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I got a green I got a green an easy surprises my go fishing and learn about color like what colors this yellow another red and green and blue and the winner will get some surprise toys like shopkins and some tonight really whoa we also have some frozen egg chocolate egg so we're gonna play the first game we're gonna each choose a color for example mommy will pick rags so I'm gonna collect all the red fish what about you okay so mommy will collect red and Ryan will collect green are you ready yet set turn it on get started [Applause] [Applause] fish that's right so mom has three red fish one two three who's our winner right me me okay so which surprise Tori's you an open first and kid that killed one I know I still need two more that's fine that's right okay Ryan so which supplies toys you want first joka shopkins transit super cute catch we have magic and a purchase right super cute I know where they go wrong and two more colors I mean orange one day I'm gonna win this time and then you're you still need a respite all ideas blue and line has all of the colors buddy it said it said if you drop it on the floor and it's gonna go in the whole town even the other side of her River why the whole time Wow touch it oh it makes a bubble when you try to but play it back in there make some hearts really oh now the present shop game going into the city funny she's laying on top of she's laying on top yeah well I can see a little bit of her where I'll just give you money rescue you there you go haha anyone else' i do i would love Elsa or on I hear of it for Olaf I don't think I don't think this is really sticking out yeah sometimes to get out they can't wait to see it up surprise there's a surprise yay five kids subscribe to ABC to try this for more learning fun cake yummy yummy an easy surprises living room are you ready [Applause] [Applause] ah ah you found more nice mystery basket is too cool right I don't think it's not gonna fit in this ah I thought oh I think you're missing one yeah somewhere on the sofa there's a one extra surprise special egg find it kinder joy surprise surprise yeah hey Ryan are you ready to learn about sports yes do you know this one what about this one soccer soccer ball this one baseballs right baseball that's why what is this one basketball is this it's not a ball surprise egg egg which one do you want to open that one what is that one again yummy candy movie or jelly beans yummy you made it now let open the kinder egg surprise oh sure clearly listen and watch it out really it is a launcher – you can collect kids waiting on a car the white car an easy surprises so what do colors do we have that's right so Ryan is going to be on the green team because it's green and mommy is gonna be on the yellow team because this is yellow okay and the winner of this giant Kinect for game well when this a surprise okay ready for the challenge yeah all right let's go all right mommy go first pick up this yellow circle and put it in the middle right her wearing it with the green how did you alright another yellow coming your way we to yellow in a row I've never lines blocking me with the green another yellow let's put it right here Oh two green a row that's not good that's blocking mr. okay where are we gonna go next yellow yellow yellow right I'm gonna put it right here I think you're tricking me three yellow in a row where are you gonna go Ryan that's right all right another yellow where you gonna go right over Ryan you just lost you ready you're another yellow right here Connect four four in a row hey mommy Wanda Connect four challenge this is my egg surprise can you open it for me place for Heroes marvel superhero adventure blind bag I ran with what do you want I know Rhino man this guy here yeah well I want spider-man Captain America whose ID wasn't spider of me yeah but he's so cool he looks like a dude up Captain America for Captain America all right mommy with the green circle green green coming your way and whoever is the winner will get this chocolate Margaux Avenger and surprise okay so Ryan is Team Green and mommy is team yellow all right yellow on top of green well yellow on top of green again let's do it ah I've got a bucket yellow blocking dream where you gonna go right yeah Wow Rowe green okay right here you got for winning the round two giants Connect for challenge I like it Oh catch one you wouldn't get away how can you tell you can hear spider-man okay oh yeah explore right no circle win the hand challenge how many can you put in yellow we didn't even count it eight on each side that's right bye guys subscribe to ABC surprises for more learning fun bye cleaning that up I don't think so mr. yeah an easy surprises pocket today let's learn body parts with mr. Potato Head can you find mr. potato heads eyes no this is potato head now he needs legs to stand on without he just Falls so let's find legs and eat for mr. Potato Head can you find his legs and feet no this is hair let's see what about these let's see there's mr. Potato Head fascial kind of eat between leaders hater man now that mr. Potato Head has his legs and feet and eyes let's give him hands we found one you find the other end now let's find mr. potato heads mouth what about a nose uh no where is mr. potato heads nose Airness what colors his nose red if the nose go here no that's just what Zoe says the nose go here ah no where should the Narrows go no should go right there how about we give mr. Potato Head some ears so he can hear where are his ears there it is I'm mr. Potato Head and one on the other side now what's on top of his head that's right hair let's mine his hair which one is mr. potato heads hair that's right this one yeah look hair there you go mr. Potato Head now what is this why this is I don't man mask let's see what mr. Potato Head looks like with the spider-man mr. Spidey potato looking good hey mr. Potato Head I have a surprise for you here's a spider-man egg basket I wonder what's in song yeah let's take a look first we have a vitamin A surprise egg egg – surprise egg I wonder what is this – spongebob egg first let's see let's open this means see sir and we got bye guys subscribe to ABC surprises for more learning fun by ATG surprises I can't see either hola today we'll be doing it I got to learn about safari animal whoever people like the most egg with in a surprise ready set go it's a yellow egg do you see anymore another yellow egg yeah we have two four five six I have nine nine oh no I love let's see what I got it's Batman whoo it's a monkey it's a parrot it's Pinkie Pie it's Haley it's a lion it's a koala what's this it's a tiger it's an elephant it's a zebra it's Princess Sophia it's Minnie Mouse what's in here it's Groot it's Hello Kitty blue one it's an alligator what's in this last green egg it's a giraffe then you're the winner here's your egg surprise what's in here it's midget chocolate or treasure I got minion stickers yes which one do you like eight easy surprises [Applause] you you [Laughter] an easy surprises are a and g.e that spells orange orange Oh R a n g e well like at that giant green egg surprise I wonder what's inside it's an orange basketball it's dusty and he's orange too it's an orange of course oranges are orange it's a carrot carrots are orange it's an orange pumpkin which toy is not orange you're correct this penguin egg does not belong this is let's open it it's a chocolate egg it looks so yummy they're stickers from Madagascar penguin which one's your favorite mine is this one let's try the chocolate I wonder how it tastes like there you go hmm orange oh are ange1 are a and G II oh our ange1 please subscribe for more ABC learn with me buy an easy surprises red blue green yellow red fish red ar e DS red ar e D read it blue fish blue blue2 blue2 what's that it's an egg surprise I wonder what's inside [Applause] it's Madagascar penguins let's open it it's a chocolate and toy surprise Madagascar penguins let's see what toy were gonna get it's a penguin it's green fish green green G ar e e n green ring G rem-3 it's yellow fish yellow Y e l l a l l o w yellow here you go eat some chocolate mmm yummy please subscribe for more ABC learn with me bye

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