’s funny From the swampoids Oh it’s soaking spin it oh my goodness Let’s take it off Whoa I broke it Whoa! It’s an orange guy Oh he’s from the oceanites and he’s pluffy Pluffy? He also goes under water. blub blub blub Now we have a yellow series two This time I’m gonna dump the egg inside Whoa It’s amazing! It’s exploding!!! Whoa! I see something Let’s crack it open Oh I broke it Let’s see what we got Oooo… who did you get? Ooo, I got that lava guy Look, it’s like a lava monster Oh he’s from the Firelytes and his name is errupto Errupto? Argh!!! ooo that’s fizzing whoa Whoa! It’s purple It’s just like the same when we did our last video Oh my goodness it’s exploding this time! Argh!!! It’s overflowing! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness, that means run!!! Whoa not again Oh crack it I cracked it I got … uh what is this? It’s like a punching bag? He’s a Frostonian and he is snowball Snowball? Let’s put the next one in It’s bubbling Yay! What do we got? It’s like a little eyeball The series two ones are Swampoids, the green ones. Let’s see what it is Oh puppet Oh his name is Bogger Bugger? Gonna go in the bugger Back to the reactor Let’s put it inside… whoa! oups! We goofed! Oh my goodness, it’s working! Oh it’s gonna explode! It is gonna explode argh!!!! We have paper towels Look at all those bubbles I love science experiments! Oh I did it! I broke it! Is this a golden one? I got the special one! Limited Edition 24 carat Stomper! Wow!!! I got the limited edition gold! Wow! That’s amazing! Let’s put him here I’m gonna try all the purple ones. Six of them and we’re gonna do all of them at the same time! And it’s gonna make an explosion!!! OK ready? Ready set go! Go go go! All of them all of them! Oh it’s so purplely Oh my goodness! Oh!!!!! This is amazing! It’s like a volcano! They’re all Frostonians because the eggs are purple Let’s see if we got Cubey or no Cubey what’s Cubey? Like a cubey Oh I got Cubey! What is that? It’s a cube Oh it is Cubey Let me see I told ya Let’s see what is this one Did I get another Cubey Oh I got a next one Another snowball? That’s four SNowballs Ha ha ha How did we get so many Snowballs? Now let’s see this one Oh the blue one, it’s a different one Let me see him Oh it’s Blizzerk The other Blizzerk was Series two and he’s a color changer but series one is not a color changer It’s a different Blizzerk So what do we got in this one? Ooo, I got a … what is it? Oh I got another one … What is it? Another Blizzerk Another Blizzerk Let’s put all the yellow ones Five yellow ones One, and a two, and a three, and a four, and a five Five and these are series two yeah Whoa, I rolled it These are series two! Just relaxing Ahhh I’m relaxing, waiting for science Ha ha ha Oh, this one cracked open OK let’s have a look This one cracked open Whoa! Let’s open it up Oh that one creacked open too What else? Ooo, it’s a board The yellows are Firelytes And this guy is called Harthur? Hearthur It’s like a board and you can smash it No he’s like a log This one if actually open guys Let’s open it up Oh I did it! Ooo, I got something else It’s a fishy Oh he’s called Blazer Blazer? Come on guys, let’s open it up together! I have yellow hands … argh! I made a mess on my shirt It’s ok That’s ok That’s what the jacket is for Oh what is this guy? I’ve never seen this guy before Like a dinosaur Oh that’s Magmunch Magmunch? Magmunch is a funny looking guy Ooo, I got something else Ooo, I got a purple guy! see? Oh this guy’s name is Chark Oh I got to see this one open Oh my goodness ha ha ha I didn’t know creatures can fly? Oh there’s two faces His name is Twotorch See there’s two faces That’s right Like, argh I’m so bored … yay! Ha ha ha One two three four five So these are five of the Swampoids Series two Let’s go! Ok let’s put them in water! one and two and a three one two three four five Let’s add some water See what happens Not too much Yeah too much No!!! Yes!!! Haya! Let’s see which one of the Swampoids we got Oh we got this guy Who is that? Here you go It’s Russell Russell? Oh he looks like a brussel sprout see what we got ooo, we got this guy Oh his name is Wrigglee I did it Wooo! this guy Look, see? Oh his name is Ack Ack? Like erk! erk! Last one! I gotta put on my glasses for this one Are you gonna mix the colors? Yeah What does red and blue make? Purple Do you think it’s gonna turn purple? I think it is Red and blue and also another red too Purple you’re right Right here is red and right here is blue But it’s mixing it up … he’s like: “Hey! Stop right there red!” I mean blue! Oh no! Give me some more water Oh!!! It’s gonna explode! The blue ones are the Frostonians or the Oceanites I think it’s the Oceanites and then the red ones are the Minisaurs Minisaurs? Like Dinosaurs but mini What did we get? Oh we have another one Another Pluffy Is this science or magic? It is Science So it’s Science It is Science you’re right Did I get another gold one? What did you get? I got another golden one For real? Oh and it’s the same one Stomper again Stomper Again another golden one? I got another gold one What? It’s like a Beaker Creatures Rainbow! These are the Frostonians and then we got all the golden ones These are the Oceanites These are the Swampoids These are the Firelytes Give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and click the bell right there. Ding! Bye, bye! I’m gonna play with all my Beaker Creatures! Swoosh!

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