10 thoughts on “bell hooks + Chirlane McCray: Critical Thinking at The New School”

  1. Sexist. Many men are perfectly open about their experiences. Most people don't have any interest in listening to them. Most men just don't organize over masculine problems, because they're problems of sexual competition that aren't accepted as legitimate issues in our society. Also, discussing our problems makes our problems worse, because it's not sexy to complain. It's sexy to exercise, and tell jokes, and be talented, and be smart, and make money. Complaining isn't on the list of acceptably sexy behaviors for us. People leave men who aren't good at getting what they individually want. Most men don't believe that they have sex-dependent collective goals like some women believe they do. 😛

  2. Thanks NEW SCHOOL> I have a profound appreciation for the students and institution for making this happen. It goes without saying Thanks Bell and Chirlane.

  3. bell hooks doesn't know it, but she's kept me sane over the years.

    edited to add: kept waiting for the mayor's wife to say something INTERESTING. never happened. oh well. hearing bell is always worth it.

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