Best Learning Video for Kids Learn Colors with PJ Masks, Disney Cars, and Toy Cars!

night in the city and a brave band of warriors are having a slumber party Kate's bedtime can we say up a little more no it's getting late good night Amaya good night Greg good night Connor I can even Romeo it's catching some Z's Romeo wake up wake up ninjalinos wake him up leave me alone I'm sleeping this flashlight ought to do the trick wake up come on ninjalino it's night time exactly that's when the PJ masks are asleep and we can have fun without them interfering you're right let's go I say we break into PJ masks headquarters and have some fun good idea hey wait for me I'll race you to PJ masks headquarters well you'll definitely lose because I'm the Falcon no way I won no I won oh you think so well I'll race you on the race way above well first we have to find a way in genius here we can get in through this door wasn't it booby-trapped the last time you went through that door hello I'm a genius obviously I wouldn't fall for the same trap twice so they must have moved it okay see watch I'll prove it easy-peasy oh dear oh don't worry I got it sticky splat go did you hear something no go back to sleep get me out of here well hold on while I find my own way in stiggy's black launch here you go and you're welcome Thanks now let's go for a race on campus ramp you go up the elevator I'll bring the Beatles upsy daisy's let me activate the console put the girl I don't think so tonight India uh-huh oh yeah that's the one Open Sesame good work here I come my turn [Applause] hey move it you're blocking me all right let's race down the ramp and whoever has the fastest time wins all right and it's gonna be me we'll see about that watch this see you can beat yeah alright here I go eat my dog did you see that obviously I want no wait I did oh no lady okay that time I definitely hurt something the alarm we've got to get to the headquarters it's time to be a hero night in the city and a brave band of warriors become superheroes rec becomes Gekko super Gekko muscles Connor becomes cat-boy super cat speed Amoy have become owlet Oh in wind together they formed the PJ masks and are ready to fight any evil that threatens okay let's all get in the fastest vehicle so we get there quickly gosh sure thing here we go all right let's hop in yep this is the one um guys we should be in the cat-mobile it's the fastest hello the owl-glider is the fastest no the gekko-mobile is I'll show you get back here haha I win that's only because you've got a head start guys look the control panel is smash and there's a sticky splat on the door something's definitely going on we need to get inside and check it out coming in for a landing hmm the top level is all clear super cat speed all clear on the middle level guides is romeo and night ninja on the bottom level hey what are you guys doing a bj mask camcorder we were just having a friend like disagreement over who was the fastest which is of course me maybe that you're not as fast as I am or me there's no way the PJ masks are faster than we are guys guys can you stop arguing what huh I have the perfect solution and we can figure out which of you guys is the fastest with a race Wow that's right we have the PJ masks nighttime adventure places in this huge playset has one to three different levels and when it's complete it has tons of cool obstacles like Romeo Luna girl stickies flats and ninjalinos and when our cars are ready to race we just press the launcher and cinema and it comes with one to diecast metal racers the gekko-mobile in the night ninja bus but what about the cat car and the owl-glider and my lab those are all sold separately but maybe we can use some magic there we go all right my cat car my alligator all right perfect now everybody has their vehicle all right now it's time to open it up set everything up and have our races here it is that in the box check it out it doesn't have that many pieces to put together first we have the cool PJ masks fine there just snaps right here on top like that alright now that our sign is in place it's time to check out the obstacles and villain we can assemble these anyway we want here's a good place for Luna girl and how about we put the ninjalinos over here then right here we'll stick one of our stickies wets and some more ninjalinos on this side now Borromeo now one final touch and our racetrack will be done we just add this cool totem that doubles as our finish line and we'll be ready to race alright now that we got to set up let's check out the cars first up is cat boys cat car and it is blue and looks super fast whoa check out the next car geckos gekko-mobile has so much detail and it's green flying in from a pub we have a let's read out lighter and this looks awesome just like the outsider on the show and now for the bad guys we have Rufio slab that is great and green and our last vehicle is night ninjas night books and it has a huge engine and it is blue just like cat boys cat car now it's time to load up the vehicles and let's start racing one two three four five now that everyone's loaded up let's race cat-boy versus Romeo I'll just set him up here and press the launcher to send them up cheated I won Romeo you cheated turn the cat boy back right now oh man okay but I still wonder right no you are disqualified which means cat boy is the winner and next up is another bad guy versus good guy match with night ninja versus Gekko here they go excuse us hey stickies black cat go but even though night ninja cheated Gekko still won oh man wah wah wah now we have a friendly rivalry between cat boy and outlet three two one go it's gonna be a close one cat boy wins it all right if it had been a playing contest I would have won all right guys we're down to our two fastest PJ masks heroes but before we see which one of these two is the fastest let's see which one of these two cheating bad guys is the fastest all right you two we're gonna race this race fair and square no cheating allowed well they're neck-and-neck oh my goodness they crashed at the finish line that means it's a time we both win no you both lose gross and now for the championship left in the right wing is Gekko and in the left wing is cat-boy three two one go here they come for the finish line and get the wins it it's tight for last place are the bad guys Romeo and night ninja in third place is outlet I'll get you guys next time and in second place is cat boy and in first place with the gold trophy its Gekko I hope you guys had fun with the video bye ladies and gentlemen the Florida 500 is about to begin wow guys the Florida 500 that's the biggest race of the year two kids two kids get your tickets hey I'll take one that'll be $1 here come our entrance now I see on my seal our first racer is Lightning McQueen here he comes up the elevator I can't wait to race next up is tow mater tow mater the greater tell mater the greater are you gonna be chanting that all race yep tow mater the greater hey wait for me y'all don't worry I got it hey lightning you see them stars around me right no I have no idea what you're talking about well that can't be good next we have Ramon hey can you help me with my dune up there again now you're ready for the ring and here comes Sheriff all the way from Radiator Springs and next up is booze just a second I'm getting some popcorn and finally it's Sally whoa pardon me I need a car wash okay now I'm ready for the race alright let's count our cars one two boots are in Latin it's okay when we better scram there's more cars coming you guys and Here Come sheriff for number three and here's Ramon with the cool paint job that's poor and here's boost for five whoa who's just spun out don't worry I'm okay and now our last car is Sally that's six cars hey guys before the race starts how about we try some new paint jobs with this it's Ramon's color-changing carwash whoa that sounds like a cool idea really that sounds fun great guys let's open it up put it together and try out some new paint job this super cool color chain playset has two different stations a warm water color changing splash zone and a rotating cold water carwash and it even comes with another color changing Ramon car hey that's my tween give me out of here don't worry we'll get you out of there let's open up the box and see what's inside alright let's get started first we need the base piece let's set it down here that way we can add the walls and the support pieces looking good so far let's turn it around so we can add some more pieces here's a catch pan for the water because things might get a little messy now I'll slide this grate over these supports and here's the roof for the top will snap it on like this now we need the window in the top for Ramone sign let's snap them in then put these together there we go perfect here's a rotating base for the carwash now my favorite part the slide this one is for the warm water dump let's add some stickers for some decoration this one says house if body art that's the name of the shop and here's a few colorful hoods to accentuate the wall we'll put this one here and one more with some more hoods for the other wall now we just need some warm water and cold water to start changing the color let's add the warm water to the splash zone and then snap it onto the slide then let's take some ice-cold water and suck some up with our squirter that should do it and we'll put that here first up is Ramon's twin he's got a cool two-tone paint job with red and yellow let's try the slide you see what color he turns here he goes oh cool he's changing colors right before our eyes now look at him he's completely yellow that's pretty awesome hey do you want to join in the race oh yeah love to okay great we'll see you in a bit next up is mater do you want to try the slide nah I need me a car wash suit yourself but the water's cold cold you didn't say anything about cold here you go oh dear here comes the water look this TT meter from light green to brown that's so awesome oh that's some cold water don't worry mater we're almost done just a bit more and you'll be all brown check it out here's mater with his all brown paint job let's send him up and then try the next card which is Sally he or she is with her purple paint job let's see what happens when we send her down the slide three two one go whoa she's turning blue hey check it out now she has a powder blue paint job instead of purple that looks really cool I can't wait to see her in the race now for sheriff here he is with his green paint job Green's not the color for a police car let's put them in the car wash and see what happens here comes the water wow he's starting to change color look at that he's turning black here he is looking like a real police car with his new black paint job I bet he'll be really fast in the race now for Ramone Ramone has an awesome paint job with flames on the side and he has a purple exterior let's send him down the slide clothes flash what a mess but check it out now he's got a light blue paint job he still has his flames though so it looks pretty awesome off he goes here's boots looking superfast let's put him in the car wash it's water time wow he's turning purple instantly that's so neat looking check him out he's really cool in his new purple paint job now he's all set for the race finally it's time for lightning McQueen's he's got a cool yellow paint job for now I wonder what will happen when we put him in the car wash let's find out here comes the water oh nice he's turning red just like in the movies now look at lady he's all set with his new red paint job and he's looking really fast off he goes hey watch out sorry crews are just excited about my new paint job hey do you want a new paint job why and get our wet nope I like being yellow just fine ladies and gentlemen clear the track because the race is about to begin oh we got to make room for the race track and here it is with one two three four five six seven eight slots for our racers let's attach it to the grandstand here we'll slip this down and snap it on like this let's lower the gate and look it has its own spoiler hey did you hear that there are eight spots and we only have seven cars do you want to race race I'd love to hold on let me just change my paint scheme I thought you weren't gonna change color I'm not silly come on I'll show you there how's that awesome drivers on your marks in Lane one we have poof's don't put Ramon's twin in lane to Lane three is for sheriff Ramon can go in lane four here's five for Sally Lane six is for mater hey you're facing the wrong way my bad that's better and Lane two we have crews and finally Lightning McQueen for Lane number one here's all eight racers ready to go I wonder who's gonna win the race okay racers go here they go [Applause] wow what a race let's see which cars are a winner there's mater and there's lightning but check it out Cruz's our winner now for trophies third place goes to Ramon's twin and the silver second place goes to lightning in the winner with a gold trophy is hey I think the winners should get a surprise good idea mater what do you have in mind hold on one sec here we go surprise mater watch out for the zuni's no it's Genevieve's Playhouse hey guys check out what we have today we have the PJ masks rival racers track playset which once we assemble it will look like this awesome race track it comes with two vehicles cat boy in this cap car and night ninja in his ninja bus and there are two different launchers as well one for this loop-de-loop in the other one for this crash through a museum and there are some bad guys as well Luna girl and Romeo what do you say we put it together and start playing oh man that's a lot of pieces we better find the instruction here we go I think that are in here all right let's start building first I'm gonna put some of these stickers on to the museum here's the sticker for the tympanum a window and another window here now let's have this door with the ninjalinos oh well that didn't go on so well maybe we'll have better luck on the next one all right I got to be careful on this one all right all right that's much better on that one now let's build the loop-de-loop these pieces snap in like this and another one here and now for some super Gekko muscles oh that was kind of hard here's one of the launchers and we can put our pj mass sticker on the front and a cat boy sticker on the plunger and these two totem wings go like this now let's finish up this little Launchpad here that'll shoot them into the loop-de-loop and now we can slide the little loop on and here's the other launcher this is the one for the ramp so let's put that together here's the red ramp just kind of sitting them through those doors but first we got to build more of the track Oh Luna girl not yet all right let's put the museum here and now let's add the down ramp over here now it's time for Luna girl let's put her sticker right here and now for Romeo he gets this cool arch here and now we can put his sticker on and he could catch the cars as they come out the end all right we can attach that to the turn here and then slide the ramp in and finally the loop-de-loop and we'll have our cool trap ready to go whoa look how big it is it looks so fun it's got two different ways that we can race our cars so let's try it out but first we need our cars tears cat-boy in his cool cap car and night ninja in his bus I really like cat boy's car here and actually he comes out as an opposable figure so you can take him out play with them separately but let's put him back in so he can go for a ride on the race all right here he goes three two one go Romeo get him no he gets away now for night ninja and his cool bus all right here he goes oh he made it – but we need more cars whoa what's this it's a paw patroller I wonder if that's got some more cars inside let's check it out it's a paw patrol and they've got really cool unique cars for us to play with there's one two three four five and six different cars first listen the paw patroller back home to adventure Bank first up is Marshall in this cool little red Corvette let's see if this one can make it through the loop salute oh it just barely made it here it is a super slow-mo and now for chasing his blue mustang police cruiser all right here he goes well he just blasted through the track now for rubble rubble has an awesome yellow Hummer all right let's check it out great job rubble I love this slow-mo action here all right now we got Zuma in a little orange hot ride Zuma is ready to dive in oh no he crashed let's try again Oh white power are you okay Zuma I'm okay maybe you should try the ramp instead okay we'll see you later Zuma didn't make it but maybe Skye can in her racecar with pink highlights this car looks really fast here she goes ready for the loop-de-loop oh ho she got caught by Romeo now for rocky in this cool green pickup truck whoa we've wiped out let's try again there he goes whoa that was super fast all right now let's try the ramp launcher that's gonna send them up this ramp through the Bank doors and into this stack of tsums tsums that somebody has put here here come's cat boy first smash whoa what wreckage that was pretty cool here it is in slow motion now for sky well she knocked almost all up and down awesome and she wrecked to Marshalls turn here he goes oh he just clipped them on the sides let's check that out again now for Chase masts right into the middle of them let's check out his onboard camera footage watch out for the zoom suits I know and now for night ninja whoa night ninja rest on the bank but he still took out a couple of tsums tsums there and here comes Zuma what he totally missed trig in he only got one super suit Zuma wha-wha-wha let's see if rocky can do any better oh man he knocked them almost all down check this out it's so crazy alright guys I hope you liked the video if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up and wait a minute where's Umar Garrett gum oh my gosh hey I had to knock some students names down to do my

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