Best BRAIN GAME EXERCISES for Brain Versatilizing | ​​​​​​​Step 2 of Brain Education

Step 2 of Brain Education is Brain
Versatilizing, and it’s all about keeping the brain more flexible. Well why
would I want to make my brain more flexible? Sometimes your brain can feel
stagnant and feel like it’s on autopilot when you repeat the same routines over
and over, so doing exercises that are new and that you’ve never done before can
make your brain more flexible and increase neuroplasticity.
With a flexible brain, you can prevent brain degeneration, get rid of mental
blocks, and memory problems and just keep your brain clear, fresh, and engaged. A way
to keep your brain more versatile is to try breaking from your routine from time
to time. You can still follow your daily tasks but switching up the order of how
you do them can create new pathways in the brain. Also doing things you’ve never
done before like traveling to new places or putting yourself in new situations
can create new circuits in the brain that can not only enrich your worldview,
but make you more creative in the future. So now I’m going to show you a quick
exercise that you can practice for just a couple minutes a day to make your
brain more flexible and it’s called Pinky Thumb. So what you do is extend
your fists out in front of you and make sure they face you and then extend your
left pinky out and your right thumb out and then switch to the other side and
then keep going back and forth. This might be hard at first but
just keep trying. So another quick game that really gets
your mind working is called Triangle Square. So with one hand, you draw a
triangle and then the other one you draw square at the same time. So it might be
hard at first but you really got to focus for this one.

13 thoughts on “Best BRAIN GAME EXERCISES for Brain Versatilizing | ​​​​​​​Step 2 of Brain Education”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this with me 😎 creativity is the best way to reach me , I love the triangle square brain game very challenging

  2. So much fun too. The pinky /thumb exercise – triangle square exercises for the brain are GREAT. I enjoy asking the younger members in my life to challenge themselves. Watching the results are amazing. Most often their brain is more relaxed and they are less involved with who is watching them. In addition i use these exercises in my classes with seniors. I smile at their attempts and accomplishes and I feel that their challenges are a little bit different. It is first – what is this for and what does it change in my body??? or for my life???? I find very often they want to know how this will help them before they begin to meet the challenge. Great work BE

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