Being a social worker (Criminal Justice Social Work Service)

as a criminal justice social worker we were with people in the community who have been involved in the criminal justice system inside prison and I would say present a part of our job is to manage people's risk and part of our job is to reintegrate people enter to society you work with people different people every day and the work is very varied I think Rock'em in criminal justice we work with the whole gambit of people who have been convicted of sort of dishonesty in offenses very to people who are involved and see this organized crime and people have committed sexual offences I think getting an understanding of why people behave in the way they do is very is interesting you get a client and they're at a point and the likely they're really ready to make change and you can help direct that change it's hugely rewarding the main goal of the service is to reduce risk of reoffending and to make sure that people in the community are protected and to manage people's risks so when people are have to be involved in serious crime and moving back into the community that they do so safely I think social work was the canid degree that was going to give me the opportunity to work with lots of different people and give me lots of different opportunities and a great variety and I ended up getting to criminal justice because within the statutory sector of criminal justice at that time from what I could see was the only area where there was protected time to work with clients and to meet with the difference and you weren't firefighting a lot of other parts of social work you're dealing with crisis and trying to get people back out the door again but the court tells us how long we know what people for and Detailers how often go to work with them and so we have been a great opportunity to build relationships and instigate therapeutic change you

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