BEST Soccer Football Vines 2019 ⚽️ Goals, Skills, Fails #206

30 thoughts on “BEST Soccer Football Vines 2019 ⚽️ Goals, Skills, Fails #206”

  1. I play soccer with my dad all the time. It hasn't made him love me yet, but I'm hoping it will stop him drinking as much

  2. "There should be less transfers from one "Football / Soccer" franchise to another; the, intertwining of soccer stars from one team to another, sounds foolish to me; there should be ample / plenty of players available for team soccer sports in the World today, the idea of international teams mixing with MLS soccer is (stupid); doesn't Europe have enough money for their favorite players; MLS soccer should be $100,000.00 a year, and only play for the one team they are on; thus, no back and forth – from Europe to America playing soccer like – they're are no other players on planet Earth, this narrow-mindedness is and are the downfalls of all International soccer (yes, the Olympics – I understand and can see, the players – going to do that); but, the luxury and piss poor management of -> Europe to America for playing soccer… like there are no players that can suit those amenities (rather than, the one's that are now playing and the "whatever league" is familiar with -> is, not only economically foolish; but, downright cold busted as well -> open your eyes -> stop being idiots with a failing management of leagues)"

  3. I am a girl but I love soccer and today I am going to play soccer hope I win like
    If you like soccer tooooooo😎😎😎😎😎😀😀😀😀😀

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