24 thoughts on “Ben Swann ON: CIA Funding Amazon's "Deep Learning"”

  1. Deepfake videos are now coming to news outlets… This will be used to cover for all the video evidence against the Dems… They are setting it up to say all Vids are faked when they get busted… Here we go.

  2. The People who Work in American Corporations & Government are Americas Worst Enemies & a Threat to American Security.

  3. Hey Ben, could you do a piece on the increasing use of "prohibition orders" as a means of getting around constitutional rights ?

  4. I think Amazon hacks their customers' electronic devices. That sounds silly, butwe had a big security event in our home and it looked to be coming from Seattle.

  5. Something's gotta give. This panopticon of self serving thought control can't keep growing without killing evolution.

  6. Mr Swann please report on truth behind srm experiments
    Look at the content of this University course in Denmark:

  7. So it took Nazism a little over seventy years to completely infiltrate society to its fullest? Interesting.

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