Best Short English Stories For Kids Collection | Kids Education With Cartoon Story – colors ABC

hope you’ve got something to eat Gabi
all that secret agent training makes me hungry don’t worry max I’ve got lots of
snacks inside just let me turn off the alarm
that’s strange it’s still locked you sure you entered the right code hey it’s
the gigaflops we can still see through those branches
if the gigaflops have been here we know who’s behind this
they must have helped the computer lock us out right you are
Gabi English computer why did you lock us out you two are always coming to my
lab uninvited so I thought I’d pay you a little unexpected visit of my own
not phony computer I’m starving let us in I’ll unlock the door when you
answer all three clues we can figure out the answers let’s go first clue when
your gift appears to hide do this to see what’s inside hmm that’s a birthday
present and you wrap a birthday present but if you want to see what’s inside a
present you don’t wrap it you do the opposite so we need to change the
meaning of wrap and you can change the meaning of a word by adding something to
the beginning of the work look that says unn unn means the opposite of the
opposite of rap is unwrapped so on should be the first part of the word
right to see what’s inside you unwrap the gift on rap u n w are a be unwrapped lucky gasps max Gabi
help the computer is locked me in and we’re locked out but don’t worry we’re
but we’re on it no glues to go you’ll never get the next one weather and time
make things tumble and fall so here’s what you do to get back your rock wall
okay you have to build a wall but the wall was already built and then it fell
down so you have to build it over again Andrey means to do something over again
our e be you I LD rebuild this is not going as I had hoped
good job max you just have one more clue to answer to unlock the door don’t count
on it third clue the opposite of the word obey
is not doing what your parents say wow this is a tough one
the boys jumping on the couch and his mom wants him to stop and to get down
but the boys not listening he’s not obeying his mom and this means the
opposite of that’s it when you don’t do what your parents say you disobey them
the you did it drats
okay computer unlock the door very well but I’ll stop you next time
hurry up computer we need a snack you

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