Best Learn Colors Video with Paw Patrol Surprise Eggs Skye & Chase Patroller Vehicle Sparkle Spice

what's going on doc did you call ya writer it seems that all the pups have gotten out of the critic clinic I need help finding them oh no the pups are out we better find them I don't see them anywhere whoa what's over here look at all these eggs hmm maybe I ought to call the paw patroller in patroller whoa should we think we might find the pups in here let's check it out oh my goodness I don't see pups but I do see eggs hmm I wonder what it could be in this yellow egg let's see oh no it's a naughty kitty you must be up to some trouble I think we'll have to put you in the critter clinic here's another egg maybe we'll find one of our pups here what is this it's yellow if there's a construction hat these belong to rubble well where's rubble let's keep looking here's a yellow egg hmm I'll open it up wait a minute this is orange it's a Zuma's but we haven't found Zuma anywhere oh my goodness we better keep looking in this paw patroller I see something up here in the cab two more eggs a purple one hey I found a pub oh right it's rocky whoopee where's your green hat and shirt don't know all right we'll keep looking let's try and see if we can find Rocky's clothes in this pink egg it's not Rocky's clothes but we did find another pup it's Skye all right writer will be so excited that we're finding some of the pups but let's keep looking around we check the front now let's check the back whoa here comes a blue egg okay blue egg what will we find inside its rubble oh right rubble we found you and guess what I know you must be missing your yellow shirt let's get that on you perfect and your construction cap now that's right rubble you look great you can join writer now okay Kitty time for us to put you away stay in there all right let's see there's more eggs over here on this playground let's see if we can find some more of our pups Wow something's definitely in here oh no another one of Mayor humdinger naughty kittens well I have a special place for you naughty kittens where you can't cause any more trouble in you go hmm let's try this pink egg all right just what rocky will be so excited that we found is closed here rocky your shirt let's get that on you looks good just a little twisted and now you're recycling hat perfect I bet you're feeling better why don't you join Rumble I see an egg over here in the mud uh-oh a hmm interesting more pup clothes this is Marshalls fire hat and shirt but no Marshall where will we find she's an orange egg way on the top of the playground hmm we found a pop it's Summa guess what Summa I happen to have your shirt right here and don't worry here is your hat perfect Zuma we've got rubble rocky and Zuma yellow green and orange with Ryder Skye is still missing her things hmm maybe they could be in the blue egg what will it be it's another pup who is it turn around pup its chase all right chase but sorry we don't have your clothes yet you'll have to wait here with Skye hey there's an egg on this swing here now we've got it okay let's check out what's inside guess what Skye it's your goggles let's get this back on you you can't fly without your goggles there you go now you're ready to soar let's see if we can get this egg down I'll turn the lever there we go all right egg let's crack you open oh cheese good news it's your shirt and hat okay chase let's see watch your ears let's get that shirt on with your badge and your hat oh yes that's how you're supposed to look here you are with your other pups we have one two three four five pups that means one is missing it must be Marshall we still have his clothes hmm I see some eggs hiding back there maybe they want to go down the slide well hey got stuck let's try again there we go all right Marshall are you inside Marshall is inside it's our Dalmatian pop she's our fire rescue pup there you go Marshall you're our last pot that we found there you go but hey there's still another egg back there what could be inside we already found all of our pups oh no another naughty kitten I bet causing trouble we know what to do with you and you go little kitten I'm so glad we were able to find all the pups yeah me too and I think they wanna play don't worry about those naughty kittens I'll take care of them here that's enough playing around pups we've got a mission to your vehicles rocky Marshall Skye hey pups come get your vehicles they're here okay Ryder let's get these vehicles off the truck we'll start on loading Skye's vehicle first Wow it's pink and the wheels pop out so that it can fly what a cool vehicle for Skye and here she is hop in sky you got it let's get the next one off it's chases vehicle whoa Rocky's was coming down too this is at right it's got flashing lights on the back and it's got the same star the cheese has all right let's get chase out here Here I am here you go chase hop on in Wow you got it okay now it's time for Rocky's vehicle it's green and look at this claw on the back what a useful tool all right where's rocky Here I am oh I love this vehicle there you go rocky now let's get the other vehicles off here we go Marshalls is up next Wow more lights sirens it's red just like a fire truck come on Marshall don't fall down in you go nice job Marshall up comes rubbles vehicle whoa Wow look at this a drill on the front of it I bet rubble could get through any wall all right rubble wanna try it out yes I sure do let's see this thing I bet you could dig it in there all right Wow not like anything I've seen before there's a propeller on the back I think this would be super for the water and that's super for Zuma here you go Zuma all right we're at our service center to take care of our vehicles here comes rubble all right rubble let's take it nice job Wow you rolled right out of there let's see how about 13 feet number 1 perfect who's up next its chase down comes the elevator in goes your vehicle now you chase and up we go whoo okay time to find a parking space whoa don't jump out you need to get in your parking space parking space number 2 perfect right next to your buddy rubble all right oh it's Zuma he's ready to park his vehicle all right Zuma and you go and sound now to the top all right you're already ready let's keep you can squeeze in a parking space number three whoa tight squeeze I think we can get it this way make some space guys it's kind of tight up there that's okay now we have a little parking garage down here oh what's that rocky you got a problem with your claw okay let's see if we can get it to get worked on in the garage and you go perfect just give them a little time to work on it all right looks like you guys are ready to come down we'll start by counting backwards we'll start with zulan he was in the third parking space all right Zuma time to leave the parking garage down you go oh hey whoa we've got to remember to lift the gate sorry about that Zuma looks like you're okay all right chase I think you're up next let's get you seated now down the ramp turn here we go I think you're getting stuck your trike is just too wide okay let's give the ball a try then time to exit 6s nicely done rubble Oh Rocky I think your car is ready let's see check out the claw alright it's all fixed now we can have a seat it's a drive-thru car wash but first a couple of our pups need to fill up with gas Marshall that's you huh fill er up nice ok let's find our way through the carwash let's back up the rail no pups allowed in the car wash just vehicles in you go wash whoa getting clean and nice and dry whoo that's shiny hmm Oh sky you need to fill up too here you go and goes all the gas now time for a wash let's make it Sparkle you wait out here okay through the wash Oh scrub-a-dub-dub your car is not in a tub here we go all through the carwash now there it is it is sparkling clean now that all our vehicles have been taken care of we've got to get them all back on the truck ready everybody time to drive them up rubble rocky Skye Marshall stay there Zuma and chase everybody's loaded beep-beep-beep-beep got um see you later pups oh well pups our air patroller is being fixed right now so it had to borrow this airplane for our next mission don't worry Ryder I'm an expert pilot I've got this I'm gonna find the captain's seat all right Skye good job all right why don't the rest of you pups hop on in and see what's going on in the plane all right I'm gonna get this seat back here Wow Oh better get my seat belt on what a cool chair hey me too okay level in your seat with your seat belt please I've got it perfect look how these seats turn yeah mine too oh it's making me a little sleepy oh here you go chase we can recline that chair for you and you can take a little nap all right it's sky are flying eight at the controls way to go sky take us anywhere we need to go here skies control center here's the steering and all the controls we even have these levers over here so we can go faster or slower through the air all right Skye almost ready to take off all right chase I think that's enough nap time for you anybody getting hungry whoa back in your seatbelt there pup oh yes I'm starving cheer pups I've brought in the food cart for us thanks Ryder all right let's see what's on this food cart first we start with the blue lap tray and then a food tray on this one we've got strawberries Fried Chicken French fries peas and carrots it comes with our silverware I think we just need to add a drink okay Skye I think this is a perfect meal for you let's see what Chase is gonna get for his flight meal here you go chase you're kidding some peas and some sushi yeah all right how about some hot tea to go along with that here you go enjoy now for your meal rubble let's see what its gonna be oh lucky you something healthy looks like you've got some bread and butter and a nice healthy salad here maybe I could pour you some water here's your tray our cart also has this picture on it here you go in here you go Skye and we also have our hot tea for chase enjoy everybody I've got to get back to the controls all right we'll just turn you around side controls hey what do I see over here let's take a look rubble well rubble looks like I see an ice maker in a bucket and then we've got a drawer for our silverware hmm maybe a little microwave oven another container for storage and even down here is a little box Wow there's so many places to put stuff on the airplane hey pups how's it going in here oh no that means we've got a mission oh come aboard okay Scotty's done it let's get going pups we're about to go through some turbulence hold on tight whoa watch out guys hold on it'll stop soon oh no what did Skye say she said we were gonna have some turbulence and this is why you have to wear your seatbelt yeah we're safe and sound you okay guys yeah we're fine little shaken up but no problem Wow this plane was so much fun to fly yeah but everyone to your pop houses we've got a mission

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