Best 1v1 Attacking Soccer Drills And Attacking Soccer Skills To Beat A Defender

in this video we are going over the best 1v1 attacking soccer drills and attacking skills to beat a defender so I'm going to be showing you three of my favorite attacking soccer skills I'm gonna be showing you how to do them I'm going to show you match footage of me doing them and professionals doing them and I'm also going to give you some drills that are going to help you with your skill moves I'm going to show you how to do those as well that's coming up next the first move recovering is the step-over one of my favorites and one used in the professional game all the time by many of the best players there isn't really much I can say about this move I haven't said already there's a reason it's my favorite move and there's a reason it's used by professionals at all levels it just works the quicker you can do the step and also lean in a direction you're faking and take the bow out the other way the better I've used this move in almost every situation I've seen professionals use it in every situation and you can just look at the top level and look at players like Ronaldo like Coutinho players like this who use this move all the time to devastating effect in my eyes it is one of the best attacking 1v1 moves out there if you drive right at the defender use the step over and then burst into the space so the first drill we're going over is actually going to be very good at helping you with your step overs I just call this the scissors drill and all you're going to do is two scissors really quickly which is just doing a step over twice as you go with the one cone and then you'll immediately do scissors again after you get to the other cone you're gonna turn right back around and repeat this and that will be one set and I found that this drill has absolutely helped me not only with my step over in general but with how fast I'm able to do them and also being able to do the double step-over is also really good because it's also another very handy move if your first step over doesn't work the next move is one of the simplest moves in the game but also one of the most effective and lino Messi is an example of how effective this move is it's the body feint another move that I really recommend all players learn not only is it great when you're 1v1 with a defender where you can just drop your shoulder cut inside or drop your shoulder and beat them it's also really good in tight spaces as Leo Messi has shown over and over and over again again this is another move used at the top level all of the time and for good reason it just works it actually tries to do the same thing that the step-over does by leaning in one direction you're trying to fake in that direction so the defender thinks you're going that way and the idea is then to off-balance the defender just for a second so you can move past them or cut the ball to the side and then move past them so the other drill that we're going over another one that's going to be in the upcoming video course is the body feint drill this is exactly set up in the same way as the scissors drill except now you'll be doing body feint really quickly so you'll attack the first cone do the first body feint and then immediately after that attack the second cone and do a body feint in the other direction this may seem easy but actually it's very difficult because you have to keep the ball on close control after your first body feint and set up right away for your second body feint after you've done this you'll again turn around the cone and do it once again for one set I found that this drill makes a lot more game-like because you can't just slow down or lose control the ball after you've completed your first move you have to actually think about oh I got to be another cone now right after I do his first body feint and I found that this drill has helped my body feints immensely as well and it's definitely one that I recommend so the next move I wanted to cover was the Ronaldo chop which may seem like an interesting one because it's not usually seen as a 1v1 move but I think this is one of the best moves to use when changing direction especially if you're a winger I'm going to show you an example of me doing it and also an example of professional players doing it and it's just such a great move to have in your repertoire because it's something a little bit different than the body feint step over and other kind of traditional 1v1 moves it's a move you can use at pace to change and cut directions and I really feel that if you have one defender isolated and you do this move that most times it's not going to fail because the momentum of the defender is going to take him right past you to where you can't get the ball so if you're a winger or an attacking player of any sorts this is another drill or another skill I should say that I absolutely recommend you learn I think it's one of the best out there and one that's not used nearly enough so the final drill actually isn't using the Ronaldo chop although you can use it the final drill is one of my favorites and I call it spontaneous dribbling now the idea is for thirty Seconds to a minute you are going to do the first thing that comes into your mind over and over again as fast as you can now you may do this and make many mistakes and it's absolutely okay that's actually the point you're doing these as fast as you can and you're gonna be doing step overs and Maradona Xand faints and everything else and you're not gonna be thinking about it there is no set rule on what you can and cannot do you're just doing the first thing that pops into your head over and over and over again as you can see I'm doing here and this is gonna be great because they're going to be match situations where you're not gonna have time to think about what you need to do and you're just going to have to react this drill is going to help you do that and it's also gonna work on your quick feet or the quickness of your feet it's also going to help you with certain skill moves it's also gonna help you with doing these at a game pace because the whole point of this drill is doing things as fast as possible and again don't worry about making a mistake when doing this that's absolutely fine okay guys so those are some of the best ones you want attacking soccer drills and attacking soccer skills to be a defender in my eyes so this is three skills and three drills for you to work on again none of the skills are fancy or complex these are all pretty simple skills but again to master these skills it's not easy you have to practice them all the time you have to practice them using the drills I showed you in this video or similar drills that are gonna make it very game-like for you because you know just being able to do to step over doesn't mean you're gonna be able to do it in matches you have to practice the way you want to play alright guys thank you so much for watching this video please hit that like button and that share button if you 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  1. Here we are going over some of the best 1v1 attacking soccer drills and attacking soccer skills to beat a defender! I have selected 3 of the most effective moves and 3 drills you can do in order to improve your soccer skills. I use footage from my matches and pro matches to demonstrate each.

  2. If you are defender watch the ball and not the body. If the ball isn’t going to the right neither are they.

  3. Nice combination and explanation of the skill moves, as well game footage of the moves being performed in match play.

  4. Even as a keeper I’ve learnt the body feint this made me a much more confident goalkeeper just signed a contract with my boyhood club Leeds United

  5. Note – a scissor and a step over are different moves lol….The first move shown here are all scissors…A step over is when you step over from the outside in…the scissor works from the inside out as shown here

  6. Definitely like the final suggestion. You are cutting reaction time when you do skills by instinct and not thinking about it first. Awesome vid man.

  7. 10 Simply Football.πŸ†’πŸ’ͺ. Great explanation, the body feint is the most efficient skill to do in match…I m a football player and I use it to beat the defenders…πŸ‘Œ

  8. Im 14 and I'm kinda fat and don't have a club but I train individually every 2or3 days do i still have a chance to be a pro
    Sorry for my english im french πŸ˜…
    Btw love ur channel keep upπŸ‘

  9. just please tell me one thing why you dont play in on higher levels you are awesome plesse tell me why you dont plsy on higher level

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