Best Learning Video for Toddlers Learn Colors and Numbers Incredibles 2 and Paw Patrol

20 nice and the mode baby Jack Jack he's upside down and levitating come on baby Jack Jack let's get you right side up hey Wow – that was quick here comes – Elastigirl oh no baby Jack Jack disappeared Jack Jack Jack Jack Oh we'll get him later mr. incredible Oh Jack Jack's back and we have violet let's find out what's inside of Jack Jack first we have orange slime oh my goodness what's all this we have Dracula from Hotel Transylvania he's ready for his vacation hey we also have unis super awesome and here's baby Torchic and we also Oh what's this a UFO let's squish it super small and I'll always go back to its normal shape and size let's get violet next let's see what's inside of her purple slime coming up coming up whoa let's see what we have here we have an Incredibles it's the last hero super awesome and we have Elastigirl here too as well and who else we have Frank anything else nope that's it for the purple slime let's get in the mode next and we have black slime what is inside them in the mode we have a zombie bellhop and we have – plus Jack Jack in his superhero outfit hi Lee we have a trolls blind bag let's see who's inside we got DJ let's get mr. Incredibles NYX and he has red swine inside of him all right oh my goodness we have Johnny and mr. incredible Marvel we've got incredible ho man oh these are ones that stick to the table you know what else you can push him these are fun look at that it's still sticking now let's get – he's got green slime oh we have little Dennis hey he's hiding inside and what about ah Jack Jack as a monster I wonder if he was playing with Dennis and the Toy Story blind bag whoopsie she's be right out we got Jesse in her hat SuperDuper awesome and finally we have Elastigirl she has blue slime in sight of her and what do we have we have Mavis super cool and she was hanging out with violet and we also have a grocery game at eyelet to thrive let's get this open we have three surprises inside and a collector's guide let's get this oh my goodness what is this some Green Monster and a gross sneaker this one has a binocular and what is this some sort of radar detection thing maybe this one goes with this and this one the binoculars can go in this guy's hand let's find out who they are the blue sneaker was Sergeant smelly sneaker and this green guy was or is a smelly spider so he's a spy they're holding the wrong thing there we go and I wonder what the sneaker Oh Oh sneaky sneaky sneaker so it has binocular the sneaking around looking well they's that say for this video so let me know in the comment section what was your favorite surprise see you guys in the comment section titanium 1-2 Elastigirl 3 Jack Jack for mr. incredible 5 pilot 5 4 3 2 1 now let's learn colors teal let's see what – Cox has his surprise he got mr. incredible super fun red and what did Elastigirl get she got a mystery squishy slither Wow a super colorful worm and squishy tip it's green yellow blue yellow and green squish twist una smash green and what did you check it Hey incredible sting mystery mini let's see who he got orange what did mr. incredible gift he got a PJ masks collectible figure and you cannot Cameron here he is let's see who file it got she got a Disney Cars capsule I think we got our little Guido super fun let's say bye-bye to – but I – let's say bye-bye to elastic girl goodbye Elastigirl but bye baby Jack Jack bye bye mr. incredible but I violets this time let's count again one two three four five so let me know in the comment section who is your favorite Incredibles – character and also what was your favorite surprise see you guys there Twiggy need supposes he is today we have Incredibles to play no surprises who is baby Jack Jack going to stop on take a guess we like a singing baby Jack Jack is going to stop it looks like baby Jack Jack stopped on the lastic are all super super awesome let's find out what's inside we have a bunch of blue play-doh see what's inside what's inside of this blue play-doh what is it or who is it I should say haha listen it's mr. incredible alright let's get all this blue play-doh off of him he's ready to fight I wonder who he's going to fight let's find out what else is inside I see some pink what is this we have aa syndrome what's he doing here oh my goodness here's his cape let's put him together let's put his body on top of his legs and then let's put his cape on mr. bad guy there we are and let's put his face there and his hair his orange fiery hair who is Jack Jack going to stop on now Jack Jack stopped on violet what's inside of violet let's take a look we have some purple play-doh let's see what's inside we have like this be who is this a superhero ha ha ha who is this someone that's super super fast we have – super cool I wonder who he's chasing after who might this be oh my goodness someone super scary who is this we have a scream flavor Oh No about now take a guess who is Jack Jack going to step on this time Jack Jack stop done mr. incredible his dad let's find out ah oh my goodness what is this this is not play-doh oh my gosh it's slime who's inside let's find out oh my gosh who is this we have leg and the mode is she licking the slime there she is not very happy about the slime well oh yeah I will it from PJ masks are they here to help the superheroes here he goes again jack-jack stopped on the Underminer let's see there's a bunch of orange play-doh inside what's inside of this orange play-doh what's inside whose blue ah it's a villain we have night ninja oh my goodness he is a micro and who else who is this might this be someone with short brown hair and a super long arm elastic girl it looks like she's out to get any villain let's go let's go what's next Jack Jack stop Don – this time what's inside of – Green Ledo – is Joe Jack's brother what's inside who has on a white costume we have Frozone hum and who was Frozone hanging out with he was hanging out with can't boy haha super awesome take a guess hold on Jack Jack stop I know you stopped on and no mode let's find out what's inside pink play-doh what's inside what is inside ah what's this do you guys recognize that it's a villain who's our villain ah the Underminer oh no and well let's see we have violet ah look at her her legs are invisible who's next take a guess Jack Jack stop dawn Frozone let's find out what's inside of Frozone ah oh my goodness a bunch of pink slime and we have get it go let's get go doing in here he's a microlight – there's his light he is super strong like mr. incredible and we also have Boyd why is loyd stuck and pink flower named there we are Jack Jack wants to stop on one more person himself that's right Jack Jack stop Don Jack Jack yeah and inside there's a bunch of red slime oh my gosh what is this we have fire Jack Jack ha ha ha ha and he's translucent look at that what else oh my gosh what is this ah fire Jack Jack was getting rid of Romeo always that's it for this video so let me know in the comment section what was your favorite surprise C is in the comment section – yeah this time you guys won't be able to get away Nikki split oh no I can't move uh Oh No cat-boy Gekko come around this side and help me I've got them exactly where I want them whoa ha ha ha this time they're trapped for good and I know exactly where to take them I've trapped the PJ masks in the houses behind me and no one I repeat no one will ever be able to tell that they're inside cuz they just look like normal houses from the outside I think my plan is brilliant whoa hahaha it's such a nice day to go for a walk when she say chase chase what's the matter chief I think I hear something writer what what is it that you hear listen he'll help you're right I think it's coming from these houses but these are just regular homes writer that's what makes it so strange let's investigate do you think there's somewhere inside this number one house anyone home anyone home I still hear it geez I'm gonna try it opening the door it's a boy and it looks like he's in jail it's not a house come help you cheese Jesus on the case cat-boy oh my goodness cat-boy is all tied up can't boy what happened cowboy night ninja use sticky sweat and got us tied up then he trapped us in here us there's others yeah get the others get the others go ahead cheese get the others I'll untie him let's try this blue number two house next I don't hear anything but I think I'd better still investigating questioner what does that mean could it be a trick hey I think I better just go for it grocery game that's not what we're looking for spongebob that's not what we're looking for either let's try this number three yellow house next oh let's try it's like it's a jail go it looks like Gekko is tied up – I got you gecko I got you cat-boy they got you out what about outlet I haven't seen her fine outlet Chase is on the case do you guys think ll-let will be behind this red number four door no one is answering but let's check it out anyways just in case it's out let another question mark should I go for it I think it should just in case what's this it's a Super Mario challenge point and that's this Mickey Mouse it's a Mickey Mouse Crossy roads box neither of those were correct we still need to find outlet do you think she might be behind this green at number 5 for lemme knock I don't hear anything let's check I think he treat that oh oh my goodness he put a young bar in here outlet outlet what is this – red ball oh it's not in here he tricked us here's one more door and it's the number 6 orange door let's open it up it's a question mark ah where's outlet outlet outlet I got your wallet oh I'm so glad you're okay good job chase I'm just glad I found her Thank You chase yeah thanks chase thank you now that chase and writer have found all of the PJ masks I think it's time to open up some surprises oh there's one more right here ha ha let's get this open first find out what's inside we have and here we are here is Pikachu super awesome and we can even set him up on top of here as a stand super awesome race you can take him off and put him back on and this acts as a perfect stand for him let's see what else oopsie sorry gecko we have a yucca bar and let's see what's inside a bar with a collector's guide he has some sort of hamburger and what is this oh these even feel kind of yucky they're little bit squishy this is not a hamburger it's a muck muffin and it's kind of moldy and the eyes are all crossed gross gooey breakfast and then this one right here I have no idea what it is so let's take a look we have a meatball it's gross Reese's a moldy meatball you you may we have a Super Mario challenge point let's see which time frame we have your cheese up and here is our coin it is a heavy coin and it's a collectible and it feels super real not plasticky at all and then we have a superstar decal and here's our collector's guide let's get this spongebob mash him next let's seek when we drive inside we have Harold and he's looking mighty grumpy give him a twist you can pull him smash him and he is super super squishy try to pop out his eye pop-up pop-up that was more of his nose but he doesn't have one let's get this grocery game this is putrid power and you know what this is super cute because it comes inside a blue garbage can how clever is that right there's the lid and then we have two grocery gangs and also another collectors guys we have here oh my gosh here's another hamburger looking like thing that was a mix Muk muffin and let's see oh my goodness this is some fried chicken I bet this one is a grease burger which means it's a really really greasy burger and then this one is a slop bucket a bucket of greasy moldy fried chicken gross and then finally we have this Disney cross eros blind box and let's see can we get out of here here's our collectors guide and then you can see what friends we get out of here we got gogo tomato super awesome and then we can put this little stand in her back and look here she is well guys that's it for this video so let me know in the comments section what was your favorite surprise or what was your favorite save see you guys in the comment section bye bye for now thank you for watching a toy teeny channel if you like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up that lets me know to make more videos just like this for you click or tap on this video to watch it click or tap to subscribe it's free plus you get to see my latest videos and until next time be happy and keep smiling

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  1. Nice learning video – Best Learning Video for Toddlers Learn Colors and Numbers Incredibles 2 and Paw Patrol

  2. Great and fun way to learning colors 👍🏽liked dear:))))))) done new friend! thank you

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