Best Toddler Learning Cars Trucks Colors for Kids #1 Teaching Children Colours Tayo the Little Bus

Organic Learning (Vehicles Honking) Today, we have several assignments that require vehicles of different colors. The first color we need is Yellow. Can you show me all the Yellow vehicles? Nope. This is a Blue bus. Right now, we only need Yellow vehicles. Can you show me a Yellow vehicle? Perfect! You choose the Yellow excavator. It will be great on this job. Can you show me the other Yellow vehicles here? Nope. This is a Green dump truck. We don’t need him right now. Which other vehicles are Yellow? Great job! You choose the Yellow bus. There’s one more vehicles here that’s yellow. Can you find it? Yay, you did it! You found the Yellow tow truck. Let’s get all of our Yellow vehicles out doing their job. See you later! (Vehicles Honking) For the next assignment, we need a Blue vehicle. Can you point out which vehilce is Blue? Nope. You choose a Red bus. Right now, we’re looking for a Blue vehicle. Which vehicle is Blue? Perfect! You found the Blue bus. See you later, Blue bus. For the last assignment, we need a Green vehicle. Show me which vehicle is Green? Perfect! You got it on the first try. You choose the Green dump truck. Have a good day! (Vehicle honking) Well, Red bus. It looks like we don’t need you today. You can go back into your garage. Bye-bye, everyone. See you next time! If you liked our video, please give it a THUMBS UP and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and leave a COMMENT BELOW Thank you!

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