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Babies and toddlers are growing and changing
at such a rapid rate that it can be challenging to find just the right toy for them. Consider
their developmental needs very carefully as you’re making choices. For example, 1 year
olds are just getting up and moving about their world. And they’re using their senses
to explore the world. Look for toys that give kids a chance to hear new sounds, see new
images, and experience a lot of repetition. Repetition is how young children feel mastery
and they can predict what’s going to happen next. When you’re looking for books for 1
year olds, you may want to have board books, or plastic books, something that’s easy to
wipe off and clean, and look for visuals that are bright and have contrasting colors, so
it’s very easy for kids to look at the pictures. You’ll also want to find books that have faces
on them. Kids love to look at other faces, and it’s a great opportunity to talk about
emotions and feelings. Two year olds are quite different from one year olds. In the fact
that they can jump and run and play, much more sophisicatedly than the one year olds.
And they also have more language skills. They’re learning to use their words to express their
own feelings. When you’re looking for toys for two year olds, your going to want to find
toys that can support their developing cognitive needs, including learning about shapes, and
colors, and letter names, and sounds, including toys like the Touch Magic
line, where kids can touch on the toys and hear the names and the shapes and sounds and
letters that they’re going to need to learn for school. For books for two year olds, you’ll
want to find books that invite kids to really get into the story and match text with pictures,
and want to engage with their parents. As you’re reading the books with your child,
as your child to point to the pictures, or guess what happens next. When you’re choosing
toys for babies and toddlers, find toys that are durable, kid-tough, bright and loud, and
fun, and repetitive, easy to clean, and most of all something that you want to get one
the floor and play with your child.

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