Best Child Insurance Plan in India | Financial Planning Tips By HDFC Life

just yesterday i paid my son’s annual school fees you
know our parents would have paid lesser for our entire schooling and I can’t
even imagine the expenses higher education will need now if you also
think about the competition in India for good colleges I think we should be planning to send our
child abroad for a foreign education so what do you do the good old habit of
saving every month may not be a good way to
guarantee that good future of our child what will happen if we are not around to
see our child grow should our child suffer or should he depend on
our relatives why not consider a children’s plan a
good children’s plan is a guaranteed way of providing for
your child’s future given its three unique benefit options these plans provide a good regular
investment avenue to provide you lump sum amount on a
future chosen date and if something were to happen to the
insured parent the company takes over the part of our
role this pays an immediate sum assured for the child’s
current expenses HDFC life starts paying the regular premium as planned so that
the policy continues without any break and finally the child gets the money
planned by the parent when it is due so all in all it’s a sure
way of giving vital financial support to your child by securing his today and
his tomorrow pick a winner with HDFC Life’s children’s plans smart bano, sar utha ke jiyo

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