Beginning Teachers Welcome 2019 – Director-General, Qld Department of Education

– My name is Tony Cook, and
I’m the Director-General of the Queensland Department of Education, and would like to congratulate
you on your new appointment. It’s a great pleasure to welcome you, and all beginning teachers
to the department. I started my career just like you, as a teacher in
Queensland’s school system, and I’m sure you’re excited
and eager to get started. Our key priorities are to
build Queensland’s future by giving all children a great start, engaging young people in learning, and creating safe, fair,
workplaces and communities. Achieving this starts with us. As you embark on your teaching career, we acknowledge the unique needs
of our beginning teachers. As a united team, the
department is committed to providing you with
quality, wrap-around, professional learning and support that will set you up for success
in your important new role. I wish you all the very best. Make the most of your new opportunities, and welcome to the Queensland
Department of Education. (mellow peaceful music)

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