Best Men’s Hairstyles for 2019 | Men’s Haircut Trends | Alex Costa

100 thoughts on “Best Men’s Hairstyles for 2019 | Men’s Haircut Trends | Alex Costa”

  1. Can you plz make a video on the textured quiff or like one where your hair looks like a wave going back I would really appreciate

  2. I recommend to grow out your and get a undercut like Jeff Wittek
    Top: 4-5 inches
    Sides: low taper fading into 0.5 to 1 inches on the top

  3. Honestly its so suprisingly good that he thought of black people in this vid! Watched so many and cant remember seing one that menchend tips for them! Good job man

  4. This video sucks. All I see is him talking as I skip. All I wanted was an actual guy getting his haircut! This video gets a big fat 👎🏻 from me.

  5. Im on here with perfect hairline long hair past my shoulders was thinking of going past the hair line with a more messy look like aquaman appreciate the idea m/

  6. The other guy that has the youtube channel, Real Men, Real Style–Antonio Centeno has a simple, close cropped haircut that would survive any decade style shift. Many of these wild, specific, particularly nuanced jazzy type haircuts quickly look dated in a year or two and are the type where you'll one day–years from now–notice in your old photo album and say, "What was I thinking?" as we did with haircuts that made us look real "in style" in the seventies, eighties or nineties.
    For the record, I think Alex and his channel are great, but I got to disagree on looking too "in". I just think the key is keeping it simple, classic, not too nuanced and above all timeless and not beholden to fashions which might come and go.

  7. What would be a good haircut for a white guy with straight hair and cowlicks that are slightly to the left. Also I have a circular/oval face shape

  8. This guy is crazy u know he wants money which is why he does wat he does anytime of the day people don’t realize money ain’t everything .Alex costa spend ur time and think of other things my boi !money ain’t everything geez

  9. I don’t follow trends I do my own style I keep it unique because I want to stand out note my hair is different now than in my picture

  10. Travis Scott has no talent…he cant rap at all…his flow is boring and predictable… his lyrics are shallow and written for a 3rd grader….damn….I just described 90% of rap artists for the past 15 years…these observations are not opinions….these are stone cold harsh truths and realities these so called artists/entertainers have to accept and come to grips with….25 yrs from now nobody will remember (or wanna remember) Travis Scott…our society has become way too easy to please and placate…it really is a pathetic fact of life in 2019…makes me sad and disgusted almost to death…like…literal death

  11. What do you think of dreadlocks Alex, great contest by the way I haven't heard anyone talking about dreadlocks on men

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