Being Mortal by Atul Gawande | Animated Book Review

When it comes to the morbid topic of death,
not many people like to talk about it. In fact, the majority of people are terrified
of the word. However, in Atul Gawande’s book, Being Mortal,
he discusses the topic in detail, and why we shouldn’t be afraid of it. There are 5 clear lessons that anyone who
picks up this book…can proudly walk away with. One. The meaning of death. Basically, death is when oxygen is no longer
available for the brain. Gawande says this is the final common pathway. Death can be defined in many ways. Some describe it as the death of consciousness,
which doesn’t necessarily occur at the same time as loss of bodily functionality. Two. The best way to talk about dying…is to talk
about LIVING! Human beings are innate fighters. According to Gawande, American medicine has
become too focused on battling death, and not prizing life for what it is. Death is not the goal. Having the best life possible in however much
time you have left should be the goal. Three. Less medicine doesn’t mean less life. Gawande reveals to his readers that a study
was performed whereby a random group of people at a mass general hospital, with stage 4 lung
cancer, were asked to either receive typical oncology care, or care plus a palliative-care
specialist, who discussed the undiscussable. Those who had the discussion stopped chemo
sooner, and had less suffering before passing on. What’s more, they lived 25% longer! Four. Discussing death is a skill. And it should be rewarded as such. The healthcare system will pay a doctor far
more for performing surgery, and nothing for having a frank discussion with a patient. Unfortunately, doctors just don’t have the
incentive. Five. Your priorities change the closer you THINK
you are to death. As we get older, our youthful get everything
mentality leaves us. As we become aware of our fragility, we focus
on intimacy. We seek purpose. Fulfilment. Happiness. At the end of the day, it’s clear that safety
is what we want for those we love. Autonomy is what we want for ourselves. Click on the button below to purchase the
full, detailed analysis of Being Mortalby Atul Gawande today.

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