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  1. That sucks SOOO much that your administration won't back you at all. I just finished my first year and am at a Catholic Title I high school, but so far I've always felt like my administration had my back and there would be consequences for behavior issues.

  2. It maybe a deeper issue with this child. Issues that the teacher 👨‍🏫 can’t handle. It’s a deeper problem that’s not being a looked into. Something happen to him.

  3. Behavior is honestly why I want to teach high school. Bc at that point the kids either have manners or they don’t and they’re pretty independent. When I say I want to teach high school people are always like “why? Ew” hahaa and I don’t understand!!!

  4. I’m in my 4th year teaching 1st @ a Title I school & I really appreciate your authenticity! Most teacher YouTube videos I’ve seen have been very happy go lucky. There are some days that you do feel defeated, discouraged, & ready to quit. People have no idea of what we deal with day to day. Again, really appreciate your vulnerability. Best of luck to you!

  5. I wish my kids had teachers as caring as you. I used to volunteer a ton at school but had to quit because I saw how administrators were not helping teachers and teachers didn’t care about children at all. Just know the impact you make in just a few children’s lives makes the biggest difference on the entire world and springs hope in their little hearts.

  6. Who is paying for their doughnuts? I feel for you. Please include self-care while you are at it. Kids can be so so mean to each other. At times you have to draw the line . Do what you can but you cannot do everything.

  7. Bring a bag of Goldfish to class and give each student 1 to try. There is something about them kids love! I promise you it is a game changer for behavior. Make it their reward. Only give them 1-2. They will beg for more. And make sure to get the cheddar flavor. Haven't had as good of reactions to the other flavors.

  8. My suggestion is for the friend that is acting out, see can you make him  a leader of something in the classroom, 2.Get a doctor to see him and find out if something medical wrong with him, 3.also watch what he eat, nutrition  is a big part of a child's behavior. Teacher drinking coffee is playing a big toll on your mental state, coffee cause frustration to take a big toll on your nerve and tolerate. Try taking magnesium daily instead of coffee, you can buy this at your nearby health store. Stay away from sugar and your teaching days will be successful mentally. Eat nutritious breakfast that contain protein and fiber, Try these tips. I am also a teacher and I have challenging children but the tips I gave you helps me greatly.

  9. I don’t understand this refusing to leave. When I was a kid and my teacher told me to get out, I got out and went to the office. Authority was just a thing you listened to. Now kids just say no and refuse and throw a fit. I have one student that has a personal seat in another classroom and we try to send him there and he makes a fuss and refuses to go. He disturbs the whole class. These kids that refuse to leave the situation just wreck it for the rest of the class. You can’t teach with that going on. I’ve talked to my mom about this (she’s pretty wise) and she thinks it’s because they don’t know what failure is anymore. They don’t fail at anything. I’m not sure if that’s it, but they truly don’t hear no anymore. I just don’t understand.

  10. It really starts at home. I taught high school my first year of teaching and dealt with the same issues. Parents acting as bad as kids, admins not caring or ineffective. The kids were so disrespectful and rude, it's all learned from home and parents. The hard students had families that didnt care at all. I did everything in my power but it was so emotional, I felt mentally abused by the school system and students, parents. It burned me out on my first year I quit during Christmas and I'm so glad I did.
    I'm going back to teaching eventually though, dont let a bad situation ruin what you love to do!

  11. Teachers spend like 90% of their time working and 90% of money for their job and get treatment like this!?

  12. I wonder how one child takes up all the time and energy. I am thinking if I take up a job into teaching. What shall I do? if others have any more ideas to handle such behaviour kindly help

  13. Is the boy named Orion because we had a boy in our school and it sounds like what he would do he had horrible behavior when he was at my school he got last year in third grade he had 20 referrals

  14. Remove him to the front beside you. Be strict to the rude students and for the nice students give them prizes like food or free time and let the bad kids watch so they feel like they have to behave as well to get that. When students are beimg rude to each other get loud with them .

  15. Have you ever thought maybe they should have fewer kids in each class? That would solve alot of problems. Also, I can't believe they are having you teach everything, language arts and math. In Texas our teachers team teach and the kids switch. Teaching everything is a massive amount of work. They expect too much of the teachers, too much from the kids, they are kids, (and some have oppositional disorder), and quite frankly, everyone expects too much from the parents. Considering that we are putting our kids in public school, the time we have with them, after activities, (yes that's a reality that's not going to change) after that, they are done with academics for the day. I have 1 hour free time in the evening, do you spend your evening teaching? Well, guess what? We parents don't want to either. It's a miracle if we can give any teaching support. The kid is exhausted from having to comply with the heavy structure of school all day. Probably 30% of your kids are ADHD. Mine is. That's why I pulled my kid out. I'm teaching my kid next year because I'm frustrated too. The public school has basically failed her.

  16. This is the exact video I needed my classroom is exactly how you explained yours to be and it can be very disheartening and frustrating

  17. wow! I'm stressed for you. So sorry your day was rough. Putting you and your class on my prayer list.

  18. I love this. I totally feel you on this! Teaching is the hardest job in the world! I will never let my children go into education, because there is no respect for educators.

  19. As a homeschooling special needs Mom from Oregon, thank you for sharing your heart. It gives me an insight of what life as a teacher can be like. My heart and prayers are with you. 🙂

  20. When it’s 28 degrees outside….my teacher things it’s okay for him to put the temperature on 62 so it’s blasting air 🙄😒🙃

  21. prayers prayers , wow you have a headache teachers have it rough may Jesus help u , and for those kids acting up they need a good spanking why because they just do I m old school u don't act up period

  22. If you want to get rid of the children behavior problems first get rid of the adult Behavior problems preferably the teachers

  23. So I can't imagine how frustrating your day(s) are. I have a kindergartner and understand how wild and exhausting his teacher's day can be as I see it during pickup, days I have lunch with my kiddo, and during field trips.My kindergartner is the sweetest boy, but this being his first year (and I thought we would waltz through Kindergarten with no problems) was difficult for him. I have been to see his teacher 3 times about his behavior, he has been moved to a desk by himself, and I have also talked to the principal… sigh…. so my husband and I have been reading books like crazy, trying to figure out how we can fix all his issues and get him ready for a better year next year. I feel for ya! having to take these issues times multiple students every day. We have found out my son has a hole in one ear drum and his other ear isn't draining so he's hearing terrible, which is causing a delay in his learning; that gives us some comfort knowing his acting out is not coming from a mean place, but just a place of frustration; as he feels like he can't do what the other kids can…. I have spent many nights crying too recently and wanted to reach out and give you a virtual hug!! <3 ALMOST SUMMER! (keep saying it!) ha ha.

  24. There needs to be 6 week tune ups. Especially if the weekly routine has been thrown off with a substitute or a vacation break. If you are already losing a days worth of teaching, why not intentionally dedicate a day to reviewing and practicing routines and procedures. Also role play what good behavior looks like and what bad behavior looks like. Also, never bother trying to get the students to feel bad for you by telling them how they make you feel. The ones who laugh are the ones who come from homes where the parents have not modeled empathy. They literally do not have the empathy section of their brain wired to respond to a person being upset or sad.

  25. I’ve came back and watched this video like 4 times. I can totally relate to this. I’m a first year teacher, and I can’t believe how poorly behaved my kids were today. I have to remind myself to just keep going! Thank you, Michelle! ♥️

  26. Holy crap. I have never truly appreciated the workload of an elementary school teacher. Makes me happy to be Canadian, where we at least pay these people appropriately.

  27. I did say something about when I saw her wearing blue jeans and I delete it and to my surprise you ok wear solely and that means the whole week I can blue jeans; which is what I need to wear since I working towards a teacher/coach aide which only means you will get dirty it’s my main teacher rule.

  28. Thank you for this post! I know its an older post but I wanted to say thank you because I have worked at schools as an aid for children with behavioral issues, I know that it can be hard. While this was a hard day for you it reminds me that as I start my journey into my teaching career that I will have hard days like this and it's ok because I will make it through. I loved hearing about what you are trying because even though those things didn't work for you this time, they may work for me when I encounter issues like this in my classroom. Keep up the great work! I love watching your videos.

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