28 thoughts on “Bernard Lewis and Norman Podhoretz discuss the Middle East on Uncommon Knowledge”

  1. If you stop medling in others affairs, specially the most vulnarable sects, what'll happen to these millitery industrial complex, that live on benefits of suckling on the blood of war (letting use of their commodities),

    Stop spending that much money in your election, let not use those huge money in your elections, nobody donate money rather invest to multiply,

    These chaos happening in the world, are just the by products of your bussiness process, come out of your democratic election process

  2. This interviewer is some sort of joke, he hasn't asked one penetrating/challenging question to either of these two aging Zionists, what a pathetic discussion that the best they can come up with is to attack and ridicule Obama, complete nonsense.

  3. Although I deeply admire Mr. Lewis, Norman Podhoretz still retains that old witty elegance of Lionel Trilling and the New York intellectuals, which lacks not only in America but in the whole world today.

  4. what an idiot would believe that Bush jr was a great president? only if you count from the end.

  5. suggest you refer to Lewis' works here:
    He began publishing in the 1940s. He draws on a lifetime of scholarship. To dismiss what he is saying as the meanderings of some old duffer is bizarre.
    Don't attack the man. Read and critique what he has written.
    I recall that 'What went wrong' was on the NYT best seller list.

  6. Nice Peter, you so inadvertently phrased the question to reaffirm the bigotry, myopia, hegemony that permeates throughout the US intellectual elite that frames the Foreign Police and worldview. Thrashing Obama was a nice way to raise the lowest IQ President, George W Bush to greatness. You deserve the cuckoo and booby prize.

  7. George Bush Jr., a great President? It is said, that he was the lowest IQ of all the Presidents. Soon, Trump would hold that record.

  8. I had respect for Lewis until this interview. There are so many speculations, hypotheses and general paranoid suspicions. That is not scholarly. It is Israel who wakes up almost every morning and wondering who to bomb, evacuate, colonise, banish, build walls that can compete with 'Great Wall'. I can name numerous examples of myopia. Imagine, Iranian people waking up every morning and wondering whether God has induced them to press the A bomb. These two are the product of European and American cultural corruption. They are perverted with the notion of being Jewish and then praising the very people who for nearly 2k years try to obliterate their tribe.

  9. Arab Brotherhood descending into Medieval squalor? You mean the West or the glorious enlightenment of the Muslim countries at the time?

  10. Norman, 10 minutes into the video and it reflects your myopia and ignorance. Do tell me what was the purpose of going into Bosnia at the tail end and claim glory? Iraq, Afghanistan? What have the Americans liberated? Most in these countries wish they were free to die than live the in the hell hole of the aftermath. As a historian, would you like to count the 'collateral damage'? You may have been wise once but in your old age, it appears to have waned significantly.

  11. YES FANTASTIC a JEWISH MAN almost 100 yrs old. WOW. Prof. Bernard Lewis one of my favorite.
    When the days ahead are far fewer than behind, truth becomes the only option. Shalom PROF. LEWIS.

  12. Three excellent knowledgeable, wise gentlemen discussing in-depth one of our major existential problems of today and the future.. I appreciate their ending optimism and would like to feel I had it too. I am still struggling to figure out what I can and must do to meet the challenge.

  13. Professor Bernard Lewis will turn 100 on 31 May. As a long-time admirer of Prof Lewis I intend to send him a congratulatory message in the week leading up to the 31st.
    The Middle Eastern Studies Dept at Princeton has agreed to pass messages on to Prof Lewis. Accordingly, if any fellow well-wishers would like to do the same, these should be sent to the Department Secretary Ms Karen Chirik. Karen’s email address is [email protected]
    It would help if the subject line is ‘Professor Bernard Lewis’

  14. Norman Podhoretz claimed that the old Egyptian president Mubarak was an adversary of the United States !!!!!!!!

    What is he talking about ??

  15. podhoretz and lewis deny that america has caused coups, supported, armed, and financed every dictator in the middle east ??? … shocking … all abrahamic religions are SICK !!! … if imperialist/zionists wanted peace they wouldn't have invaded a foreign land without permission … and as cheney/ dumbya couldn't take out saddam w/o killing hundreds of thousands of civilians, they proved themselves to be vile idiots …

  16. aah…ok…in that particular context… he was amazing…actually i think he should be back… to kick some asses around the ME…he s defenitely the kind of person to be president… of the wild snails association… sorry snails…

  17. this gentleman are very interesting academics and i could hear their interesting speechs (knowledge) for hours… but from the moment i heard g w bush was a president i stoped watching …. im a bit far from this academic level but i studied(anthropology) enough to know he was miles way from being a good president… its not ideology…its recognizing the obvious…anyone with this kind of academic level should say that the most retarded president the us ever had was a great president… for the knowledge sake!!!! please!!!!!

  18. Stop confusing people you two so called historians, when you discuss the middle east don't just focus on Islamic fundamentalists , there are three groups that needs to be looked at when it comes to understanding real forces shaping   this geographical place. the two other groups Mr lewis & Podhoretz deliberately ignored to mention is the jewish zionist extremist & The new–Evangelist or the so called End-timers whom are doing everything spending billions to bring back all jews to Palestine and fulfil theirs " Rupture prophecy" this groups are far more dangerous than the former Iranian President, but the media in the west never put them under the spotlight as they control every aspect of it.  When a man like G. Bush tells you : 'God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq'  & God this & that. etc.. in my opinion he's a religious fundamentalist no different from any other lunatics. as always B.Lewis does " L'histoire  éventuelle " Cherry picking events and calls it history, a historian with a political agenda.

  19. Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei discussing the return of the Imam Mahdi.   There is a youtube on him.       He says:  “the end of the world will come when Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his re-appearance) establishes ultimate justice in the world.”  And the Ayatollah believes the end times incarnation of this man is alive today: “We know his family.  We know when he was born.  We know the details.”  “Waiting means expecting an event that will definitely happen.” "We are waiting for someone who exists and is present among us".  “We should know that a great event will happen… We can never say that the event will not happen in a few years.” “By Allah’s favor, we will be among the soldiers who will fight alongside Imam Mahdi and I hope we will be martyred for his cause.” So Iran’s leader speaks nationally about the second coming of their long awaited apocalyptic end times savior – already here,  who will lead them to death and martyrdom in an apocalyptic war that will establish Sharia Law over the world.  This from a country in two proxy wars, who support hamas and hizbollah and shia expansionism.

  20. I am not pro america or anti america but…. Norman's views of american exceptionalism sometimes border on the absurd… when Beranard brings up discrimination and slavery Norman responds by saying that america is great because it fought a war to end slavery… the other way to look at it is that in every other country the criminalization of slavery was celebrated by the people…only america had a sizable portion of the country fight to keep slavery…

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